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  Topic Forum Date
1 BEE VENOM-anyone???? (post #48) Medical Questions
2 LLMD in CT? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
3 malaria after chronic Lyme (post #0) Medical Questions
4 Help does lyme infect spinal cord (post #7) Medical Questions
5 Medical Supply Donation (post #0) Medical Questions
6 cold laser for pain? (post #3) Medical Questions
7 Scared to start Valcyte for CMV... (post #8) Medical Questions
8 Boston TV news story --good coverage and impressive links (post #4) Medical Questions
9 I feel like I am running out of options .... ALL replies welcome ... gigi ? marnie ? (post #24) Medical Questions
10 Lyme cases in Mass. go up 50% in one year (post #1) Medical Questions
11 EDTA chelation and Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. Possible Herx? (post #6) Medical Questions
12 Klinghardt and Kane - Metal Toxicity & Infections (post #1) Medical Questions
13 Laser Energetic Detox Article (post #3) Medical Questions
14 Chemical Toxicity = Persistant Infections ? (post #6) Medical Questions
15 Small article in NYT Science - Prolonged Use of Antibiotics After Lyme May Not Help (post #1) Medical Questions
16 Avoid chemicals (post #12) Medical Questions
17 What is causing autism? (post #7) Medical Questions
18 cold laser therapy, color therapy and bioresonance (post #7) Medical Questions
19 Report from Columbia Lyme Research Center Symposium (post #20) Medical Questions
20 Dental amalgams are finally out!!! (post #1) Medical Questions
21 Buhner and Cowden Protocol combined -- any input? (post #20) Medical Questions
22 Essential Oils (post #9) Medical Questions
23 Dr. H spoke last night on Lyme: Possums don't get Lyme (post #9) Medical Questions
24 Ozone (post #18) Medical Questions
25 Artemisia - Pulsing as Dr. K suggests (post #4) Medical Questions
26 ART and cystic forms: my last appointment! (post #22) Medical Questions
27 If you want to get well quicker (post #43) Medical Questions
28 Dr. Jones Hearing in Hartford Courant (post #0) Activism
29 How Safe are Those Nail Places? (post #6) Medical Questions
30 Dr. Jones Hearing in HARTFORD COURANT (post #1) Medical Questions
31 Alternatives to Ear Plugs (post #0) Medical Questions
32 KMT Users, two questions? (post #6) Medical Questions
33 Vitamin C drips working for lyme? (post #17) Medical Questions
34 DR. JONES HEARING 4/19, Hartford CT, 9am! (post #30) Medical Questions
35 Which IV abx, how much, how long? (post #2) Medical Questions
36 HHV-6 coinfection, how to treat? (post #31) Medical Questions
37 TOPAS testing - Gigi? (post #3) Medical Questions
38 Starting Rocephin This Week - Need Support/Advice Please (post #4) Medical Questions
39 Babs without sweats? (post #12) Medical Questions
40 MORSE CODE Ringing Sounds Again (post #6) Medical Questions
41 SSDI, LTD: innclude alternative MDs & treatments? (post #7) Medical Questions
42 Do herbs kill good bacteria too? (post #1) Medical Questions
43 Bee Venom Therapy (post #20) Medical Questions
44 Federal Lyme Bill HR 741 (post #4) Activism
45 happy, I may change to PPO insurance this April :) (post #2) General Support
46 How long did you have lyme before diagnosis? (post #10) Medical Questions
47 Fear in AM upon waking (post #6) Medical Questions
48 need support (post #5) General Support
49 Long Term Disability Application - very scared (post #6) General Support
50 How heparin prevents Lyme from attaching to brain cellls....Marnie (post #8) Medical Questions

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