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1 new doctor doesn't believe my daughter has Lyme, but here LLMD has believed it!! (post #4) General Support
2 Does John Boehner have LD? (post #6) General Support
3 I need wholesale Lace. Rolls and rolls of it and different types. (post #2) Off Topic
4 I'm tired of fighting (post #14) General Support
5 Desperately need a doctor in Canada! (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
6 I can't believe people come here everyday and post their real names! (post #8) Seeking a Doctor
7 Canine doxy dosage 500 mgs! (post #4) General Support
8 Hoping for a tiny favor - please write about your pain and symptoms (post #8) General Support
9 Just got home from the hospital .. again.... (post #7) General Support
10 please, I am feeling so down! 4 years of this constant nerve and bone pain! (post #9) General Support
11 Why do I stink??? (post #19) General Support
12 Everything you've been told about cancer is wrong (post #27) General Support
13 Zeitgeist 2012 , let's make it there, its a matter of life or death! (post #0) General Support
14 video about new Silver-Sol that you can combine with antibiotics = more effective! (post #0) General Support
15 How do I get to NY for my I.V. ? No money, and need a room to stay at for a while (post #8) General Support
16 now my heart rate is going up, fork in my chest type of feeling! (post #3) Medical Questions
17 Suffering with LD inspiration behind, "Your Great Name" (post #6) General Support
18 pancreas problems, the ER, and extreme pain, and chest pain! (post #4) Medical Questions
19 Q-fever can be INHALED! !!! Did we already know that? (post #0) General Support
20 typing this for my husband who is on Rifampin and is crying/suicidal, please help (post #5) Medical Questions
21 What do I do? Travel and live near my LLMD, so that I can get my I.V.? (post #0) General Support
22 How do I find help with housekeeping and the mail? (post #3) General Support
23 Living With Our Limitations (post #8) General Support
24 GOT A BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER???? (post #6) General Support
25 Post Traumatic Stress disorder (post #12) General Support
26 Is this an alzheimer's/Lyme memory issue? (post #5) Medical Questions
27 really bad. keep getting worse. need help and ideas (post #1) Medical Questions
28 screaming in pain! no help, so I am trying alcohol (post #6) Medical Questions
29 What tests needed to diagnose/rule out diseminated lyme disease? (post #8) Medical Questions
30 Christian believers (post #439) General Support
31 please help i am in extreme pain all over (post #8) Medical Questions
32 Horribble Anxiety all of a sudden (post #17) Medical Questions
33 Learn From My Mistakes About Vitamin D!! (post #18) Medical Questions
34 IGX results back - what do you think? (post #17) Medical Questions
35 What is going on with my heart? rapid heart rate, panic, and sense of dread! (post #0) Medical Questions
36 who do you know who used IV and is cured? (post #19) Medical Questions
37 feeling blue? because your in pain, lonely, and have Lyme? me too! here's an idea (post #1) Off Topic
38 Where can I get reliable info about MRSA? (post #2) Off Topic
39 LLMD Apointment. Outcome: Mepron/Rifamin (post #10) Medical Questions
40 MRSA and Lyme (post #6) Medical Questions
41 Can someone PM me the teen Lyme group? (post #0) General Support
42 Preparing for EMG test Bwahahaha! Update @ #7 (post #9) General Support
43 Help! Just found tons of black mold in our house! (post #0) Medical Questions
44 SIlver Sol ! Has anyone tried this? miracle cure?? (post #5) Medical Questions
45 Natural Supplement to overcome exhaustion (post #12) Medical Questions
46 silver for lyme? (post #5) Medical Questions
47 Could It Be? (post #2) General Support
48 Struggling with depression, what would you do (post #11) General Support
49 No Feelings , Yet Why the Tears (post #10) General Support
50 no one can figure out why i crash in the middle of the afternoon (post #1) Medical Questions

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