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  Topic Forum Date
1 Rife caution-possible small fiber neuropathy (post #0) Medical Questions
2 Cycling durations for spirochete form to re-emerge? (post #7) Medical Questions
3 Long Term Nerve I the only one? (post #18) Medical Questions
4 Omnicef and Blood Brain Barrier: Please Help (post #1) Medical Questions
5 My Fry Smear (Pic) and Some Questions (post #22) Medical Questions
6 Another Seattleite needing a doc (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
7 Chronic Lyme, Reality & Steps That Work- What are you doing about the Biofilms? (post #27) Medical Questions
8 DNP and other forms of intracellular hyperthermia (ICHT) (post #14) Medical Questions
9 How to prevent a type of cancer (post #2) Medical Questions
10 Anyone tried Alpha Stim Microcurrent Unit?? (post #2) Medical Questions
11 Calling Long Term Lymies (post #12) Medical Questions
12 Does Meclizine work for Lyme Vertigo ? (post #7) Medical Questions
13 OK to mix Zhang Artemesia, Enula and BLT? (post #2) Medical Questions
14 Here is info on lumbrokinase to break down biofilms (post #1) Medical Questions
15 Good Relief from Brain Fog (post #0) Medical Questions
16 Progurt (post #146) Medical Questions
17 I killed off almost all my lyme and bart and now...24 hrs later..MORE hatchlings! (post #28) Medical Questions
18 Blown way...found a chemical that instantly killed and decouglated (post #43) Medical Questions
19 The Thyroid Gland - mercury, pbd's, infection, etc. (post #4) Medical Questions
20 Where is JAMES? He was on the right track.. he deserved much more credit and respect (post #20) Medical Questions
21 Lumen 90 or Lightworks: what to choose? (post #2) Medical Questions
22 Electromagnetic Therapies for Lyme (post #8) Medical Questions
23 So, what DO you do when you run out of money for treatment? (post #64) General Support
24 llmd needed on Vancouver Island (post #9) Medical Questions
25 Another Live blood microscopy check (post #3) Medical Questions
26 Lauricidin or Virgin Coconut Oil SHOULD BE USED (post #34) Medical Questions
27 Manuka Honey Kills Resistant Superbug Bacteria that Antibiotics Can't (post #1) Medical Questions
28 Question about proper antibiotic treatment (post #14) Medical Questions
29 Under Our Skin shown in Seattle last night (post #4) Medical Questions
30 Where did the "Successful Infra Red Treatment" thread by Gigi go? (post #52) Medical Questions
31 why is diet so important (post #22) Medical Questions
32 Lyme Disease Videos on YouTube (post #1) General Support
33 Lyme and Mycoplasma (post #23) Medical Questions
34 Rife and kids (post #6) Medical Questions
35 Doctor Who Injected Lymies with Weed Killer gets Probation (post #8) Medical Questions
36 Is Rife Sound Waves? (post #9) Medical Questions
37 Rife Frequencies (post #9) Medical Questions
38 Cowden protocol buddies out there? (post #5) Medical Questions
39 Success w/ Buhner's Herb Treatments? (post #14) Medical Questions
40 Homeopathics??? Anyone ever tried them? (post #15) Medical Questions
41 I'm missing GiGi here today.... (post #29) Off Topic
42 I'm missing GiGi here today.... (post #29) Medical Questions
43 New to Rifing - Need Information & Advice (post #21) Medical Questions
44 mitochondria supplements = big energy boost (post #12) Medical Questions
45 Sanesco Neurotransmitters Test (post #1) Medical Questions
46 Flashing Amazon Ad - Am I the Only One Bothered by It? (post #22) Medical Questions
47 Propranolol inhibits expression of OspA? (post #16) Medical Questions
48 10-1/2 months on Salt and C I feel great :) (post #6) Medical Questions
49 How effective is Rife for co-infections? (post #5) Medical Questions
50 Brorsons publish on Grapefruit Seed Extract (post #3) Medical Questions

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