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  Topic Forum Date
1 Disappointing appt. with "holistic" doctor (post #4) General Support
2 Eye Drainage-does any one have this? (post #9) Medical Questions
3 I am sooo scared- need encouragement (post #5) Medical Questions
4 What do people do for insomnia? (post #15) Medical Questions
5 has anyone else 'lost that lovin' feelin'? (post #26) Medical Questions
6 Dr. C is impossible to see! (post #5) Seeking a Doctor
7 ADVICE ON DOCTORS PLEASE (post #9) Medical Questions
8 Nervous about starting IV treatment (post #10) Medical Questions
9 Tindamax? "Pulsing"? (post #17) Medical Questions
10 turmeric, my experience (post #26) Medical Questions
11 No cold/flu since getting Lyme? (post #13) Medical Questions
12 Impending Doom (post #9) Medical Questions
13 ID doc says they need me to make an appt ASAP (post #14) Medical Questions
14 any other kids develop dyslexia and dysgraphia? (post #4) Medical Questions
15 Lyrica (post #5) Medical Questions
16 Cholestyramine--- take or not to take? (post #3) Medical Questions
17 Why does everyone hate Flagyl? (post #20) Medical Questions
18 CDC and Fry Lab Blood smear-READ THIS! (post #45) Medical Questions
19 MD considering changing career path (post #27) Medical Questions
20 Mouth and teeth symptoms (post #13) Medical Questions
21 Bartonella Book (post #51) Medical Questions
22 Went to the doctor today (post #7) Medical Questions
23 HORRIBLE infusion ctr experience (post #1) Medical Questions
24 Pigmentation changes/brown spots (post #1) Medical Questions
25 Medications to help with pain (post #15) Medical Questions
26 head pressure/ears ring/sound sensitivity (post #11) Medical Questions
27 tinnitus - biaxin/zithromax (post #6) Medical Questions
28 My Son Adam has died (post #37) General Support
29 Opinions on best LLMD... location does NOT matter (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
30 Arthritic EARS??? (post #16) Medical Questions
31 Best drug for knocking you out? (post #3) Medical Questions
32 Thyroid Issues??? (post #7) Medical Questions
33 Rh factor and more (IgE) (post #4) Medical Questions
34 Vegetarian EPA & DHA --essential fatty acids-where do you get yours? (post #10) Medical Questions
35 comparison syphilis & Lyme (post #8) Medical Questions
36 what's wrong with my bowels??? (post #13) Medical Questions
37 Vegetarian EPA & DHA --essential fatty acids-where do you get yours? (post #7) Medical Questions
38 If you can't get Abx, what do you do? (post #25) Medical Questions
39 Questran/Cholestyramine Experiences Wanted (post #6) Medical Questions
40 What should I use for deoderant? (post #43) Medical Questions
41 How did you contract Lyme? (post #5) Medical Questions
42 seroquel (post #2) Medical Questions
43 my eyes look terrible today!! what's up?? (post #10) Medical Questions
44 my eyes look terrible today!! what's up?? (post #8) Medical Questions
45 cried the whole way home from first LLMD visit (post #23) Medical Questions
46 Autoantibodies against muscarinic cholinergic receptor in CFS; may happen in lyme (post #2) Medical Questions
47 Am I nuts, or what? Is it electromagnetic fields? (post #17) Medical Questions
48 A product suggestion for protecting your dog/family (post #9) General Support
49 Babesiosis (post #3) Medical Questions
50 Low Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) - what to do? (post #3) Medical Questions

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