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  Topic Forum Date
1 Seeking LLMD or LLND in Florida (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
2 coffee enemas - product recommendations needed (post #9) Medical Questions
3 could this be a bad case of candida in my esophagus?? (post #4) Medical Questions
4 does h. pylori cause a herx when it is dying? (post #3) Medical Questions
5 RIFE SUPPORT and SHARING THREAD (post #2953) Medical Questions
6 tygecycline - how long are you nauseous after dose (post #5) Medical Questions
7 Asthma Attack and don't have Asthma (post #2) Medical Questions
8 CIGNA - any experiences? (post #2) Medical Questions
9 best health insurance - I'm considering private insurance (post #11) Medical Questions
10 rifers: what has been your longest herx? (post #6) Medical Questions
11 Does lemon water remove toxins (post #14) Medical Questions
12 how does lyme "find" your places of injury or weak spots (post #0) Medical Questions
13 best oral abx to get into spinal cord (post #5) Medical Questions
14 any suggestions on a lyme literate naturopath near Dallas? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
15 Dr. J in DC (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
16 Any S.Floridians treated with any of these Dr.s? (post #13) Seeking a Doctor
17 Dr. J in DC and pulse therapy (post #0) Medical Questions
18 Meds-Who pulses, who takes non-stop? (post #8) Medical Questions
19 retaining water and bloating (post #4) Medical Questions
20 shaking after exercise (post #1) Medical Questions
21 plese help... switch from IV back to orals 2 wks ago and feel awful (post #3) Medical Questions
22 A question on :Herbal 'ABX' ... ABX like properties etc... (post #3) Medical Questions
23 Anyone on Factive? (post #0) Medical Questions
24 Parastroy works better than albendazole (post #8) Medical Questions
25 Does anyone know anyone who has cleared bad case of Bart?? (post #6) Medical Questions
26 rife and biofilms (post #6) Medical Questions
27 activated charcoal (post #3) Medical Questions
28 flying with a picc line (post #0) Medical Questions
29 picc line clogged?? (post #4) Medical Questions
30 can you do arm exercises with a picc line in? (post #0) Medical Questions
31 grapefruit seed extract (post #9) Medical Questions
32 Floaters linked to parasites? (post #5) Medical Questions
33 coinfection causing heartbeat through whole body? (post #2) Medical Questions
34 Anyone have a bad reaction to resveratrol... (post #10) Medical Questions
35 BMI is very low (post #21) Medical Questions
36 is Tindamax neurotoxic like Flagyl? (post #8) Medical Questions
37 taking several day breaks so spirochetes can emerge (post #1) Medical Questions
38 does homeopathy work? (post #5) Medical Questions
39 anyone on Ketek right now? (post #3) Medical Questions
40 Tindamax (post #2) Medical Questions
41 how to get picc line if doc doesn't have admitting privileges at a hospital (post #2) Medical Questions
42 Lumbrokinase (post #8) Medical Questions
43 where do I go with a prescrip for a picc line? (post #7) Medical Questions
44 Anyone have crippling spine pain????? (post #1) Medical Questions
45 What to do when liver enzyme three times (post #9) Medical Questions
46 can you drive yourself home after a picc line insertion? (post #8) Medical Questions
47 anyone else get bad spine pain when treating bart? (post #4) Medical Questions
48 cat's claw... anyone drink as tea or just eat the loose powder? (post #0) Medical Questions
49 Dr. S in TX... any experiences? if yes can you PM me? (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
50 Dr. S in TX... any experiences? if yes can you PM me? (post #2) Medical Questions

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