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  Topic Forum Date
1 What to take with IV Clindamycin? (post #0) Medical Questions
2 Cbd oil (post #0) Medical Questions
3 Immunoglobulin results (post #0) Medical Questions
4 Has anyone tried Bemer Therapy? (post #0) Medical Questions
5 Seeking LLMD in MA (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
6 Dr.M in FL? (post #0) Medical Questions
7 Thoughts on these results? (post #0) Medical Questions
8 Best and most reasonable sites for supplements (post #0) Medical Questions
9 IVIG (post #0) Medical Questions
10 Anyone found a way to mask the taste of Detox 2? (post #0) Medical Questions
11 May I take NT Detox and Detox 2 (Byron White) together? (post #0) Medical Questions
12 Buying supplements/formulas, including Metagenics. (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Where to get EKG? (post #0) Medical Questions
14 IVIG? (post #0) Medical Questions
15 Ventro glut muscle for Bicillin LA. Help please (post #0) Medical Questions
16 For those who see, or have seen Dr.H. (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
17 For those who see, or have seen Dr.H. (post #0) Medical Questions
18 Patients of Dr. H in.NY Feedback please! (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
19 DR. H in NY. Feedback please? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
20 Patients of Dr. H in.NY Feedback please! (post #0) Medical Questions
21 Dr. H in NY, Feed back from patients and does he accept insurance? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
22 Liver enzymes up. Can I treat with IV meds? (post #0) Medical Questions
23 Thoughts on the very best flora? (post #0) Medical Questions
24 Feedback about going off meds appreciated. Worried! (post #0) Medical Questions
25 Lyme Dot Blot test. MA pharmacy to fill prescriptions? (post #0) Medical Questions
26 MTHFR testing (post #0) Medical Questions
27 Symptoms much worse after massage (post #0) Medical Questions
28 Dot Blot test? Anyone had it? Pos/neg results? (post #0) Medical Questions
29 Information for school on Lyme disease (post #0) Medical Questions
30 Seeking pediatric LLMD in Massachusetts (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
31 To read just one book on Lyme disease, what would it be? (post #0) Medical Questions
32 Which meds hardest on liver? Plus best liver support? (post #0) Medical Questions
33 Anyone felt better taking Questran? (post #0) Medical Questions
34 Just Mepron (post #0) Medical Questions
35 SAM DR (post #0) Medical Questions
36 LLMD in Rhode Island or close to Marthas Vineyard (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
37 Steam room (post #0) Medical Questions
38 Sore, blood shot eyes (post #0) Medical Questions
39 Whivh med most likely to cause nausea? (post #0) Medical Questions
40 New user of Mepron..questions (post #0) Medical Questions
41 Will these meds hurt gall bladder with a polyp? (post #0) Medical Questions
42 Just received Igenex results, need input (post #0) Medical Questions
43 Anyone have success with IV vitamins/minerals? (post #0) Medical Questions
44 Anyone feel as though they are dying when the wake up? (post #0) Medical Questions
45 Top 5 questions to ask at first appointment? (post #0) Medical Questions
46 Vey itchy skin which goes bright red at slightest scratch (post #0) Medical Questions
47 Anyone seen Dr.R in MA ? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
48 Anyone seen Tincup? (post #0) Medical Questions
49 Where did my post go? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
50 DR.L Worcester MA. Any feedback? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor

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