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  Topic Forum Date
1 What the Heck is Going on with MLDA? (post #0) General Support
2 Looking for Feedback on LLMD out of Rochester Hills, MI (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
3 Anyone Here ever Hear from Feelfit Again? (post #0) Medical Questions
4 Seeking LLMDs in MI, OH, IN (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
5 Do the Right Thing and Get Sicker :( (post #0) Medical Questions
6 Dosing Question - Anti-Parasitics (post #0) Medical Questions
7 Flare in Issues - Thoughts (post #0) Medical Questions
8 Need Babesia WA-1 Treatment Articles (post #0) Medical Questions
9 Extreme Pressure / Tightness in Back (post #0) Medical Questions
10 Gotta Love Comment #4 in the Reply Section of this Article (post #0) General Support
11 Hmmmm...Always Feel Worse in my Shower (post #0) Medical Questions
12 Anyone Know How Lymetwister is Doing? (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Anyone Hear Feel Terrible on L-Lysine? (post #0) Medical Questions
14 Can Going After Viruses be Dangerous? (post #0) Medical Questions
15 Flu Shot Question (post #0) Medical Questions
16 Question on Optic Nerve Pressure/Swelling - So Confused - PTC Like - Any Experts? (post #0) Medical Questions
17 Constipation Question - Hope not TMI :) Need Help (post #0) Medical Questions
18 Food Allergy Question(s) (post #0) Medical Questions
19 The Irony of a Western Blot - Quest (post #0) Medical Questions
20 Anyone have this Diagnosis - New Daily Persistent Headache? (post #0) Medical Questions
21 Is Hip Pain Babesia Typically? (post #0) Medical Questions
22 Severe Temple Twitching (post #0) Medical Questions
23 Anyone Hear from Feelfit? (post #0) Medical Questions
24 Bugs Attacking Ear Canal (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Symptom Presentation Question (post #0) Medical Questions
26 How Many Here Have Taken BIG Doses of Clindamycin for Babesia? (post #0) Medical Questions
27 What Exactly Makes you Not Able to Drive a Car? (post #0) Medical Questions
28 Never Ends - New Issue - Iron Deficiency (post #0) Medical Questions
29 Joint Pain after Fever - Bronchitis - Is This Normal? (post #0) Medical Questions
30 Anyone Ever Done Plasmapheresis? (post #0) Medical Questions
31 Maybe Dr S' Mold Test Panel Isn't Always Accurate? (post #0) Medical Questions
32 Testosterone Supplementation Question - Update 3/30/12 (post #0) Medical Questions
33 Endless Neck Stiffness / Scapula Locking Up (post #0) Medical Questions
34 Avelox Question - Anyone Get Helped by It? (post #0) Medical Questions
35 First Fever in 5-6 Years on - Update 3/19/12 - Fever Again 4/4/12 :( (post #0) Medical Questions
36 What Happened to SixGoofyKids? (post #0) Medical Questions
37 Just Can't Handle Hormone Therapy - Frustrated!! (post #0) Medical Questions
38 TerryK, please empty your mailbox (post #0) Medical Questions
39 Question about Elevated Mold IgG Antibodies (post #0) Medical Questions
40 For Those That Tried Diamox... (post #0) Medical Questions
41 Lumbar Puncture COMPLETED - Update 2/20/12 (post #0) Medical Questions
42 Does Vestibular Rehab Therapy Supposed to be so Brutal? (post #0) Medical Questions
43 C4a Blood Testing - New Method - Any Results Yet? (post #0) Medical Questions
44 Pseudotumor Cerebri - Update / Feedback Appreciated Please (post #0) Medical Questions
45 Stomach Issues - Is it my Imagination? (post #0) Medical Questions
46 High Neutrophils - Low Lymphocyte %s - WBC (post #0) Medical Questions
47 Interesting Diagnosis from Neuro (post #0) Medical Questions
48 If not Sinuses, what Can it Be? (post #0) Medical Questions
49 Question on Giving Away Supplements - Therazyme (post #0) Medical Questions
50 Mycotoxin Tests - Urine - Mold (post #0) Medical Questions

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