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  Topic Forum Date
1 PE1 and the Bionic therapy (post #429) Medical Questions
2 Paleomeal Supplement Shakes (post #1) Medical Questions
3 Really scared--husband has developed chronic fatigue syndrome from Lyme treatment (post #10) Medical Questions
4 beastly insomnia (post #1) Medical Questions
5 Great, I've just tested positive for BRUCELLOSIS (post #29) Medical Questions
6 Has anyone had increased anger or agitation from taking artemisinin? (post #7) Medical Questions
7 Bionic 880 thread - promise I won't delete it (post #1084) Medical Questions
8 Can there be emotional effects from homeopathic remedies? (post #7) Medical Questions
9 Cuba Makes Medical History Using Homeopathic NOSODES (post #11) Medical Questions
10 FDA bans a form of Vitamin B6 (post #7) Medical Questions
11 Raw Cultured Vegetables (post #6) Medical Questions
12 anyone tried polygonum cuspidatum or stephania for bartonella? (post #2) Medical Questions
13 Clearing out Lung die off (post #9) Medical Questions
14 KMT (post #30) Medical Questions
15 feel so rude and mean! (post #8) Medical Questions
16 Anyone try Procaine aka Gerovital aka GH3??? (post #3) Medical Questions
17 Could prolocaine injection kill Bb or co's? (post #5) Medical Questions
18 brain recovery: what's it like? (post #4) Medical Questions
20 itchy scalp, bumps & shampoo ideas? (post #10) Medical Questions
21 Withdrew teen from school today (post #17) Medical Questions
22 What disease do you attribute your horrendous fatigue to? (for those who have it) (post #4) Medical Questions
23 does lyme etc make your hair go grey faster? (post #14) Medical Questions
24 bionic 880 docs (post #2) Medical Questions
25 Best Freeze Dried Garlic (post #14) Medical Questions
26 Mucor racemosus and Aspergilus niger treatment (post #17) Medical Questions
27 what are your acupuncture stories? (post #18) Medical Questions
28 Thanks but no thanks - Its too bad - Goodbye to all from DebAZ (post #24) Medical Questions
29 Anyone have the formula for Farah's Lymessence oil? (post #18) Medical Questions
30 Dull Dead Skin on Face .. Looking like the walking dead (post #5) Medical Questions
31 Taking A Break From Lymenet (post #22) Medical Questions
32 Buhner Herbs -- Success or not? (post #24) Medical Questions
33 Apparent FDA attack on nutrients/supplements again (post #7) Medical Questions
34 What about starving the little suckers???? (post #1) Medical Questions
35 Going Raw or Partially Raw (post #53) Medical Questions
36 NEW Bacteria - Please Read this - (returned) (post #45) Medical Questions
37 C difficile found in grocery meats (post #3) Medical Questions
38 best diet (post #10) Medical Questions
39 Need information on an ART practioner (post #2) Medical Questions
40 For those who had constant headaches, what finally kicked it? (post #19) Medical Questions
41 does lyme make you "more" of what you really are? (post #15) Medical Questions
42 Treating the GUMS for spirochetes (post #8) Medical Questions
43 Nausea = LYME??? Anyone? (post #11) Medical Questions
44 Child with OCD symptoms (post #12) Medical Questions
45 OK .. this is getting ridiculous..... Now I have Sjogren's (post #29) Medical Questions
46 2 photons = huge difference (post #18) Medical Questions
47 EBV Virus...common in lyme? (post #3) Medical Questions
48 my dad died in a plane crash (post #42) General Support
49 has under our skin been shown in va? (post #21) General Support
50 update on sick daughter (post #4) Medical Questions

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