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  Topic Forum Date
1 iv zithromax side effects or herx? (post #3) Medical Questions
2 Who is gluten free? (post #18) General Support
3 need LLMD in MA, prefer western MA (post #6) Seeking a Doctor
4 CD8-Cd57? Lower after a year? (post #5) Medical Questions
5 am I herxing from a massage? (post #10) Medical Questions
6 IV users...hickman line on vaction/ protection (post #6) Medical Questions
7 Flagyl for non lym related issue- will it increase my sx??? (post #12) Medical Questions
8 IV users...hickman line on vaction/ protection (post #0) General Support
9 Brucellosis & 2014 ILADS conference? (post #4) General Support
10 America's Test Kitchen GF book (post #3) General Support
11 Vancomyacin/Daptomyacin (post #3) Medical Questions
12 how to get ivig covered (post #9) Medical Questions
13 Homemade bone broth (stock) and my GI (post #28) Medical Questions
14 Insurance in Massachusetts (post #1) General Support
15 heparin once or twice a day for IV? (post #10) Medical Questions
16 please help...hickman catheter...nervous (post #4) Medical Questions
17 Dr. In. Marshfield. Mass or near (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
18 is dr d still practicing in MA? (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
19 qmedrx, infuserve or local compounding pharmacy? (post #4) Medical Questions
20 If not Lyme, then what? So (post #13) Medical Questions
21 MASSACHUSETTS LLMD needed! (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
22 Four days IM rocephin - no herx = no Lyme? (post #7) Medical Questions
23 iv ceftriaxone, confused in finding affordable (post #7) Medical Questions
24 IV options (post #16) Medical Questions
25 Lyme and Cos/Flu Shot (post #6) Medical Questions
26 Vancomycin (post #3) Medical Questions
27 A Fun Lyme Quiz To Take From 2011 on CDC Homepage. I PROMISE a laugh (post #13) General Support
28 what else can go wrong?? jus kill me.... (post #4) General Support
29 What sites do you all go to?? (post #15) General Support
30 Outstanding half hour TV show on Lyme!! (post #12) General Support
31 cdc and ebola? (post #45) General Support
32 Gallbladder AND Lyme Disease! (post #6) General Support
33 looking for feedback on dr. F in Ma (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
34 mentally prepping myself for appt with Dr. F in MA. Any good/bad/ugly feedback? (post #0) General Support
35 Best insurance? (post #5) General Support
36 a newbie in general needs help from ppl in MA ... esp boston area (post #1) Medical Questions
37 strange symptom, almost like altered state/crash? Any thoughts? (post #2) Medical Questions
38 undiagnosed , misdiagnosed - did you tell old dr they messed up? (post #23) General Support
39 Swollen Lymph nodes-Scared for cancer (post #9) Medical Questions
40 Iv therapy or stick w/ pills - what worked best for you ? (post #2) Medical Questions
41 Nightmares? Is this a herx? (post #11) Medical Questions
42 who has a good chicken bonebroth recipe? (post #1) General Support
43 Steroids: Are they always bad? (post #47) Medical Questions
44 In the moment remedy for gluten effects? (post #14) Medical Questions
45 what kind of IV therapies have been beneficial for you? (post #8) Medical Questions
46 Low Immunoglobulin and Lyme Test Results (post #1) Medical Questions
47 Looking for new LLMD in MA (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
48 ANA Titer High (post #5) Medical Questions
49 What enzyme to take for Biofilms? (post #31) Medical Questions
50 need advice in MA. Anyone use Dr.E? (post #2) Seeking a Doctor

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