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  Topic Forum Date
1 PE 1 Protocol (post #2) Medical Questions
2 Please help: joint injuries from electricity???? (post #1) Medical Questions
3 Help very sick in Mexico! (post #5) Medical Questions
4 Neuropathy?! What to do. Help me please (post #2) Medical Questions
5 Anyone tried diatomaceous earth? Food grade (post #15) Medical Questions
6 anyone heard from Greta? (post #25) General Support
7 who here has treated for mycoplasma (post #3) Medical Questions
8 What's the Best Way to Take Magnesium (post #6) Medical Questions
9 EMERGENCY PRAYERS (post #7) General Support
10 Failure to Diagnose Babesia - MUST READ UPDATE (post #28) Medical Questions
11 New Poll: What's the most outrageous thing a doctor has actually said to you? (post #537) Medical Questions
12 Daughter's Update: Buhner's bartonella/babesia protocols (post #5) Medical Questions
13 Hw to stengthen teeth naturally (post #4) Medical Questions
14 Herbalists (post #3) Medical Questions
15 Is there a link between CFS, Polio & "maybe" Lyme? (post #12) Medical Questions
16 Help with 7 year old (post #6) Medical Questions
17 Naturally Curing Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease (post #1) General Support
18 JACKSON TN? URGENT (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
19 Colloidial Silver for Coinfections (post #7) Medical Questions
20 To Niek and others about far infrared 880nM (post #23) Medical Questions
21 Quick Pls. Blond Lyme Girl on Lyme site? (post #4) Medical Questions
22 eating red desert clay? (post #4) Medical Questions
23 prednisone as a treatment adjunct (post #13) Medical Questions
24 Canadian Video Lyme Info National Secret (post #2) Activism
25 Morgellons.. any suggestions? Please! (post #13) Medical Questions
26 Has anyone tried the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse? (post #2) Medical Questions
27 Mayday Project needs urgent help! (post #1) General Support
28 Prayers for Rose (post #9) General Support
29 healing with Herbs and getting WAY better (post #32) Medical Questions
30 Please send good thoughts/prayers, good news! (post #12) General Support
31 Best, Safest Protection Against Tick Bites for Babies/Toddlers? (post #8) General Support
32 SOS situation (post #1) General Support
33 Mild Hyperbaric Treatment (post #462) Medical Questions
34 Suggestions for sleep (post #4) Medical Questions
35 Mitochondrial Failure - Cause of chronic fatigue. (post #6) Medical Questions
36 biomeridian testing (post #2) Medical Questions
37 Chronic Lyme - Ethnicity and Genes. (post #4) Medical Questions
38 photon treatments (post #3) Medical Questions
39 ladies, lichen sclerosis? (post #6) Medical Questions
40 Hawaii lyme (post #3) Medical Questions
41 tea tree products (post #6) Medical Questions
42 Lizards already have a cure for Lyme (post #6) Medical Questions
43 I know you're not doctors but please I need advice (post #5) Medical Questions
44 people who were cured without abx (post #6) Medical Questions
45 PE1 Photon Machine Users (post #5) Medical Questions
46 Neglected dogs with lyme get better official response than people (post #3) General Support
47 Viruses activating as bacterial & parasitic infections reduced - a cold laser update (post #15) Medical Questions
48 New tick bite please help FAST (post #7) Medical Questions
49 Viruses (post #4) Medical Questions
50 Looking for Older Lyme News report?? (post #2) General Support

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