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  Topic Forum Date
1 Babesia WA-1 (need answers please) (post #23) Medical Questions
2 IDSA Settlement Agreement .pdf (post #13) Activism
3 Fry blood smear -- help me understand it? (post #25) Medical Questions
4 Those with Babesia Duncani (post #17) Medical Questions
5 babesia in brain? (post #12) Medical Questions
6 Persistent and relapsing babesiosis in immunocompromised patients 2008 (post #4) Medical Questions
7 Lyme in Oklahoma? (post #22) Medical Questions
8 Fraudulent Page Defaming Me With Post NOT Mine (post #36) Medical Questions
9 Looking for activities to help the brain (post #14) General Support
10 Lyme and marriage (post #3) General Support
11 wednesday night chat at lyme chat? (post #0) Medical Questions
12 2008 Shapiro: short course of orals= long-term cure (post #19) Medical Questions
13 Lyme Rages and Parenting (post #4) Medical Questions
14 New Problem - INSOMNIA (post #7) Medical Questions
15 URGENT! Any info/experience w/arachnoid cyst? (post #5) Medical Questions
16 do regular ducks understand and treat bart?? (post #2) Medical Questions
17 Igenex results back - Babesia - I knew it! Questions- (post #14) Medical Questions
18 Babesia treatment questions (post #0) Medical Questions
19 Lyme persists in all dogs after ABX (post #13) Medical Questions
20 Anyone ever have a problem with "Diahrrea of the Mouth"? (post #13) Medical Questions
21 Pls help-- very confused by SPECT results! (post #4) Medical Questions
22 Plum Isand --Lyme and Mycoplasma and the Lyme cover-up (post #19) Medical Questions
23 Columbia WON'T evaluate pediatrics (post #17) Medical Questions
24 horrific head noises - is there a cure? (post #9) Medical Questions
25 Naked lyme chat now, monday Night! (post #0) Off Topic
26 2008: USA Lyme WORSE than European Borrelia Afzeli (post #6) Medical Questions
27 SPECT Imaging (post #5) Medical Questions
28 Working or not working? (post #17) General Support
29 IDSA/CDC reasons to NOT treat Lyme patients- $$$ (post #2) Medical Questions
30 IV antibiotic users (post #7) Medical Questions
31 What perentage of Chronic Lymies have Arthritis. (post #1) Medical Questions
32 Anyone want to chat tonight?? (post #5) Medical Questions
33 Repetitive intense dreams (post #27) Medical Questions
34 Try calling it neuroborreliosis (post #2) Medical Questions
35 What a Way to Figure Out Friends? (post #21) General Support
36 Looking for others with chronic Q fever (post #6) General Support
37 Am I being unrealistic to think this? Having more children.. (post #20) General Support
38 Sin Comes Naturally to A Rheumatologist from Yale (post #28) Medical Questions
39 did removing tonsils help? (post #5) Medical Questions
41 SPECT Scan Benefits? (post #4) Medical Questions
42 IgG, IgM, IgA - please help w/lab results (post #5) Medical Questions
43 DEC 18: Durland Fish's Lyme Prevention Forum same day, same building as Dr J Hearing (post #1) Medical Questions
44 This SAT: Doc B HIMSELF to Moderate NY Support Group!!! (post #34) Medical Questions
45 Those on the diet....what do you love to snack on? (post #30) General Support
46 Daryl Hall & Brooke Landau TONIGHT in San Diego! (post #3) General Support
47 dramatic improvement on levaquin - who else? (post #0) Medical Questions
48 Canine Lyme Disease- Interesting Similarities- Better standard of care?? (post #8) Medical Questions
49 Ever Wonder Why Lyme Media Coverage is Biased? SEE PROOF HERE!! (post #8) Activism
50 a new clinic will be opening in fort worth!!! (post #3) General Support

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