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  Topic Forum Date
1 Lyme Literate Neurologist in NC? (post #9) Medical Questions
2 Is Tammy N still on the forum (post #3) Medical Questions
3 Bartonella and cats with diabetes (post #8) Medical Questions
4 Is there no cure? No end? (post #1) Medical Questions
5 White Bood Cell Suppliments (post #1) Medical Questions
6 Zang protocol (post #2) Medical Questions
7 Obturator nerve (post #2) Medical Questions
8 Frustrated with LLMD (post #21) Medical Questions
9 Lymerix Vaccine (post #7) Medical Questions
10 Sjogren's (post #9) Medical Questions
11 Will Labcorp draw blood for Culture test? (post #0) Medical Questions
12 Which Advanced Labs culture to pick (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Still happening! WAY insufficient ABX Rx'ed (post #1) Medical Questions
14 Fabulous discussion by Dr. H. (post #12) Medical Questions
15 Meningococcal vaccine (post #0) Medical Questions
16 Hi Tammy N - need to clean house (post #0) Medical Questions
17 Llmd that uses galaxy? (post #1) Medical Questions
18 VEGF 116 (post #0) Medical Questions
19 Autoimmunity or lyme (post #0) Medical Questions
20 Video: "Autoimmune Disease:The Infection Connection" with Dr Nikolas Herdberg (post #1) Medical Questions
21 Sons platelets dropped again (post #2) Medical Questions
22 Treatment (post #1) Medical Questions
23 Lyme Literate Eye Doctor in PA, NY, NJ (post #4) Seeking a Doctor
24 Bicillin and Cowden together ? (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Is 4 months of Mepron and Zithromax long enough? (post #4) Medical Questions
26 low dose naltrexone, amazing so far.. (post #3) Medical Questions
27 Day 11 of Cowden - wow ! (post #0) Medical Questions
28 Minocycline and plaquenil (post #1) Medical Questions
29 portable FIR sauna (post #3) Medical Questions
30 Has Your Babesia Case Been Reported to the CDC? (post #3) Medical Questions
31 Is it possible to herx on day 1 of Cowden? (post #12) Medical Questions
32 HBOT rental (post #2) Medical Questions
33 Minocycline, Tindamax, Plaquenil for neuro lyme (post #0) Medical Questions
34 Dr. P. in Nj (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
35 HBOT rental (post #0) Medical Questions
36 Would you send tick to Igenex and what test? (post #2) Medical Questions
37 Cowden Support Program (post #1) Medical Questions
38 don't touch me!!! i'm too sore... (post #4) Medical Questions
39 My son's platelet count dropped again (post #5) Medical Questions
40 will we get reports back about the rally? (post #7) Activism
41 will we get reports back about the rally? (post #7) Medical Questions
42 Lyme Disease Vaccine Shows Promise in Cllinical Trial (post #2) General Support
43 Worldwide Lyme Rally - NYC Union Square Fri. 5/10!! 12-4 (post #2) General Support
44 HYDE PARK, NY: Where to stay? (post #9) General Support
45 source for LDN (post #9) Medical Questions
46 N.J. Congressman urges action on Lyme Disease legislation, says more research needed (post #4) General Support
47 Any idea why my 13 y/o walks around in underwear all day? (post #12) Medical Questions
48 Any feedback on DOXEPIN?? (post #5) Medical Questions
49 Monmouth County health officials warn about Lyme Disease risk (post #1) General Support
50 Let's hear it for insurance companies!! NOT! (post #5) Medical Questions

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