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  Topic Forum Date
1 Midwest Lyme Clinic Accepting Patients (post #8) Medical Questions
2 Midwest Lyme Clinic Accepting Patients (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
3 WI. Lyme Newsletter (post #0) Activism
4 WI. Lyme Newsletter (post #0) General Support
5 WI. Lyme Newsletter (post #0) Medical Questions
6 March Lyme Conference - WI. (post #2) Activism
7 March Lyme Conference - WI. (post #3) General Support
8 March Lyme Conference - WI. (post #2) Medical Questions
9 Kids Lyme Chat Tonight (post #0) Activism
10 Kids Lyme Chat Tonight (post #0) General Support
11 Artemisinin relieves headaches (post #1) General Support
12 Artemisinin relieves headaches (post #1) Medical Questions
13 Kids Lyme Chat Tonight (post #0) Medical Questions
14 New WI. Lyme Site (post #0) Activism
15 New WI. Lyme Site (post #0) General Support
16 New WI. Lyme Site (post #0) Medical Questions
17 "Lyme on the Brain" Full Presentation- Lecture Series (post #9) Medical Questions
18 Lyme on the Brain DVD (post #4) General Support
19 Dumped by Dr-- looking 4 the best (anywhere) (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
20 Dr. Zhang Teleseminar - Tonight ! (post #0) Medical Questions
21 WI. Lyme Radio Broadcast - On The Internet (post #0) Activism
22 ? - FDA attack on nutrients/supplements again? (post #3) Activism
23 Attempts to kill the bill (post #11) Activism
24 Congressman Pallone admits to following physicians advice (post #4) Activism
25 CURE UNKNOWN on Talk Radio (post #6) Activism
26 LLMD in or near WI? (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
27 Best Probiotic?? (post #1) Medical Questions
28 abx and antifungals have anyone feeling "drugged"? (post #1) Medical Questions
29 Has anyone read "It's all in your head around the world in 80 LD stories"? (post #14) Medical Questions
30 Activist Workshop (post #7) Activism
31 Net Activism & Rep. Pallone (post #0) Activism
32 Rep. Frank Pallone - You've Hit the Big-Time !! (post #6) Activism
33 Lab results, aches, pains... (post #1) Medical Questions
34 my son-possible urinary tract infection? (post #1) Medical Questions
35 daughter-staff infection now trouble breathing (post #1) Medical Questions
36 Mepron or Malarone and what antibiotic to take with it? (post #1) Medical Questions
37 Last year about this time we were making the Worm squiggle (post #2) Medical Questions
38 Any experiences with Anadyne machine or BioCranial Therapy?? (post #3) Medical Questions
39 abx-regimen failed - what now? (post #9) Medical Questions
40 Amoxicillin, Flagyl and Probiotics (post #1) Medical Questions
41 Test Results - can anyone explain? (post #1) Medical Questions
42 I want to start treating with supplements-what are the best options for babesia (post #8) Medical Questions
43 Tailbone Pain (post #1) Medical Questions
44 Cat's Claw - Nature's Fingerprint brand - Good? (post #2) Medical Questions
45 I'm back, and worried (post #5) Medical Questions
46 Wisconsin Health Insurance (post #2) General Support
47 What is the treatment for Lyme carditis? (post #5) Medical Questions
48 Have I bitten off more than I can chew? (text edited) (post #6) Medical Questions
49 URGENT ! WI. LLMD Under Assault ! (post #44) Activism
50 Your opinion on cats claw (post #1) Medical Questions

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