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  Topic Forum Date
1 Article: "Babesiosis is new to us, it has flown under the radar". Dr. Gary Wormser (post #0) Medical Questions
2 New Study Released Re; Post Lyme Syndrome (post #8) Medical Questions
3 help-How did you beat babesia? (post #7) Medical Questions
4 Bart (post #3) Medical Questions
5 Tramadol for pain? (post #6) Medical Questions
6 Biaxin vs Zith (post #12) Medical Questions
7 hair loss??? (post #5) Medical Questions
8 Can I take Malarone with my probiotic? (post #0) Medical Questions
9 For the Dentist Guy (post #7) Medical Questions
10 Rifampin--please (post #4) Medical Questions
11 Can you take artemisinin w/o zithromax? (post #6) Medical Questions
12 zithromax (post #5) Medical Questions
13 Babesia fish test through IGENEX? (post #1) Medical Questions
14 Starting special needs child on rifampin & nervous (post #3) Medical Questions
15 Diet Soda sweetened with Stevia, is it ok? (post #17) Medical Questions
16 Which brand Artemisinin to purchase? (post #6) Medical Questions
17 Feel Terrible on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) (post #29) Medical Questions
18 For those of you with Babesia (post #12) Medical Questions
19 The Case For Chronic Infection. Let Them Try To Prove You Wrong Now. (post #40) Medical Questions
20 Has anyone been billed TWO YEARS AFTER services at a hospital??? (post #13) General Support
21 Can I ask my old neurologist for some kind of compensation? (post #6) Medical Questions
22 Bell's Palsy (post #2) Medical Questions
23 Back Pain/Pressure? (post #1) Medical Questions
24 Regarding Fentanyl Patches (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Mold testing - I am all confused (post #2) Medical Questions
26 Herx Vs. Med overload. (post #4) Medical Questions
27 Lyme test false positives (post #7) Medical Questions
28 Private investigator spying on me- Be careful people (post #7) General Support
29 For those who replace amalgams please don't make the same mistake I did! (post #10) Medical Questions
30 Milk Thistle cause mind bending pain? (post #0) Medical Questions
31 Your progress with bartonella (post #2) Medical Questions
32 Lyme, Hashimoto's and Hair Loss - help! (post #6) Medical Questions
33 Wow, this hurts..... (post #15) General Support
34 To Stumpy (post #0) Medical Questions
35 Healthy for One Year!!! (post #9) General Support
36 can i eat popcorn and yogurt on candida diet (post #4) Medical Questions
37 Can't tolerate full dose of Rifampin/am I wasting my time? (post #4) Medical Questions
38 Doc has my Igenex results. (post #2) Medical Questions
39 Good/Bad Rifampin? (post #5) Medical Questions
40 New Poll: What's the most outrageous thing a doctor has actually said to you? (post #489) Medical Questions
41 Hair loss (post #13) Medical Questions
42 I need prayers for a difficult situation (post #5) General Support
43 having trouble with rage and irritability. (post #5) General Support
44 Which lab is best for bartonella testing? (post #2) Medical Questions
45 I am tired of waitin for doctors (post #1) General Support
46 Mepron Questions (post #1) Medical Questions
47 High CD 57, still bedridden (post #6) Medical Questions
48 Vancomycin and pain?? (post #1) Medical Questions
49 Lime Disease or Pyroluria (vitmain deficiency in B6 and Zinc)? (post #2) Medical Questions
50 September 17 update -prayers for a friend (post #15) General Support

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