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  Topic Forum Date
1 Exercise: Walkers/hikers/crawlers 9/7-9/13 (post #9) General Support
2 I walked 3 miles Today! (post #16) General Support
3 I'm a Doctor here to Listen and Learn (post #12) General Support
4 Help for patient Elizabeth- please share this information (post #27) Medical Questions
5 Hey Jam338--your mailbox is full (post #0) General Support
6 anyone reach the point of bck to the world and freeze? (post #3) General Support
7 high dose amoxicillin helping! (post #39) Medical Questions
8 worsening of symptoms with any sort of supplement - advice plz!!! (post #2) Medical Questions
9 i passed lyme to my husband (post #9) Medical Questions
10 Hydrogen Peroxide IV in tx? (post #0) Medical Questions
11 Response to "Under Our Skin" (post #6) General Support
12 A new tick bite...or other insect?? (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Sister w/LD becomes VERY sick overnight due to stress???? (post #7) Medical Questions
14 Seeking a good LLMD in NH (salem) (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
15 Friend 6 weeks infected...what can she do while waiting for llmd appt? (post #0) Medical Questions
16 What sound does you chair make? (post #0) General Support
17 Happy Birthday to SixGoofyKids!!!!! (post #22) General Support
18 SPECT scans in D.C. metro area? (post #3) Medical Questions
19 Can Biaxin be used instead of Zithromax for babs? (post #11) Medical Questions
20 babs improving- some symptoms unchanged? (post #14) Medical Questions
21 conflicting confusing feelings! (post #6) Medical Questions
22 How to Post in Color--from Danq (post #5) Computer Questions
23 If you get Muscle/Body Jerks Please check in (post #10) Medical Questions
24 is plaquenil worth it? (post #6) Medical Questions
25 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bettyg!!! (post #10) General Support
26 Babesia Buddies (post #142) General Support
27 Why a spinal tap? (post #4) Seeking a Doctor
28 Kill ticks in rugs- carpeting (post #1) General Support
29 Yes, it's Going to Be One of Those Days (post #8) General Support
30 Stress reliever!!!!!! Bubble Wrap online (post #11) General Support
31 Am I depressed? (post #3) General Support
32 Cave's e-mail (post #4) General Support
33 Biaxin in the brain? (post #3) Medical Questions
34 Are both these symptoms restless leg syndrome? (post #12) Medical Questions
35 non-refrigerated probiotics? (post #7) Medical Questions
36 Nightly Lyme Chat, 8:00 PM, join us! (post #32) Medical Questions
37 Virus scan I cant get rid of (post #10) Computer Questions
38 How To: reading small text online easier (post #8) Computer Questions
39 Reflecting on then and now.... (post #2) General Support
40 ringing in ears (post #2) Medical Questions
41 Rage and Irritability- help.... (post #21) Medical Questions
42 To BJK (post #1) Medical Questions
43 I'm official!!!! Yay? (post #3) General Support
44 2 more lyme jokes (post #1) General Support
45 How to make THEM feel what I feel! neuro stuff (post #7) General Support
46 for those whos families dont understand (post #0) General Support
47 New to board - lots of symptoms! (post #3) Medical Questions
48 What would your Indian name be? (post #42) General Support
49 Bloggin instead of chattin (post #4) General Support
50 Progress and Success Stories ... (post #68) General Support

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