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  Topic Forum Date
1 covid19 - you want the truth, can you handle the truth? (post #0) Medical Questions
2 mold from food only (post #3) Medical Questions
3 Worldwide Up To Date Corona Tracking Website (post #18) General Support
4 article on lyme that might be of interest (post #0) General Support
5 Acupuncture and TCM (post #10) Medical Questions
6 Zeolite—what brands of powder? (post #1) Medical Questions
7 Phospholipids for Mitochondrial Dysfunction (post #6) Medical Questions
8 Violet Ray for teeth? (post #0) Medical Questions
9 anybody found "Restore for Gut Function" product to help with clostridium difficile? (post #3) Medical Questions
10 Corruption and Human Rights Violations Against Lyme Doctor (post #4) General Support
11 Probiotic causing herx (post #5) Medical Questions
12 When To Seek Mainstream M.D. ? (post #8) Medical Questions
13 anyone know of a lyme neurotoxin binder that doesn't lower cholesterol? (post #6) Medical Questions
14 Health effects of FIOS and Wi-fi ---need to decide pronto (post #26) Medical Questions
15 smartmeter just installed on our house (post #13) Medical Questions
16 Where did you purchase your ERMI test kit from? (post #1) Medical Questions
17 Dr. K's view of lyme - eye opening text (post #1) Medical Questions
18 Natural Antibiotics that DO NOT boost the immune system much? (post #13) Medical Questions
19 Muscle testing question (post #1) Medical Questions
20 Are Florida ticks endemic for lyme? (post #7) Medical Questions
21 Taking HGH, a good idea? (post #1) Medical Questions
22 Adrenals Questions (post #2) Medical Questions
23 Can you get candida from taking silver? (post #1) Medical Questions
24 Things we would all get benefits from (post #2) General Support
25 Alka Seltzer Gold (post #8) General Support
26 my LLMD fired me (post #6) General Support
27 Scared, had to take steroids, need emotional support (post #5) General Support
28 Could I have a false positive, or do I definitely have lyme? (DNA Connexions) (post #1) Medical Questions
29 Anyone on low carb to zero carb diet? (post #11) Medical Questions
30 SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) (post #14) Medical Questions
31 Anyone taking A-bart (post #2) Medical Questions
32 Realtime mycotoxin test timing (post #9) Medical Questions
33 Lyme Coaching? (post #18) General Support
34 Protandim MLM - being pushed on Lyme Sufferers (post #4) Medical Questions
35 Lyme Drs. are all wrong (post #61) Medical Questions
36 Road Runner's Memory Test (post #9) General Support
37 organic produce from walmart? (post #1) Medical Questions
38 Electromagnetic Sensitivity: Recommended Clothing and Cars (post #4) Medical Questions
39 It's biblical here. I need help! Includes wishlist (post #1) General Support
40 Anyone else uncomfortable with Lyme docs selling supplements? (post #3) Medical Questions
41 Pumpkin Seeds & Flax Seeds?? (post #6) General Support
42 Medicine Organization (post #4) Medical Questions
43 anyone out there dx with barrett's esophagus? (post #7) Medical Questions
44 mycometrics results and should I start CSM? and other mold freak-out questions (post #6) Medical Questions
45 Women- Study- Please complete survey (post #4) Medical Questions
46 Dental cavitation surgery - is it worth it? (post #3) Medical Questions
47 Vital Force Technology products (post #8) Medical Questions
48 Bread options (post #32) General Support
49 if bentonite clay and activated charcoal are taken together, will they (post #1) Medical Questions
50 UVL Therapy for Lyme? (post #8) Medical Questions

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