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  Topic Forum Date
1 PLUM ISLAND....."real estate HOT SPOT!"....CAN U BELIEVE THIS (post #0) General Support
2 Son is so withdrawn and I am very worried! (post #8) General Support
3 University Student , ID doc wants me to have a spinal tap this friday. help? (post #10) Medical Questions
4 how to find an assistant (post #3) Medical Questions
5 Husband has been admitted into the hospital...please keep him in your prayers (post #33) Medical Questions
6 Action Alert-The "push" is on! Let's move forward! (post #3) Activism
7 college applications - should a prospective student disclose that they are ill? (post #12) General Support
8 Oh AliG - you must be very popular - your mailbox is full again. (post #0) General Support
9 Anyone have sudden food allergies after being on meds for over a year? (post #15) Medical Questions
10 AliG wanted to thank you - your mailbox is full (post #0) General Support
11 Edit- FRIDAY- WATCH LIVE CFS- PANDORA- Proposed NEI Center (post #51) Medical Questions
12 ACTION ALERT- Lyme Included as Autoimmune (NIH, CDC approve) 10/18/09 (post #53) Activism
13 Cody has ANOTHER Line infection, far more serious, plus Swine Flu too (post #6) General Support
14 Cody has ANOTHER Line infection, far more serious, plus Swine Flu too (post #6) Medical Questions
15 How do you get through a dentist appt? (post #21) Medical Questions
16 Seeking specialist in Sussex County NJ (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
17 Thought for the day....... (post #1561) General Support
18 What could this mean to a child? (post #6) Medical Questions
19 Amoxicillin with Azithromycin? (post #13) Medical Questions
20 ACTION ALERT for NJ & USA Lyme Patients (post #72) Activism
21 Methylcobalamin (post #14) Medical Questions
22 Lou B Taking Care of Himself (post #19) General Support
23 MS patients should be as angry as us LYME patients. (post #3) Medical Questions
24 41 kDa, Klebsiella (post #3) Medical Questions
25 Can kids present with ONLY ADHD type symptoms? (post #7) Medical Questions
26 Anyone notice that Biaxin XL is way better than Clarithromycin (generic)? (post #3) Medical Questions
27 Heavy eyelids, looks like my eyes are half closed (post #5) Medical Questions
28 NJ Lyme patients - action alert (post #4) Medical Questions
29 Anyone with Tremor or Myoclonus in Only One Arm or Leg? (post #1) Medical Questions
30 "forgetting to swallow" - "forgetting to breath" (post #17) Medical Questions
31 Rifampin users - what was your experience? Pls help. (post #10) Medical Questions
32 What to take with Artemesenin? (post #5) Medical Questions
33 SONS BLOOD RESULTS..... (post #9) Medical Questions
34 PLEASE PRAY FOR JESSICA A LYMENET USER who's very ill (post #6) General Support
35 I am cracking up......can't take much more (post #11) General Support
36 Teen daughter says she wishes she'd never started tx. :( (post #8) General Support
37 Racing Thoughts! (post #10) Medical Questions
38 Females, any here with cysts, fibroids, ovarian pain? (post #22) Medical Questions
39 504 Plan ? - Desperately need school Advice - PLEASE HELP !!! (post #5) General Support
40 lyrica - anyone have reactions to this? (post #16) Medical Questions
41 The IDSA Wants Copies of UNDER OUR SKIN (post #1) Activism
42 It's FEELFIT's birthday !!!! Give her your best!! (post #9) General Support
43 Families that don't ALL have lyme (post #1) Medical Questions
44 Rabbit fever detected in Kane County (UT) (post #4) Medical Questions
45 DAUGHTER WITH LYMES. (post #8) General Support
46 Patients need to prepare before seeing LLMD. (post #1) General Support
47 Anyone taken Rifampin and Biaxin? (post #8) Medical Questions
48 So sorry to post about this...again. But need some new ideas on 'Restroom Issues' (post #24) Medical Questions
49 IT'S ON!!! IDSA is broadcasting (post #613) Activism
50 Press Release for YOU to use for IDSA hearing (post #2) Activism

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