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  Topic Forum Date
1 what is the name of the supp that prevents c-diff? (post #32) Medical Questions
2 Antabuse (post #157) Medical Questions
3 Daptomycin, Doxycycline and Ceftriaxone (post #3) Medical Questions
4 Closer To A Cure- Dr. L's Latest Study (post #1) Medical Questions
5 I really need your thought on Minocycline? (post #7) Medical Questions
6 Get off abxs before testing? (post #5) Medical Questions
7 Get off abxs before testing? (post #4) Medical Questions
8 Pyrazinamide with Doryx and Rifampin? (post #7) Medical Questions
9 Dr J in DC (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
10 Dr J in DC (post #0) Medical Questions
11 3 cycles to cure (post #3) Medical Questions
12 3 cycles to cure (post #0) Medical Questions
13 23andme Raw Data Analysis Fun (post #15) Medical Questions
14 Antibiotic Choices (help appreciated) (post #9) Medical Questions
15 Dr. Eva Sapi needs our help to buy an atomic microscope. (post #15) General Support
16 Does Rocephin actually KILL Lyme? (post #17) Medical Questions
17 Best Place to Buy Bicillin? (post #1) Medical Questions
18 * Top 10 * new treatments that worked for you? (post #39) Medical Questions
19 Azithromycin and Plaquenil (post #3) Medical Questions
20 Bicillin herx? (post #3) Medical Questions
21 Bush Alzheimer's Disease (post #12) General Support
22 Lyme bill PASSED in Virginia (post #5) General Support
23 Dr. Murakami first recipient of Chilliwack-Hope Citizenship Award (post #4) General Support
24 Dr. Murakami first recipient of Chilliwack-Hope Citizenship Award (post #3) General Support
25 NEWS: Lyme disease bill advances in Virginia Legislature (post #2) General Support
26 Yay! My irregular heartbeat is gone!! (post #4) Medical Questions
27 Just ridiculed by my own brother because I believe in the Lyme/Plumb Isl conspiracy. (post #7) General Support
28 Living With Romantic Partner When Sick (post #12) General Support
29 I'm SO exhausted all the time and I HAVE to work...I feel like crying (post #13) General Support
30 Check out our cool IDSA protest poster truck (post #12) General Support
31 The Theory Behind Pulse Dosing???? (post #9) Medical Questions
32 What got rid of your headaches/headpressure? (post #10) Medical Questions
33 PA HB 272 passes Lyme bill in the House of Representatives (post #12) General Support
34 High does ceftin (post #11) Medical Questions
35 Roxithromycin (post #1) Medical Questions
36 Daryl Hall and other celebs (post #10) General Support
37 Anyone here from Vancouver Island, BC? (post #5) General Support
38 Are your biofilm supplements REALLY helping you ? (post #5) Medical Questions
39 Plaquenil (post #3) Medical Questions
40 *~Rifabutin (Mycobutin)...Experiences?*~ (post #9) Medical Questions
41 Serrapeptase-where to buy? (post #3) Medical Questions
42 MIGS!!!!!!! Mailbox is FULL!! (post #3) Medical Questions
43 Seeking a Doctor WA State (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
44 "Finger in a socket" feeling from rifampin & clindamycin,plus rocephin. Suggestions? (post #5) Medical Questions
45 Lyme disease in Texas (post #2) General Support
46 Absolutely devastated to learn Dr. Gerald Weiss was killed last night by drunk driver (post #34) Medical Questions
47 Pounding racing heart? (post #9) Medical Questions
48 Gemifloxacin ('Factive') from Mexico (post #4) Medical Questions
49 Anybody read the book ,"The Tick Slayer" (post #17) General Support
50 If you could see THE dr H in NY or Dr j in Dc (post #9) Seeking a Doctor

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