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  Topic Forum Date
1 Histamines & Mast Cell & update (post #6) Medical Questions
2 something to sooth colon? (post #1) Medical Questions
3 What got rid of your bart? (post #12) Medical Questions
4 what does Atovaquone treat? generic for Mepron, I think (post #0) Medical Questions
5 seeking LL ND in western Pa (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
6 Naturopathic Route or the Allopathic Route (post #8) Medical Questions
7 brucellosis (post #11) Medical Questions
8 borderline hyperthyroidism? (post #4) Medical Questions
9 Rife to buy? (post #5) Medical Questions
10 Another breakthrough. Another possible lyme cure. (post #8) Medical Questions
11 Losing hair after stopping abx (post #6) Medical Questions
12 Anyone tried diatomaceous earth? Food grade (post #19) Medical Questions
13 remedy for kidney infection? (post #6) Medical Questions
14 The's not Lyme (post #13) General Support
15 Lyme wins (post #55) Medical Questions
16 why am I so sleepy? (post #5) Medical Questions
17 PARASITE WARRIORS SUPPORT THREAD (post #2126) Medical Questions
18 Update: Nymph Ticks on My Shirt (post #48) Medical Questions
19 How do you know you are ready to go off abx? (post #4) Medical Questions
20 Tumeric-Dosing and Safety (post #15) Medical Questions
21 NYT Lyme Disease Protest- Sept 17th (post #14) Activism
22 any pix/news from NY Times protest? (post #7) General Support
23 the petition to sign for a cogressional hearing (post #1) Activism
24 HPV VACCINE KILLS another young woman (post #88) General Support
25 RIFE SUPPORT and SHARING THREAD (post #4742) Medical Questions
26 Neg. babs. & bart. blood smear test question (post #11) Medical Questions
27 Had another LLMD appointment. It's either really good or really bad (post #8) Medical Questions
28 Daughter's Update: Buhner's bartonella/babesia protocols (post #2) Medical Questions
29 Green tea (post #1) Medical Questions
30 Have you had a good experience with Levaquin? (really scared) (post #28) Medical Questions
31 Lyme symptoms in a dog? (post #12) Medical Questions
32 Adrenal problems? Missing puzzle piece? (post #12) Medical Questions
33 Ideas to keep cat from using doorway as scratching post (post #19) General Support
34 How long does it take to herx? (post #0) Medical Questions
35 Vaccine triggering latent infections (post #6) Medical Questions
36 Anyone see Dr J in Maryland? (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
37 Teasel root (post #6) Medical Questions
38 can babesia get worse while on meds? (post #9) Medical Questions
39 Ketogenic diet to treat Lyme Disease??? (post #10) Medical Questions
40 Dr. G in PA (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
41 Pa/Maryland, D.C. Dr. needed (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
42 Pennsylvania's new "lyme task force" --missing a major (most important) part (post #4) General Support
43 justina to go home!!!! (post #17) General Support
44 So weak, hard to stand or sit puppet whose string was dropped (post #0) Medical Questions
45 How accurate are food sensitivity tests? (post #11) Medical Questions
46 Just curious...ANYONE HERE HAVE A DNR? (post #3) General Support
47 Coartem (post #0) Medical Questions
48 Tick repellant (post #11) Medical Questions
49 Candida Die Off by Diet Alone? (post #16) Medical Questions
50 Governor signs Lyme disease bill into law! (post #1) Activism

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