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  Topic Forum Date
1 New Antibiotic - Cubicin (daptomycin) (post #12) Medical Questions
2 does Alinia kill lyme in addition (post #4) Medical Questions
3 Protomyxzoa?? (post #5) Medical Questions
4 Lyme and co-infections: global challenges in the context of a public health threat. (post #0) Medical Questions
5 "global challenges in the context of a ***public health threat"**** (post #0) Medical Questions
6 Mayday Washing DC May 25th 2013 (post #2) Activism
7 How do you treat babesia? (post #14) Medical Questions
9 Epidemic, Flu, and Vaccination information (post #16) Medical Questions
10 To Betty G or Moderators - Regarding MEPRON WARNING! Please Read THANK YOU (post #8) Medical Questions
11 "Safe" Antibiotics? Why everyone so eager to use em? (post #5) Medical Questions
12 is this prescription normal? (post #15) Medical Questions
13 PLAQUENIL FOR BABESIA? (post #12) Medical Questions
14 Do you think IDSA will change guidelines? (post #24) Medical Questions
15 Anyone else REALLLY tired on Plaquenil? (post #9) Medical Questions
16 FLU SHOTS BEWARE!!!!!!! (post #59) Medical Questions
17 Granuloma annulare rash in Borrelia/Lyme infection (post #8) Medical Questions
18 worried one of my 5 year old twin boys has swine flu... (post #5) Medical Questions
19 Lyme Neuroborreliosis: Manifestations of a Rapidly Emerging Zoonosis (post #3) Medical Questions
20 Life draining out of me (post #10) Medical Questions
21 Mino is the toughest drug so far...did you herx on it? (post #11) Medical Questions
22 Shocking NON Gluten-free item!!!!!!!!! (post #2) Medical Questions
23 Albendizole for Cysts? (post #3) Medical Questions
24 SWINE FLU deaths in Mexico and the USA (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Hot off of the Press Mystery Bug revealed and Treatment plan (post #178) Medical Questions
26 Does Babesia infect the brain? (post #25) Medical Questions
27 Here is info on lumbrokinase to break down biofilms (post #10) Medical Questions
28 Toxoplasmosis - Anyone here tested for it? (post #51) Medical Questions
29 Babs Primaquine treatment--Up date - (post #19) Medical Questions
30 The Broken Record- IDSA says no chronic Lyme AGAIN & again (post #36) Medical Questions
31 my mom passed away today (post #23) Medical Questions
32 To everyone with cardiac symptoms please read!!!!!! (post #23) Medical Questions
33 HELP! Really weird RASH!!! (post #37) Medical Questions
34 Illinois Church Gunman has Lyme Disease (post #4) General Support
35 Why am I banned? (post #8) Medical Questions
36 Bartonella infection , new research (post #3) Medical Questions
37 Kissing butt on the way up the ladder? Why else would this be written? (post #13) Medical Questions
38 Plaquenil help!! (nausea, dizziness) (post #5) Medical Questions
39 LLND coming to Sydney Australia 17-21 Nov (post #2) Medical Questions
40 Paris battles invasion of Siberian chipmunk (post #11) Medical Questions
41 Recent LymeNet Outage (post #4) Medical Questions
42 flagyl: break up cyst or kill cyst? (post #5) Medical Questions
43 Ambein I found it killed everything in 2 mins (post #5) Medical Questions
44 Results-study of 30 patients with chronic neuro-cognitive disorders after tick bites (post #7) Medical Questions
45 this the key????? A major piece to the puzzle???? (post #44) Medical Questions
46 Where have all the reported cases of Lyme gone? (post #8) Medical Questions
47 Mepron and artemisinin at same time or separate? (post #3) Medical Questions
48 IDSA Settlement Agreement .pdf (post #1) Activism
49 Alinia for Babesia -- Any Success Stories? (post #8) Medical Questions
50 After Treatment you don't have Lyme- You have PLS, etc (post #13) Medical Questions

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