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  Topic Forum Date
1 physical therapy (post #5) Medical Questions
2 Daily Bowel Movements Necessary? (post #19) Medical Questions
3 need help for constipation-- psyllium? (post #30) Medical Questions
4 Help RX pharmacy discount? (post #11) Medical Questions
5 any moms or dads dealing with adult children with substance abuse problem? (post #18) General Support
6 GF SANDWICH BREAD without rice? (post #7) General Support
7 First US Center To Study Lyme Disease Launched At Johns Hopkins Medicine (post #3) General Support
8 What do you do for pollen allergies? (post #3) Medical Questions
9 a healthy choice of sunscreen? (post #11) Medical Questions
10 Mepron versus Malarone for babesia (post #9) Medical Questions
11 Yolanda Foster documents experiment in hyperthermia chamber (post #11) Medical Questions
12 Alternative Treatments (post #6) Medical Questions
13 Merck's former doctor predicts that Gardisil will be the greatest medical scandal of (post #44) General Support
14 JONI MITCHELL HAS MORGELLONS DISEASE (post #23) Medical Questions
15 Finally lost my job and still not better (post #11) General Support
16 I am doing Better, turns out I probably didn't have Lyme (post #28) Medical Questions
17 glutathione question (post #4) Medical Questions
18 Do you recommend Meridian Stress Assessment Test? (post #6) Medical Questions
19 Measles Outbreak (post #104) Medical Questions
20 EXERCISE-WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? FEB. 15 (post #1) General Support
21 question on iv tubing (post #2) Medical Questions
22 Has anyone been discharged by their doctor because they have been sick too long and a (post #12) Medical Questions
23 Claritin cures Lyme!?&$! (post #50) Medical Questions
24 BIG question- if you got 'cured' from lyme & cos AND you get reinfected... (post #12) Medical Questions
25 RIFE Scam or Real? (post #34) Medical Questions
26 Green Smoothie Fad: Toxic Oxalate - Townsend (post #3) General Support
27 Lyme Alzheimer ..... I call it Alzlymers (post #5) General Support
28 Is PLDS that far off? (post #26) Medical Questions
29 upper neck/spine inflammation (post #10) Medical Questions
30 When will i feel better? (post #1) Medical Questions
31 IV meds -- just a survey of sorts for those who've used them (post #10) Medical Questions
32 Good News regarding the Lyme disease insurance bill in Massachusetts! (post #2) General Support
33 Who is gluten free? (post #12) General Support
34 recipe ideas for my new nutribullet?? (post #17) General Support
35 Why does IV Rocephin help so many people? (post #8) Medical Questions
36 IV ROCEFIN -hair loss (post #1) Medical Questions
37 Probiotic brands (post #8) Medical Questions
38 Anyone tried diatomaceous earth? Food grade (post #21) Medical Questions
39 Patricia Kane/Cain's? protocol anyone heard of this (post #17) Medical Questions
40 what can I take for bone pain? (post #2) Medical Questions
41 what weakens biofilm? (post #12) Medical Questions
42 Anemia - Lyme Connection (post #2) Medical Questions
43 IV meds for all three? (post #1) Medical Questions
44 What are people doing to reverse brain damage? (post #9) Medical Questions
45 are there places to watch free movies on the computer? (post #19) General Support
46 Short Term Disability? (post #3) Medical Questions
47 resistant bacteria from taking long term abx (post #5) Medical Questions
48 Anyone use Ultraviolet blood irradiation/UVBI for lyme? (post #2) Medical Questions
49 Life Insurance Denied (post #11) General Support
50 if someone gets sick from a flu shot are they contagious? (post #11) Medical Questions

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