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  Topic Forum Date
1 Anyone on Abx & anti malarial for 10 years or more? (post #0) Medical Questions
2 EMF and other electrical problem FACTS-plz read if u are not responding to tx (post #8) Medical Questions
3 b cell lymphoma anyone??? (post #5) Medical Questions
4 Two heads are better than one (post #14) Medical Questions
5 Possible Additional Forum (post #30) Off Topic
6 ER visit-- Cushings?-PICTURE (post #39) Medical Questions
7 Mepron (post #1) Medical Questions
8 can you eat popcorn on the yeast diet?? (post #9) Medical Questions
9 Please help me understand the odds of having Babesia (post #2) Medical Questions
10 Need Advice - Could This be Lyme????? (post #7) Medical Questions
11 Cataracts related to Lyme/Babs/Bart? (post #4) Medical Questions
12 Eye Symptoms from Lyme? (post #4) Medical Questions
13 Please Help -- Can this be a Herx this soon? Pain (post #4) Medical Questions
14 more positive stories, please! (post #23) Medical Questions
15 thoughts, PRAYERS/HUGS to all going thru CALIF. FIRES! (post #9) General Support
16 Anyone re-do babesia titre to see if up or down? (post #2) Medical Questions
17 Brooke Landau of San Diego's News the EXPERIMENTAL treatment that saved her life (post #25) Medical Questions
18 Fenzian - Anyone try this for pain? (post #5) Medical Questions
19 Please encourage me...I am so let down (post #16) Medical Questions
20 When to get child tested? (post #5) Medical Questions
21 Need Artemisinin WITHOUT Titanium Dioxide (post #19) Medical Questions
22 Seen ID yesterday. She said it was all just in my head (post #16) General Support
23 Need help to find a LLMD in Southern CA (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
24 Babesiosis Poll: Tested 2-4 wks post-bite? During Sx Flare? Time Frame & Pos or Neg? (post #19) Medical Questions
25 Handy 45-pg guide to antibiotics (post #3) Medical Questions
26 Racing heart while asleep (post #5) Medical Questions
27 Mepron and weakness??? (post #7) Medical Questions
28 Malaria/Babesia and Epstein-Barr Virus (post #1) Medical Questions
29 Created CaringBridge Site for Gary(Geden13) (post #8) Medical Questions
30 Access Biological (they may buy your blood)..An experience! (post #10) Medical Questions
31 My Dr (GP) refuses to see me (post #18) Medical Questions
32 Help! What is this?! (post #7) Medical Questions
33 Has anyone seen scars like these? (post #2) Medical Questions
34 New and bewildered (post #2) General Support
35 Bumpersticker Nets Newbie*)! (post #4) General Support
36 Need Help Figuring Out Neuro Symptoms Cause (post #1) Medical Questions
37 Mepron bottles and seals? (post #21) Medical Questions
38 Babs Blues Buddies (post #89) Medical Questions
39 using silver to prevent lyme (post #9) Medical Questions
40 medication killing me / lyme killing me (post #21) Medical Questions
41 Transmission of HIV by the African soft tick. (post #4) Medical Questions
42 Babesia relapse / Mepron buddies (post #39) Medical Questions
43 Sell your infected blood for medical research? (post #5) Medical Questions
44 Zithromax and the gut...survey (post #12) Medical Questions
45 Feels like base of brain doing somersaults (post #0) Medical Questions
46 I can't do this anymore.......I'm done! (post #9) General Support
47 I can't do this anymore.......I'm done! (post #9) Medical Questions
48 Researchers find no safe place to sit in California tick-infested forest (post #7) Medical Questions
49 Mind/Thought Racing (post #5) Medical Questions
50 How about a Rash photo forum? (post #2) General Support

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