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1 Need advice about probiotics (post #0) Medical Questions
2 Is anyone using transdermal LDN? (post #0) Medical Questions
3 Which brands of resveratrol do you recommend? (post #0) Medical Questions
4 Looking for cheaper substitutes for NrF2 and Resvoxitrol (post #0) Medical Questions
5 What products or brands do you recommend for these supplements? (post #0) Medical Questions
6 Poll re LDN.....please share your experience (post #0) Medical Questions
7 Is nattokinase ok to use if you are hypothyroid? (post #0) Medical Questions
8 Complementary MD outlines nutritional approaches for improving bone density (post #0) Medical Questions
9 What are you doing to stop the progression of osteopenia/osteoporosis? (post #0) Medical Questions
10 Has anyone had parathyroid issues? (post #0) Medical Questions
11 Does drinking a lot of lemon water creat yeast? (post #0) Medical Questions
12 Is organic white jasmine rice ok to eat on a candida diet? (post #0) Medical Questions
13 What's your biofilm-busting/detox protocol? (post #0) Medical Questions
14 Which brand of oral glutathione is effective? (post #0) Medical Questions
15 Cal & Mag best together or separated? How much of each? (post #0) Medical Questions
16 abnormal calcium oxylate crystals....could the cause be cryptolepis? (post #0) Medical Questions
17 Does anyone have low normal homocysteine and high B12/folate? (post #0) Medical Questions
18 high b12/folate but normal MMA /homocysteine... Metanx or MethylProtect? (post #0) Medical Questions
19 MTHFR..... should I take systemic and/or digestive enzymes and/or baby aspirin? (post #0) Medical Questions
20 Has anyone consulted with the MD from MTHFR website? (post #0) Medical Questions
21 What infection do these symptoms relate to? (post #0) Medical Questions
22 Beta Thalassemia Minor gene anyone? (post #0) Medical Questions
23 NutriBiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract with Echinacea and Artimesia Annua capsules (post #0) Medical Questions
24 Can serrapeptase be used instead of a baby aspirin? (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Can serrapeptase be taken with nystatin, abx and herbal extracts? (post #0) Medical Questions
26 Can dose of cryptolepis be diluted in a little water? (post #0) Medical Questions
27 How do you space cryptolepis from abx, a-bab, a-bart and other supplements? (post #0) Medical Questions
28 Need your recs for supplement brands (post #0) Medical Questions
29 Serrapeptase or a systemic enzyme blend...which is better? (post #0) Medical Questions
30 Nystatin can be taken at the same time as abx right? (post #0) Medical Questions
31 What advice can you give me re Factive and Cryptolepis (post #0) Medical Questions
32 Is an endoscopy still the best way to check for Celiac? (post #0) Medical Questions
33 Besides the usual things gastros check what else can be screened through endoscopy ? (post #0) Medical Questions
34 Has anyone seen a hematologist about B12 & MTHFR issues in the NJ/NY/Ct area? (post #0) Medical Questions
35 Has anyone seen a hematologist about B12 & MTHFR issues in the NJ/NY/Ct area? (post #0) Medical Questions
36 Questions for those with MTHFR C677T single copy gene mutation (post #0) Medical Questions
37 MTHFR C677T heterozygous and high b12 and folate ....are they related? (post #0) Medical Questions
38 Any information on Dr. V, an ID in NY? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
39 Has anyone been treated for tularemia? (post #0) Medical Questions
40 Anyone have any experience with the Schacter Center for Complementery Medicine in NY? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
41 Anyone have high B-12 and low iron? (post #0) Medical Questions
42 Is low iron linked to low D3, high B12 & adrenal /low thyroid issues (post #0) Medical Questions
43 What's the general consensus re A-bab & A-bart? (post #0) Medical Questions
44 Anyone with thyroid nodules or goiter using iodine ? (post #0) Medical Questions
45 Could taking epsom salt baths in softened water be a bad thing? (post #0) Medical Questions
46 How many of you have used iodine for thyroid issues? (post #0) Medical Questions
47 What labs are used for adrenal saliva tests? (post #0) Medical Questions
48 Still not sure I want to take thyroid meds please help me decide (post #0) Medical Questions
49 Endo has prescribed Armour thyroid, looking for any advice (post #0) Medical Questions
50 Help! Have angioedema in eye should I take prednesone prescribed? (post #0) Medical Questions

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