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  Topic Forum Date
1 10,000 emails to Cuomo in 10 Days Campaign (post #15) Activism
2 Any update on NY Bill (post #8) Activism
3 How to boost energy to get thru the Worldwide Lyme Protests on May 10??? (post #24) Medical Questions
4 Dr. K will be giving a Lyme Talk in NYC this Saturday 5/11 from 7-10pm (post #2) Medical Questions
5 May 10, 2013 Lyme Protest - Links for info - Worldwide locations! (post #0) Activism
6 Can low CD57 test numbers be caused by Ebstein Bar infection? (post #9) Medical Questions
7 NEW - download these flyers to promote the CT petition (post #0) Activism
8 CT Residents Petition- Sign & download for signatures (post #13) Activism
10 Lyme and Bicillin (post #6) General Support
11 Any suggestions on IM Bicillin self-injection? (post #2) Medical Questions
12 Rifers, I need your help!!!!!! (post #17) Medical Questions
13 Not much success with rife (post #69) Medical Questions
14 RIFE SUPPORT and SHARING THREAD (post #487) Medical Questions
15 Describe your brain fog symptoms (post #21) Medical Questions
16 cognitive issues, job in jeopordy, freaked out - Suggestions? (post #11) Medical Questions
17 Can I get rid of yeast if I have Splenda in my coffee? (post #2) Medical Questions
18 Tigecycline experience and questions (post #40) Medical Questions
19 Does SSRI medications or stuff like Lyrica have effect on lyme? (post #2) Medical Questions
20 Month 16 - Yeast? (post #11) Medical Questions
21 Questions for GB4000 Rife users (post #4) Medical Questions
22 thegb4000...anyone (post #1) Medical Questions
23 Bells Palsey of the Gut (post #2) Medical Questions
24 How many now think rife is important therapeutically y/n (post #11) Medical Questions
25 Parker Posey Beat Lyme With Holistic Cure (post #11) Medical Questions
26 Question re diarrhea SORRY! (post #7) Medical Questions
27 Relapse after stopping bicillin? (post #9) Medical Questions
28 Oprah Magazine has Dr. Oz on Chronic Lyme!!! (post #2) Activism
29 Biofilm Elimination Study: NAC & Cipro (post #1) Medical Questions
30 anti-depressant (post #2) Medical Questions
31 sugar free breakfast ideas? (post #37) Medical Questions
32 New Moderators!! (post #8) General Support
33 Antidepressants (post #32) Medical Questions
34 NAC - anyone take this? (post #11) Medical Questions
35 please go to SUPPORT & read note about lou b, moderator; thx :) (post #16) Medical Questions
36 Lyme Article at Huffington Post Today- Please Comment! (post #4) Activism
37 Forbes on Lyme - quotes Shapiro (post #1) Activism
38 Huffington Post blog posting on Lyme (post #0) Activism
39 3/3/09 MOST CURRENT UPDATE INFO FOR OPRAH/DR. OZ POSTING (post #18) Medical Questions
40 Good place to buy Permethrin spray online? (post #5) Medical Questions
41 Eye & brain symptoms / where am I in this process?? (post #7) Medical Questions
42 Oprah anyone?? (post #4) Activism
43 URGENT LETTER FROM DR. JONES 7/8 (post #5) Medical Questions
44 Dr. Jones and the children need your help please (post #23) Medical Questions
45 how big a deal is it if you take Rifampin w/ food (post #7) Medical Questions
46 CD 57 = 26 Can anyone beat this? (post #41) Medical Questions
47 Dr's are starting to listen.... (post #7) Medical Questions
48 Prior to Lyme- what other diseases- Need 100 answers- FIVE more to go! (post #67) Medical Questions
49 Open Letter re Censorship of Info on Lyme Controversies (post #6) Medical Questions
50 Let's hear it for some Ohio activists! (post #1) Activism

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