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  Topic Forum Date
1 Alec Baldwin Gets Lyme Disease (post #7) General Support
2 LymeMD - Vitamins and Supplements Ideas (post #19) Medical Questions
3 Looking for Dr. Zang experiences (post #5) Medical Questions
4 Claire Fraser and the Bb Genome (post #10) Medical Questions
5 Why aren't many LLMD's using alternative methods? (post #10) Medical Questions
6 Anyone used generic tinidazole? (post #1) Medical Questions
7 Has anyone heard of people with HIV/AIDS and Lyme (post #2) Medical Questions
8 Can any of u on TYGACIL give us an update??? (post #7) Medical Questions
9 Lyme cycles can mislead you..some cant wait 3-4 weeks (post #6) Medical Questions
10 Congratulations USA! (post #19) Off Topic
11 Lyme Disease Commercial on CNN during presidential debate (post #17) Medical Questions
12 POSITIVE APA TEST FOR LUPUS (post #10) Medical Questions
13 MAYBE OPRAH!!! (post #4) Medical Questions
14 MD in Brooklyn NYC or nearby? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
15 Indomethacin for pain (post #2) Medical Questions
17 Unprofessional and disparaging representation of our community and efforts (post #34) General Support
18 Garlic, Garlicin, Allicin, Allimax? (post #6) Medical Questions
19 Buhner herbs and abx (post #5) Medical Questions
20 Dr W in NY (homeopathy) (post #1) Medical Questions
21 HELP! Herx or bad side effect?? (post #4) Medical Questions
22 Tetracycline (post #2) Medical Questions
23 Food and Drug Administration...have Safety of Donated Blood on the Agenda (post #1) Medical Questions
24 sarsaparilla - interesting scary (post #6) Medical Questions
25 Lyme, overdiagnosed????? (post #8) Medical Questions
26 sounds like Tzprohetgadine? (post #1) Medical Questions
27 Nasal drainage/sneezing on doxy? (post #1) Medical Questions
28 McSweegan at it again (post #4) Medical Questions
29 MD considering changing career path (post #16) Medical Questions
30 MOSQUITOES, TICKS AND FLEAS CDC (post #7) Medical Questions
31 GREAT Article From NY Times (post #4) Medical Questions
32 "almost fainting" (post #14) Medical Questions
33 Which Antibiotic (or drug combo) helped your FATIGUE? (post #13) Medical Questions
34 Questions from MD (not LLMD) (post #22) Medical Questions
35 The Center for disease control wants another test - antibiotics or not for the test? (post #11) Medical Questions
36 GlaxoSmithKline and Mpex developing new abx with efflux pump inhibitors (post #0) Medical Questions
37 Video and transcript of GMA show on Lyme debate (post #5) Medical Questions
38 Options for Addressing Autoimmunity (post #15) Medical Questions
39 call me stupid, but I do not get this (post #7) Medical Questions
40 Post Lyme Syndrome vs. Chronic Lyme (post #20) Medical Questions
41 Pro Health Banning Lymies!!! (post #62) General Support
42 need LLMD in/near Providence Rhode Island (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
43 Dr's are starting to listen.... (post #39) Medical Questions
44 Lyme literate Ophtalmologist in Boston area (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
45 Illnesses and Injuries Associated With the Use of Selected Dietary Supplements (post #1) Medical Questions
46 lyme and pasta. (post #21) Medical Questions
47 How Much Can I Expect at One Year? (post #14) Medical Questions
48 burping & upper left chest pressure (post #18) Medical Questions
49 Neuropsychological Evaluation/East Coast (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
50 Wanted: Lyme doctor: Albany NY (post #4) Seeking a Doctor

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