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  Topic Forum Date
1 HELP!!! Rebitten!! (post #7) Medical Questions
2 Att: Keebler, Gigi, and others: Need help with a study of Lyme & Lymenet (post #8) Activism
3 Att: Keebler, Gigi, and others: Need help with a study of Lyme & Lymenet (post #0) Medical Questions
4 Interesting Babesia test (post #9) Medical Questions
5 MMS treats Lyme successfully (post #36) Medical Questions
6 Don't wanna do it anymore (post #17) General Support
7 Writing a paper on Lyme: anybody want to help?? (post #3) General Support
8 My Success story! How I finally got rid of the pain! (post #3) Medical Questions
9 Please help - Neuropathy so bad she feels like dying! (post #11) Medical Questions
10 Dissecting the Cowden Protocol (post #78) Medical Questions
11 Dr H in NY (post #4) Seeking a Doctor
12 Those with IC ... beware (post #1) Medical Questions
13 Neurologist-How many have gone to one? (post #8) Medical Questions
14 People with psychiatric problems from lyme- how did you get through herxing (post #5) Medical Questions
15 What is a good probiotic (post #2) Medical Questions
16 How many drops of A-Bab did you get up to in the Challenge Phase? (post #12) Medical Questions
17 Did anyone else literally pass out during herxes? (post #2) Medical Questions
18 Fish oil linked to an increased risk of................ (post #4) Medical Questions
19 Depression that has no bottom!!! (post #11) Medical Questions
20 Anxiety/panic attacks....bart, babs or lyme (post #1) Medical Questions
21 Advice needed on Byron White A-Bab (post #1) Medical Questions
22 HELP - Friend with Afib just went to ER. Looks like heart attack!! (post #16) Medical Questions
23 Help - Friend in panic over heart symptoms (post #9) Medical Questions
24 post surgery pain?? Advice would be greatly appreciated (post #3) Medical Questions
25 Bicillin shots (post #1) Medical Questions
26 Feel better when I have a cold? (post #3) Medical Questions
27 Homeopathy (post #7) Medical Questions
28 ER - overnight stay in hospital (post #3) Medical Questions
29 Anti-Anxiety Meds, Anyone? (post #5) Medical Questions
30 "Indeterminate" - what is the point? (post #2) Medical Questions
31 Arise & Shine Cleanse? (post #0) Medical Questions
32 Cumanda question .. help please! (post #2) Medical Questions
33 Anybody have success with A Bart? (post #0) Medical Questions
34 anyone else get bad spine pain when treating bart? (post #5) Medical Questions
35 Anxiety off the charts (post #2) Medical Questions
36 Passed Penicillin allergy test...but still afraid! (post #1) Medical Questions
37 Niacin, ****gadzooks**** (post #38) Medical Questions
38 I feel sad, need someone to listen.. (post #6) General Support
39 Pekana Detox Drop..anybody use them? (post #2) Medical Questions
40 LL Mental Health Provider (post #3) Medical Questions
41 IVIG anyone? (post #1) Medical Questions
42 Insurance turned down Azithr (post #2) Medical Questions
43 tachycardia, chest discomfort & anxiety: final symptoms (post #4) Medical Questions
44 Could this be Lyme??? (post #11) Medical Questions
45 homeopathic nosodes (post #6) Medical Questions
46 Heart / Chest Pain (post #2) Medical Questions
47 Malarone immedeately herx ? please help (post #1) Medical Questions
48 SAD NEWS-lyme takes another one us! (post #25) General Support
49 SAD NEWS-lyme takes another one us! (post #25) Medical Questions
50 Anyone has this symptom? difficult reading? (post #4) Medical Questions

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