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  Topic Forum Date
1 The Lyme Disease Solution book (post #15) Medical Questions
2 Wanna lower your cholesterol bigtime??? (post #7) Medical Questions
3 Anyone try this for kidney stones (post #8) Medical Questions
4 Rife : How Much Improvement with EMEM machine is possible? (post #34) Medical Questions
5 cheaper Bicillin LA? (post #1) Medical Questions
6 Dear God/Jesus we need some help with this Disease Called Lyme Disease... (post #9) General Support
7 Your Opinions Please: Generic Alinia (Nitazoxanide) & Generic Mepron (Atovaquone) ?? (post #3) Medical Questions
8 viral infections-what treats them? (post #13) Medical Questions
9 What do those who can't take ABX do? (post #2) Medical Questions
10 Lumen 90 or Lightworks: what to choose? (post #22) Medical Questions
11 crying and flagyl?? (post #6) Medical Questions
12 Who here is getting better? (post #21) Medical Questions
13 Babs -Primaquine treatment 2009 Update- I B Happy 2 -- (post #3) Medical Questions
14 Rife : Has Anyone Been Able to Go Back To Work? (post #5) Medical Questions
15 Samento and clinical trial information and results (post #1) Medical Questions
16 Need help- severe kidney pain (post #4) Medical Questions
17 What helps with ear ringing? (post #3) Medical Questions
18 Does anyone get better after 4 continous years of treatment for lyme and babesia? (post #8) Medical Questions
19 Taking A Break From Lymenet (post #21) Medical Questions
20 They think they found a fungus this time (post #8) Medical Questions
21 MSM bulk powder = inexpensive glutathione = reduced herx (post #5) Medical Questions
22 did the cowden protocol cure anyone here? (post #4) Medical Questions
23 Anyone have GOOD exp. On Mino? trying to get the courage to take first dose! (post #10) Medical Questions
24 Need advice for stomach issues...please.... (post #3) Medical Questions
25 Plant Products as Antimicrobial Agents (post #1) Medical Questions
26 Rife : Need Pros and Cons of GB4000 or EMEM (post #19) Medical Questions
27 LARUICIDIN I cant say enough about it...its magical (post #10) Medical Questions
28 I B Feelin Good 2 (post #2) Medical Questions
29 Rife machine - one success, any others? (post #5) Medical Questions
30 Who has tried Primaquine for Babs? (post #1) Medical Questions
31 Please state your number one symptom (post #26) Medical Questions
32 Can Someone Explain How Nosodes Work ? (post #7) Medical Questions
33 How do you use a Biotenser? (post #75) Medical Questions
34 Does Artimisinin kill yeast or other organisms ? (post #0) Medical Questions
35 Lumen 90 or Lumen 264? (post #4) Medical Questions
36 Hospital bill from Germany for appendectomy (post #12) Medical Questions
37 Deseret Biologcals Homeopathics-affordable (post #24) Medical Questions
38 Any success with Naturalpath or Homeopath? (post #13) Medical Questions
39 artemisinin kills cancer cells, too... (post #1) Medical Questions
40 Buying abx in mexico, where do you go? (post #2) Medical Questions
41 Lightworks--would like more information from users (post #21) Medical Questions
42 Bionic 880: How we can ALL get treatment! (post #31) Medical Questions
43 Question About artimisia annua (post #2) Medical Questions
44 All you Anxiety/Depression Sufferers out there! (post #3) Medical Questions
45 Could First Kidney Infection Be Related to Art Extract ? Need help ! (post #0) Medical Questions
46 Message of hope. (post #11) Medical Questions
47 Who is thinking about going to Germany for Bionic 880? (post #141) Medical Questions
48 So, what DO you do when you run out of money for treatment? (post #21) General Support
49 $3 Bicillin!! (post #1) Medical Questions
50 Artemisin by itself? (post #8) Medical Questions

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