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  Topic Forum Date
1 Bogus article (post #0) General Support
2 Long Island neck and spine MD (post #2) General Support
3 Good Fish Oil/Omega 3 Recommendations? (post #2) Medical Questions
4 How is Doc J doing? (post #5) General Support
5 Unrelenting right ear pain and mucous in sane lung-what to do? (post #16) Medical Questions
6 Amazon for ordering Klaire Labs Probiotics (post #3) Medical Questions
7 head scabs (post #3) Medical Questions
8 worst pill ever for you?? (post #38) Medical Questions
9 Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (post #8) Medical Questions
10 Brain-Gut Neurotransmitters confused (post #8) Medical Questions
11 Need excellent multivitamin (post #15) Medical Questions
12 Teacher Resolutions (post #2) General Support
13 fell in bathtub -- er visit -- bruised ribs (post #12) Medical Questions
14 Blocking a debt collector (post #10) General Support
15 Stuttering (post #12) Medical Questions
16 This drug could change your life forever.... (post #5) Medical Questions
17 Anxiety Disorder or Lyme/Bartonella? (post #4) Medical Questions
18 What's your Lyme superpower (fun)? (post #16) General Support
19 The Ingredients in Vaccines- List (post #1) Medical Questions
20 moving a grave.. (post #14) General Support
21 Welcome back, Greta! (post #5) General Support
22 Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring! (post #3) General Support
23 Best antibiotic for your lyme? What worked? (post #13) Medical Questions
24 Our Puppy Pill Battle...Aarghh (post #7) General Support
25 Bart & GI symptoms (post #4) Medical Questions
26 NEW- 4/1/15- Dr. Jones Update (post #3) Medical Questions
27 Candida albicans antibody test positive-diflucan (post #4) Medical Questions
28 Yeast Issues (post #25) Medical Questions
29 Woman becomes obese after fecal transplant for C-diff (post #24) Medical Questions
30 levaquin warnings (post #4) Medical Questions
31 Parkinson, Gut Bacteria, and Nano Bots, Oh My... (post #4) Medical Questions
32 anyone heard from Greta? (post #34) General Support
33 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MS LYMETOO/TUTU!!! (post #12) General Support
34 what ever happened to tick battler? (post #0) Medical Questions
35 Anyone Heard From Lyme in Putnam? (post #15) General Support
36 God Thought __ Sept 7 th week..... (post #5) General Support
37 Best foods for boosting immune system (post #1) Medical Questions
38 Have you had a good experience with Levaquin? (really scared) (post #12) Medical Questions
39 Periodic sore throat and simultaneous tummy pain child (post #6) Medical Questions
40 foot problems? (post #11) Medical Questions
41 CT Scan (post #10) Medical Questions
42 having terrible week. does all this age you? (post #1) General Support
43 Another Lyme suicide (post #6) General Support
44 minoycline reaction (post #1) Medical Questions
45 Classical Pearls Chinese Herbs (post #30) Medical Questions
46 Anyone selling/renting amygdala retraining program? (post #3) General Support
47 Anybody heard of NAET, does it work? (post #39) Medical Questions
48 Anyone have access to the ZEO headband and bedside AP? (post #3) Medical Questions
49 I need some immune boosting tips!! can't stop getting sick!! (post #2) Medical Questions
50 A Major Breakthrough Theory on My Son...please read and comment. (post #18) Medical Questions

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