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  Topic Forum Date
1 terribly depressed, need some encouragement (post #10) Medical Questions
2 experienced LLMD in FL or surrounding states (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
3 what weakens biofilm? (post #10) Medical Questions
4 Can LLMDs publish case studies to give credence? (post #2) Activism
5 real Coartem/Riamet cheaper, where? Articles on Coartem for Babesia? (post #3) Medical Questions
6 Bowel change? TMI warning (post #4) Medical Questions
7 My experience with a Dr. K Practitioner. (post #18) Medical Questions
8 Update: Nymph Ticks on My Shirt (post #10) Medical Questions
9 low dose naltrexone (post #11) Medical Questions
10 Question about jaw/neck pain, chiropractor? (post #2) Medical Questions
11 Babesia Case Filed (post #3) Medical Questions
12 Failure to Diagnose Babesia - MUST READ UPDATE (post #31) Medical Questions
13 Now I know why the IDSA docs want to be expert witnesses (post #15) Medical Questions
14 HELP! Surgery tomorrow...steroids? (post #8) Medical Questions
15 Babesia Duncani questions...son diagnosed today (post #10) Medical Questions
16 Babesia and ARDS - new Journal article (post #20) Medical Questions
17 Just Lost My LLMD for the FOURTH time--PLease read & go to Activism (post #19) Activism
18 I really believe this is the best treatment for Protomyxzoa (post #23) Medical Questions
19 HELP CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE! 14 months later still IC and vulva symptoms (post #30) Medical Questions
20 inflamation of lower spine (post #8) Medical Questions
21 jury awards 41 million in tick encephalitis case (post #0) General Support
22 jury awards 41 million in tick encephalitis case (post #0) Medical Questions
23 Feedback needed if you know about Alinia or Coartem (post #8) Medical Questions
24 Attn Albuquerque residents, heavy metals (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Treating babs years in (post #4) Medical Questions
26 How much worse before betterand for how long?!?!? (post #23) Medical Questions
27 daraprim and onion smell (post #2) Medical Questions
28 Mold & Lyme (post #1) Medical Questions
29 Time to Bury the IDSA Guidelines- Petition Here! (post #12) Activism
30 trouble getting picc line in (post #3) Medical Questions
31 C4a Testing (post #6) Medical Questions
32 Anyone experience Babesia cycles? (post #6) Medical Questions
33 Hard question - Mepron and Zith (post #8) Medical Questions
34 Quinine experiences for Babs ? New IDSA may give me Complete Blood Exchange Transfusi (post #19) Medical Questions
35 As we fall asleep - immune system (post #6) Medical Questions
36 INTERESTING : Twitches calmed with ONE dose of ivermectin (post #49) Medical Questions
37 Lyme Article in Huff Post--Let's blast it with comments (post #14) Medical Questions
38 Bb 16s rRNA Survey with map (post #2) Activism
39 Babs Relapse....again. (post #1) Medical Questions
40 where to order cryptolepsis (post #0) Medical Questions
41 Babesia and coartem? (post #3) Medical Questions
42 Crypolepsis herxing (post #18) Medical Questions
43 Spirochetes can persist after treatment (post #10) Medical Questions
44 Trading my PICC for a Port tomorrow 1/5! (post #28) Medical Questions
45 Is PICC line painful? (post #3) Medical Questions
46 Radiant heat for flooring. Think this would be "Earthing"? (post #27) Medical Questions
47 nausea all the time (post #2) Medical Questions
48 GOOD NEWS! Dr. J's case headed to CT Supreme Court (post #6) Medical Questions
49 have you done clindamycin? (post #0) Medical Questions
50 Questions about Lyme Arthritis (post #2) Medical Questions

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