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  Topic Forum Date
1 IVIG and low WBC (post #4) Medical Questions
2 Autoimmune (post #9) Medical Questions
3 IVIG and WBCC now normal - What could it mean? (post #5) Medical Questions
4 SAVEBABE - MAILBOX FULL! (post #0) Medical Questions
5 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever...shows up after years? (post #12) Medical Questions
6 Does IVIG effect test results for LD etc? (post #2) Medical Questions
7 Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Article (post #0) Medical Questions
8 phosphalipid exchange (post #2) Medical Questions
9 Myasthenia Gravis...I've just been diagnosed. Anyone have this? Depressed. (post #42) Medical Questions
10 Something that may help us. Plasma Exchange. (post #9) Medical Questions
11 Will Neuropathy improve? (post #3) Medical Questions
12 Interesting MS article (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Lyme Nerve Pain, Central or Peripheral Nervous System? (post #17) Medical Questions
14 If IVIG Boosts the Immune Syst. so well. Why can't we all use it? (post #11) Medical Questions
15 IVIG?? (post #19) Medical Questions
16 Tracy9 - Mailbox full! (post #2) Medical Questions
17 In hospital with meningitis; post 1st week IVIG (post #26) Medical Questions
18 IVIG users....Severe headache 2-3 days post? (post #2) Medical Questions
19 NYU Lyme Website (post #0) General Support
20 NYU Lyme Website (post #0) Medical Questions
21 I now have Brain Stem Compression and need Brain Surgery, how is this ? (post #21) Medical Questions
22 Starting IVIG on Monday (post #20) Medical Questions
23 Tracy9 - Mailbox full (post #0) Medical Questions
24 I had a healthy baby!! (post #21) Medical Questions
25 Hiatal hernia / stomach issues article (post #2) Medical Questions
26 Small Fiber Neuropathy; any info? (post #24) Medical Questions
27 When would a dr. treat lyme with IVIG? (post #5) Medical Questions
28 New Labs, ++ Epstein Barr Virus. Just got an Explanation as to what IVIG is doing (post #14) Medical Questions
29 DavidX (post #1) Medical Questions
30 Is this possible? After surgery update... (post #2) Medical Questions
31 "skin punch nerve biopsy" ------- anyone had this done????? (post #1) Medical Questions
32 Will this kill me ? All should look at this. Need help.. !!! (post #25) Medical Questions
33 Neuropathy question (post #7) Medical Questions
34 Proof that IVIG causes the Herx, No question about it now !! (post #4) Medical Questions
35 Partial LP Result, what in the heck does this mean ? Results Inside (post #8) Medical Questions
36 Neurological symptoms getting worse.. What do I do ? Terrible Head Pain & Confusion (post #5) Medical Questions
37 Having an LP later Today, Can't take this Head Pressure and other symptoms any longer (post #1) Medical Questions
38 Blumenthal Off Base Criticizing Lyme Guidelines (post #1) General Support
39 QST testing (post #0) Medical Questions
40 IVIG HERX ? Need some help here guys even if you have never done IVIG, need Opinions (post #8) Medical Questions
41 An inconvenient probability on health care overhaul (post #26) General Support
42 Are Low Grad Fevers a sign of Killing ? (post #2) Medical Questions
43 Take mollar tooth out or root canal? (post #3) Medical Questions
44 Article from CT newspaper (post #0) Medical Questions
45 is lidocane cream a steroid? (post #1) Medical Questions
46 Penicillin and Lyme (post #1) Medical Questions
47 IVIG people-what type of dr rx for you? (post #1) Medical Questions
48 IVIG update: I finished dose #5 last night (post #7) Medical Questions
49 ivig- how are you getting it approved by ins? (post #12) Medical Questions
50 IVIG made me Herx bad, better now after tap water enema. Please READ THIS !!! (post #18) Medical Questions

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