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  Topic Forum Date
1 YOLANDA FOSTER is still feeling ill (post #8) General Support
2 how to politely say no..... (post #20) General Support
3 FINALLY...a very positive response to one of us from family (post #6) General Support
4 carolann's BIRTHDAY is SATURDAY!!!!! (post #3) General Support
5 Sad and Scary (post #6) General Support
6 MS patient facing a wheelchair finds out she has LYME, not MS (post #4) General Support
7 Sick clinical trial (post #25) General Support
8 SAMMY's birthday is in JULY .. Give her your best greetings! (post #21) General Support
9 Sunridge Medical Wellness Center in Arizona... Opinions? (post #4) Medical Questions
10 Is pots due to stress? (post #7) Medical Questions
11 No friends, feeling alone. (post #6) Medical Questions
12 Wormser says: So what if you are persistently infected (post #23) General Support
13 Got a shelter dog to keep Jasper company (post #38) General Support
14 I'm HOT/SWEATY 24-7, help! (post #14) Medical Questions
15 memory foam health risks: be careful everyone... (post #5) Medical Questions
16 Tinnitus (post #3) Medical Questions
17 PICC line rash...anyone? (post #17) Medical Questions
18 Thyroid and adrenals (post #4) Medical Questions
19 Vertigo Makes Me Feel Pulled To One Side (post #12) Medical Questions
20 Anyone else alone? (post #3) General Support
21 one day good, one day bad (post #3) Medical Questions
22 My Radio Interview...please help (post #12) General Support
23 Tragic news: Rich VanKonynenburg has died suddenly (post #13) General Support
24 Burning eye sensation (post #3) Medical Questions
25 Leg Pain (post #1) Medical Questions
26 Steve has passed on -- 10/10 Update in first post (post #144) Medical Questions
27 Foot Pain - Is it Bartonella? (post #8) Medical Questions
28 Addison's Disease? (post #21) Medical Questions
29 Tests for sinus/breathing issues? (post #12) Medical Questions
30 Ugh, SInus pain and head! (post #3) Medical Questions
31 how long did it take to get your igenex test results? (post #9) Medical Questions
32 Trying to decide if IV appropriate/useful (post #12) Medical Questions
33 Seeking a doctor in Missouri (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
34 Oregon-Seeking a Doctor (post #5) Seeking a Doctor
35 Kansas city LL doctor needed (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
36 Seeking San Francisco Bay area LLMD (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
37 Missouri - doctor anywhere in state (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
38 Pregnant and seeking LLMD in WA state (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
39 Lyme doctor in Seattle area? (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
40 short of breath mean short on thyroid med? (post #16) Medical Questions
41 10 Broken Vertebrae! *Update 6/8* (post #133) Medical Questions
42 THE REAL PROBLEM DR PHIL DID NOT ADDRESS (post #24) General Support
43 Dr. Phil Show - PLEASE GO COMMENT! (post #34) General Support
44 HELP splitting headache and I can't take any OTC products (post #4) Medical Questions
45 Don't Stop Believing (post #1) General Support
46 friendly reminder for everyone on bicillin (post #5) Medical Questions
47 Acid reflux, heartburn. Is it Bart. (post #21) Medical Questions
48 new doctor doesn't believe my daughter has Lyme, but here LLMD has believed it!! (post #11) General Support
49 Live Radio Show With Brooke Landau and Lyme Disease Expert Dr. Y (post #2) General Support
50 Interstitial cystitis and Lyme connection (post #4) Medical Questions

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