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  Topic Forum Date
1 COVID Vaccine safe for Lyme Patients (post #8) Medical Questions
2 Judy Mikovitz and the Covid19: everything you need to know (post #5) Medical Questions
3 Need LLMD in Maryland (post #4) Seeking a Doctor
4 FaceBook took down page of one our main activists! Fight back! (post #5) Medical Questions
5 MTHFR - need help! (post #11) Medical Questions
6 Problems from mega dose DMSA urine test for heavy metals (post #2) Medical Questions
7 Medical marijuana (post #20) Medical Questions
8 why wont drs listen (post #14) Medical Questions
9 Help Need All Detox Suggestions (post #6) Medical Questions
10 Got Nematodes? Check this out. (post #6) Medical Questions
11 What to make of my TGF Beta 1 and C4a test results? (post #5) Medical Questions
12 DETOX SUPPORT THREAD (post #168) Medical Questions
13 MTHFR - genetics- 23andme- messing with your genetics!!! (post #11) Medical Questions
14 ON MEDICARE seeing non-Medicare docs: you are losing rx coverage, what will you do? (post #4) Medical Questions
15 no more abx.... (post #4) Medical Questions
16 Mold (post #19) Medical Questions
17 Biotoxin illness (post #17) Medical Questions
18 This site needs some help and needs cleaning up. (post #19) Medical Questions
19 Kefir and Abx? (Biaxin) (post #2) Medical Questions
20 Armin Labs results: Now What? (post #3) Medical Questions
21 this is what happened to our favorite site. (post #2) Medical Questions
22 Apparently our lyme docs are quacks (post #4) Medical Questions
23 Why is our 1$M Lyme institute saying long-term abx should not be given? (post #26) Medical Questions
24 Does Cholestyramine work if you take it once a day? (post #11) Medical Questions
25 2. David Skidmore's response about cartoon book (post #9) General Support
26 foods that prevent or cause inflammation (post #12) Medical Questions
27 places to purchase supplements? (post #13) Medical Questions
28 Malarone questions (post #3) Medical Questions
29 Severe sleeping issues (post #4) Medical Questions
30 So much herxing with Cholestyramine? (post #4) Medical Questions
31 Liposomal Glutathione brand for sensitive individuals (post #4) Medical Questions
32 Awful yeast, nystatin and diflucan not working. Now what? :( (post #26) Medical Questions
33 Digestive Enzymes and Neutrophils (post #9) Medical Questions
34 Severe muscle pain (post #11) Medical Questions
35 Elevated liver enzymes from arteminisin or cat's claw? (post #5) Medical Questions
36 Tesla High Frequency Violet Device against lyme (post #157) Medical Questions
37 Whole body on fire! (post #13) Medical Questions
38 Irritated (post #14) Medical Questions
39 Everything that clears neuro/endotoxins? (post #16) Medical Questions
40 Bart Marks? PICTURES (post #4) Medical Questions
41 Dr. Hulda Clark- Zappper as Lyme Treatment? (post #5) Medical Questions
42 Air Purifier for MCS/Allergies/Asthma (post #8) Medical Questions
43 treatment for hyperthyroidism? (post #16) Medical Questions
44 Cheapest place for supplements (post #4) Medical Questions
45 Help Me Internal Shaking and Vibrations Affecting Whole Body (post #17) Medical Questions
46 Blood sugar (post #9) Medical Questions
47 TV show criminal minds, morgellons (post #5) General Support
48 Failure to Diagnose Babesia - MUST READ UPDATE (post #27) Medical Questions
49 ANY EXPERIENCES WITH VETERANS ADMIN and LYME? (post #6) Medical Questions
50 Fluctuating Blood Pressure (post #4) Medical Questions

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