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  Topic Forum Date
1 3 Mths on IV Months Off, Will I Ever Get Well? (post #0) Medical Questions
2 Why worry? (post #2) Medical Questions
3 Any other LLMD insist on brand name Flagyl? (post #2) Medical Questions
4 Does Flagyl raise your triglycerides? (post #4) Medical Questions
5 Bladder Issues with Lyme (post #5) Medical Questions
6 Dr. said Flagyl too dangerous (post #36) Medical Questions
7 Sore breasts (woman-type question) (post #1) Medical Questions
8 Dr. Jones and the children need your help please (post #18) Medical Questions
9 How Much MSM Do You Take? (post #2) Medical Questions
10 DOES DR. J. IN CT ONLY TREAT CHILDREN? (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
11 Lyme, HHV6 (herpes viral) and EBV (post #5) Medical Questions
12 Why a LLMD would not accept insurance (post #11) Medical Questions
13 Can blood pressure medicine cause a herx? (post #10) Medical Questions
14 REGIS AND KELLY ........lyme disease .. coming up!! (post #28) Medical Questions
15 Does anyone get depressed after taking Flagyl? (post #4) Medical Questions
16 Where Do You Get Your Artemisinin From? (post #11) Medical Questions
17 Brain Fog and Doxy (post #2) Medical Questions
18 I have no idea whats going on with me! (post #7) Medical Questions
19 OH JOY.. a new vaccine is coming out.... (post #23) Medical Questions
20 Prior to Lyme- what other diseases- Need 100 answers- FIVE more to go! (post #108) Medical Questions
21 Doxy reactions? (post #2) Medical Questions
22 Terrible Side Effects With Doryx (post #2) Medical Questions
23 So what happens if you can't afford an LLMD (post #31) Medical Questions
25 Anybody Ever Have Bad Reaction To HumaWorm? (post #0) Medical Questions
26 Lyme Diet (post #5) Medical Questions
27 I just need some simple medical guidance (post #4) Medical Questions
28 Monmouth County residents-we need your help! (post #5) Medical Questions
29 PROTEST comments (post #24) Activism
30 The Famous Fruit Basket: To Blumenthal's Office for a Thank You? (post #8) Activism
31 May Lyme Disease Awareness month actions? (post #3) Activism
32 ATTN NJ PROTESTERS & CALLERS!! (post #8) Activism
33 Those who've tried Valtrex or Acyclovir-please read (post #12) Medical Questions
34 Idea: Tape AG Blumenthal's Announcement To An Infectious Disease Ducks' Office Door! (post #10) Activism
35 NOW IS THE BEST MOMENT TO PROTEST !!!!!! (post #21) Activism
36 Put Lyme Disease Network on Good Morning America! (post #52) Medical Questions
37 From CALDA! From AG Blumenthal! EMAIL SUGGESTIONS! (post #7) Activism
38 Diflucan and Xanax (post #3) Medical Questions
39 PROTEST SLOGANS! Need IDEAS for SIGNS!!! (post #63) Activism
40 Connection Between Lyme and Epstein Barr? (post #15) Medical Questions
41 Who would like to join me on May 7 @ the Lyme Rights Rally?? (post #11) Medical Questions
42 NEW UPDATE on Congress Actions- KEEP CALLING and PROTEST (post #29) Medical Questions
43 STILL need help in Seeking a Doctor....... (post #18) Medical Questions
44 Woo Hoo! Success Story! (post #11) Medical Questions
45 I HAVE SINNED, I HAD A BIG PIZZA TODAY !!!!!!! (post #27) Medical Questions
46 Mom died today (post #29) Medical Questions
47 To freak out, or no? Stretch marks, or bart? (post #24) Medical Questions
48 Scalp Problems (post #5) Medical Questions
49 No guilt here (post #17) General Support
50 Looking for feedback on a few doctors in CT,NJ (post #2) Seeking a Doctor

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