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  Topic Forum Date
1 Is it Lyme or is it Lyme luck? (post #1) General Support
2 Desperately Seeking Jennie (post #3) General Support
3 Bionic 880 thread - promise I won't delete it (post #483) Medical Questions
4 to all those with skin issues (ie. dry, sensitive, red etc...) and/or new allergies (post #8) Medical Questions
5 A Message on Light Applications (post #15) Medical Questions
6 Where have all the reported cases of Lyme gone? (post #5) Medical Questions
7 Last words on LightWorks for those interested... (post #165) Medical Questions
8 EUROPE LYMENET SMEARING ME on MMS (post #8) Medical Questions
9 low ferritin and iron? (post #12) Medical Questions
10 new biowarfare lab in Colorado with Lyme!! (post #7) Medical Questions
11 what is the life length cycle of a Lyme spirochete? (post #2) Medical Questions
12 Obsessive Compulsive _ Lyme Treatment Research (post #3) Medical Questions
13 What causes Bb to develop biofilms? (post #9) Medical Questions
14 880nM and 1072nM what is the difference? IMPORTANT (post #39) Medical Questions
15 Are Ceftin and other Cell Wall Inhibitor Antibiotics Really Dangerous? (post #8) Medical Questions
16 backsliding questions (post #4) Medical Questions
17 Article - Dying For Some Zzz's! ...combating insomnia in lyme disease and other... (post #2) Medical Questions
18 lightworks- colored paddles? (post #1) Medical Questions
19 General question about supplements... (post #10) Medical Questions
20 Deleted my thread re Bionic Treatment Experience (post #40) Medical Questions
21 Is there a timeframe from actual tick bite to symptoms? (post #4) Medical Questions
22 Looks like the Brits are way ahead of us for once.... (post #14) Medical Questions
23 Funny how some states report lyme in dogs but not humans (post #2) Medical Questions
24 Whats the difference between a Herx and just feeling poorly non stop (post #2) Medical Questions
25 McSweegan at it again (post #11) Medical Questions
26 Lyme (post #5) Medical Questions
27 Is a good debate, bad? (post #7) Medical Questions
28 Apologies to Clancy & GiGi (post #8) Medical Questions
29 There is relief for a herx... FINALLY! Amazing stuff! (post #12) Medical Questions
30 IDSA Lyme Disease Guidelines Review Panel Application (post #4) Medical Questions
31 Symptoms of Lyme Disease add on if you want (post #6) Medical Questions
32 IF far infrared works (post #13) Medical Questions
33 EPA Funds Ground-Breaking Lyme Disease Research (post #9) Medical Questions
34 Does anyone else get nausea from doxy? (post #2) Medical Questions
35 WOW!! Just had an earthquake a few minutes ago (post #2) Medical Questions
36 Drugs your doctor wouldn't take!!!! (post #10) Medical Questions
37 I have the dreaded genotype-Help! (post #30) Medical Questions
38 Oily fish protect re RA, smoking psychosocial stress = risk (post #3) Medical Questions
39 growth cycles natural herxes nightmares? (post #1) Medical Questions
40 Big reaction to infrared light from LightWorks (post #4) Medical Questions
41 Dr. said Flagyl too dangerous (post #45) Medical Questions
42 Why does water hurt? (post #1) Medical Questions
43 Cognitive Impairment (post #11) Medical Questions
44 Someone has to help me. (post #17) Medical Questions
45 Uggggg ... ALDF gets new director and 3 NEW members (post #1) Medical Questions
46 Wake up bacteria to kill them... (post #18) Medical Questions
47 Success Story-6 Year Dream Came True TODAY!!!!!! (post #5) Medical Questions
48 American Academy of Neurology Lyme guidelines (post #5) Medical Questions
49 does lyme cause anti-social behavior?? (post #12) Medical Questions
50 Is coffee that bad for us? (post #9) Medical Questions

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