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  Topic Forum Date
1 Antabuse (post #274) Medical Questions
2 Post Lyme Brain Inflammation... John's Hopkins research (post #4) Medical Questions
3 Local News Story re Hyperthermia Treatment in Germany - Cured! (post #22) Medical Questions
4 Good Info on Stevia as ABX for Lyme (post #10) Medical Questions
5 Marshall Protocol (post #2) Medical Questions
6 Benadryl for sleep (post #6) Medical Questions
7 Is low fat diet the answer? Dr. F thinks so. (post #74) Medical Questions
8 Artimisin-need help (post #9) Medical Questions
9 Fallon et. al. report on Current Lyme Research (post #10) Medical Questions
10 breathing issues (post #2) Medical Questions
11 Medco won't fill lyme scripts. (post #22) Medical Questions
12 Yikes! Daughter just bitten by tick-Help! (post #6) Medical Questions
13 Want to start de-worming treatment? (post #3) Medical Questions
14 Bicillin - Does it get into the spinal fluid as well as Rocephin? (post #9) Medical Questions
15 Diflucan for Lyme? (post #46) Medical Questions
16 Saw Palmetto (post #3) Medical Questions
17 Suzanne Summers recommends Burzinski (post #7) Medical Questions
18 I don't see how LYME can mimic MS... ???? (post #8) Medical Questions
19 Blue Gatorade experiences, anyone? (post #4) Medical Questions
20 Ibuprofen or acetaminophen... ? (post #27) Medical Questions
21 Secrets Of Ulcer-causing Bacteria (post #8) Medical Questions
23 Does anyone know if it's safe to COMBINE minocycline and doxycycline? (post #6) Medical Questions
24 DNP and other forms of intracellular hyperthermia (ICHT) (post #12) Medical Questions
25 Zyflamend...used at Columbia (post #10) Medical Questions
26 Benicar vs Statins (cholesterol lowering) drugs (post #4) Medical Questions
27 Can lyme cause osteoarthritis? (post #3) Medical Questions
28 High Blood Pressure Could Be Caused By A Common Virus (post #4) Medical Questions
29 IDSA President Blows A Gasket- Slams Our LLMD's- To enter wear a hardhat! (post #59) Activism
30 Haverford Center in PA cures Lyme in 56 days!!! (post #37) Medical Questions
31 Was Kevin Trudeau Your Health Savior? (post #2) Medical Questions
32 Artemesinin question (post #2) Medical Questions
33 WebMD Lyme Disease slide show (post #0) Medical Questions
34 TINCUP here are LDA Contact Links Needing Repair -Thanks to those who helped so much! (post #82) Medical Questions
35 Rifampin and Mepron, do they go together? And am i on too many meds? (post #4) Medical Questions
36 My 1st LLMD visit (post #3) Medical Questions
37 Need Cheap Compounded Claforan Shots (post #3) Medical Questions
38 Green tea vs. Green Tea Capsules- What's the difference? (post #3) Medical Questions
39 benicar? need info (post #4) Medical Questions
40 The Season Of Ticks: Could Climate Change Worsen Lyme Disease? (post #0) Medical Questions
41 Amalgam Fillings Are Safe, But Skeptics Still Claim Controversy, Researcher Says (post #0) Medical Questions
42 Structure Of Bacteria That Causes Lyme Disease Detailed In 3D (post #0) Medical Questions
43 chimpanzee shot dead with lyme in connecticut (post #68) Medical Questions
44 American Heart Association: No Evidence That Omega-6 Fatty Acids Raise Heart risks (post #0) Medical Questions
45 Overwhelmed - Dr. H (post #28) Medical Questions
46 For Fats, Longer (Olive oil, Nuts, Chocolate) May Not Be Better (post #9) Medical Questions
47 Dear God/Jesus we need some help with this Disease Called Lyme Disease... (post #53) General Support
49 Researchers Identify Cell Group Key To Lyme Disease Arthritis (post #0) Medical Questions
50 OMG! Plan to move lab that released Lyme!! (post #10) Medical Questions

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