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  Topic Forum Date
1 Are there any centers or hospitals on the east coast for Lyme? (post #33) Medical Questions
2 Update 5/10/13 -- NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS -- F Lab Results (post #10) Medical Questions
3 Steve has passed on -- 10/10 Update in first post (post #56) Medical Questions
4 -- Maybe full interview at 11:00 p.m. 10/7/12 (post #6) Medical Questions
5 Microscopy Phase Constrast Blood ? Blood Parasites (post #3) Medical Questions
6 Thanks to LymeNet and Prayers -- Mountains Being Moved (post #29) Medical Questions
7 URGENT: Update from Bea about Steve:NEEDS PRAYERS 10/6 (post #32) General Support
8 URGENT -- Prayers Needed -- 10/3 Update on page 3 (post #251) General Support
9 UPDATE FROM BEA 10/6 with URGENT medical questions/concerns (post #5) Medical Questions
10 URGENT: Update from Bea about Steve:NEEDS PRAYERS 10/6 (post #13) Medical Questions
11 URGENT -- Prayers Needed -- 10/1 Update on page 3 (post #173) Medical Questions
12 Does anyone want 16 pages of documented info? (post #12) Medical Questions
13 strange eye symptoms? (post #22) General Support
14 strange eye symptoms? (post #22) Medical Questions
15 Can Lyme be gotten through salava? (post #22) Medical Questions
16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUST DON !!! (post #21) General Support
17 sammy in ER, needs transfusion & prayers! (post #1) Medical Questions
18 Stopping the Amoxy -- too much pain (post #10) Medical Questions
19 Best lab & test for Bartonella? (post #13) Medical Questions
20 IVIGers ... Best way to avoid IVIG headaches, etc.? (post #4) Medical Questions
21 Can't handle the pain (post #2) Medical Questions
22 MTHFR: Not to be rude, but (post #24) General Support
23 neurol said to stop B6-it can cause irreversible nerve damag (post #8) Medical Questions
24 MTHFR question (post #10) Medical Questions
25 Bartonella Information Thread (post #148) Medical Questions
26 Discussion with SpiroStat lab (post #6) Medical Questions
27 Please, do not call me a "Lymie" (post #39) General Support
28 Another petition to sign - - your comments go straight to senators! (post #4) General Support
29 Good study on Bart / BLO (post #4) Medical Questions
30 Do you think you can wash a down comforter with ammonia? ( want to be sure no mold). (post #12) General Support
31 Painful white sores in mouth (post #20) Medical Questions
32 Can vaginal cream cause c diff? (post #3) Medical Questions
33 Juicing! "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" film (post #9) Medical Questions
34 Tell me about Bartonella! (post #4) Medical Questions
35 Bartonella Triggers and/or Worsens HLA-Associated Diseases (post #5) Medical Questions
36 burrascano guidelines (post #41) Medical Questions
37 Will detoxing ease my pain from herxing? (post #4) Medical Questions
38 Bartonella and Eyes (post #23) Medical Questions
39 Information For Those With Shin Bone Pain (post #0) Medical Questions
40 How long to clear Bartonella? (post #18) Medical Questions
41 bartonella (post #7) Medical Questions
42 Help! Port dressing compromised. Nurse won't change it for 3 days. (post #12) Medical Questions
43 Lightattheend has brain cancer (post #14) General Support
44 C diff or stomach bug? (post #5) Medical Questions
45 Can exercise cause a herx? (post #5) Medical Questions
46 lower leg pain (post #5) Medical Questions
47 Tingling tongue (post #1) Medical Questions
48 B-12 (post #6) Medical Questions
49 Women Only: Monthly Cycle and Pain (post #13) Medical Questions
50 Port--how long after inserted before access and use it in terms of pain? (post #16) Medical Questions

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