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  Topic Forum Date
1 can one pill of doxy make you this sick?? (post #10) Medical Questions
2 What is the best and most helpful thing a doctor has said to you? (post #27) Medical Questions
3 Anyone here from Vancouver Island, BC? (post #3) General Support
4 Ladies : Do you have a perfume That Rocks your socks ? (post #9) Off Topic
5 organic sulphur crystals? (post #8) Medical Questions
6 Sleeping Pills 'Raise the Risk of Dying' - including benzodiazepines and others... (post #3) Medical Questions
7 has lyme changed your personality?? (post #10) General Support
8 has lyme changed your personality?? (post #3) Medical Questions
9 Depressed- makes me dread going to sleep + difficulty sleeping (post #22) General Support
10 Deep Dark Hole (post #12) General Support
11 How much WEIGHT did you gain???!?! (post #31) Medical Questions
12 A funny (true story) (post #1) Off Topic
13 men and hunting season... (post #5) Off Topic
14 nominees for ms grumpy??? (post #18) General Support
15 You know you're getting old when... (post #11) General Support
16 Do antibiotics contribute to mineral deficiencies? (post #5) Medical Questions
17 Is it dangerous to kiss your cat, or to let your cat lick your face? (post #32) General Support
18 Tunes stick in my head... (post #19) Medical Questions
19 meat...Yuck! please advise (post #7) Medical Questions
20 Bread, bun and carb alternaltives? (post #4) Medical Questions
21 Foot and Leg cramps (post #4) Medical Questions
22 Heightened sense of smell?!!!! (post #1) Medical Questions
23 Severe Obesity and Lyme (post #28) Medical Questions
24 casey anthony -- guilty or not?? (post #20) Off Topic
25 My wife wants a divorce (post #1) General Support
26 Surgery is a no-no with any kind of Lyme and Co-infection (post #16) Medical Questions
27 How long did it take until you started feeling better on antibiotics? (post #27) Medical Questions
28 Things my Daddy used to say (post #11) Off Topic
29 Interesting comment from my vet (post #9) General Support
30 What do you collect?? (post #3) Off Topic
31 I am a magnet for mosquitoes...? (post #3) General Support
32 Super sensitive hearing... Normal for LD?? (post #8) Medical Questions
33 What is your Lyme DIET? (post #12) Medical Questions
34 FUN!! In honor of the Royal Wedding..... (post #6) Off Topic
35 I Just Can't Handle Stress Anymore ... Does This Get Better With Treatment? (post #4) Medical Questions
36 how to loose weight with lyme?? (post #4) Medical Questions
37 weight gain of 20 lbs.... (post #10) Medical Questions
38 Anxiety and agitation how to deal (post #10) Medical Questions
39 Itching...all over (post #30) Medical Questions
40 Coronation Street (post #0) Off Topic
41 figure skating fans? (post #10) Off Topic
42 has anyone had CLUSTER HEADACHES go away with lyme treatment? (post #3) Medical Questions
43 help!!! can't stop eating (post #5) Medical Questions
44 Who are your favorite music artists/bands?? (post #16) Off Topic
45 What steered you toward your lyme diagnosis? (post #13) General Support
46 Migraine Medicine (post #3) Medical Questions
47 Depression that has no bottom!!! (post #6) Medical Questions
48 I have a sweet new kittycat (post #14) Off Topic
49 Stress provokes herx?? (post #2) Medical Questions
50 What Happened to Happiness? (post #2) General Support

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