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  Topic Forum Date
1 'Emergence' sequal to 'Under Our Skin' free online for short time! (post #3) General Support
2 Ear Piercing helping migraines? (post #0) General Support
3 Medical marijuana (post #14) Medical Questions
4 Digestive enzymes for histamine intollerance? (post #2) Medical Questions
5 (WAS:crying.Drs drs drs ,so dumb.I can't take it)-FUNCITONAL MED DRs- are they all $ (post #26) General Support
6 Finding a link between histamine and tinnitus (post #0) Medical Questions
7 i didnt realize ticks in the house was a thing (post #4) Medical Questions
8 Minnesota extends Lyme treatment moratorium! (post #0) General Support
9 Next time you have surgery ... You need to know THIS! (post #17) General Support
10 Under Our Skin - free online viewing? (post #0) General Support
11 Does anyone work from home-valid gigs? (post #0) General Support
12 increase of lyme symptoms due to weightloss? (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Losing Confidnece in my LLMD (post #10) Medical Questions
14 dramatic increase to food allergies? (post #3) Medical Questions
15 seeking practioners in MN twin cities and surround areas (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
16 Artemesinin vs Super Artemesinin Allergy Research? (post #0) Medical Questions
17 Anyone get sick flying or in higher altitudes? (post #14) Medical Questions
18 DHEA 5 mg every day (post #5) General Support
19 The entire digestion series is showing for free now through this weekend (post #3) General Support
20 Neighbors Aggravating You (post #19) General Support
21 Tick Killing Robots (post #1) General Support
22 Before you supplement with Vitamin D3 (post #7) General Support
23 Fracking & Tick Populations (post #5) General Support
24 linky123 needs our prayers.... please help (post #3) General Support
25 Meds Failing To Eliminate Babesia (post #2) General Support
26 Night sweats and low body temp? (post #8) Medical Questions
27 11th Holistic Dr. Found dead in less then 90 days (post #11) General Support
28 Feeling jealous (post #6) General Support
29 Smoke infringment (post #8) General Support
30 Re-heated rice poisonous. I didn't know! (post #3) General Support
31 no lyme treatment (post #27) General Support
32 UNDENATURED Whey: Why not to use blender or add stuff (post #3) General Support
33 No one to talk to (post #14) General Support
34 Bleed-out/die tick disease in FL (post #5) General Support
35 Lyme Stop- anyone ever heard of this place? (post #9) General Support
36 more stress....geezzz (post #15) General Support
37 A dog to help child with Ld (post #2) General Support
38 ungrateful people....sigh (post #2) General Support
39 Dead Doctors for Finding the Truth on Vaccines (post #9) General Support
40 HOW HORRIBLE!!! Tick bite leaves woman as a quadruple amputee (post #7) General Support
41 Filed for a Divorce!!! (post #16) General Support
42 Leucovorin, daraprim, dapsone (post #8) Medical Questions
43 bill is 16 grand (post #14) General Support
44 ICK !!!! Breeding ticks for study!!!! (post #2) General Support
45 Safer outside places--avoiding ticks (post #11) General Support
46 Hemp Seed numnums! (post #0) General Support
47 I can let it go now. (post #18) General Support
48 Me again. need your thoughts and help w how to tell doc (post #3) Medical Questions
49 Why so Little Lyme Research (post #11) General Support
50 people with big yards / gardens / gardening. how do you do it? (post #21) General Support

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