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  Topic Forum Date
1 AMP coil anyone (post #7) Medical Questions
2 There's a new kid on the block (for Energy People)! (post #2) Medical Questions
3 Heart racing (post #2) Medical Questions
4 Why does olive oil constipate me? (post #1) Medical Questions
5 Too young..... (post #3) General Support
6 Dentist gave me some Energetix homeopathics... Anyone take them? (post #6) Medical Questions
7 Injury Memory Clearing fast technique (post #5) Medical Questions
8 Viruses (post #2) Medical Questions
9 What can I take to calm down please (post #15) Medical Questions
10 How Long Can A Tick Hold Its Breath Underwater? (post #2) General Support
11 Introduction and herxing symptom question (post #6) Medical Questions
12 Need help on head related symptoms like feeling head is vey hot, pain and dizziness (post #6) Medical Questions
13 my LLMD said there's nothing more he can do (post #11) Medical Questions
14 Just curious if others here are getting lipomas (post #8) Medical Questions
15 Does anyone recognize this parasite? (post #1) Medical Questions
16 Lyme grief has taken my sisters life this week (post #4) Medical Questions
17 5 Year Old Daughter - New Deer Tick Bite (post #6) Medical Questions
18 Probiotic causing herx (post #1) Medical Questions
19 New Tick & Deadly Virus Discovered in NJ and Spreading (post #2) Medical Questions
20 Get ill when in stores or buildings? (post #158) Medical Questions
21 Desperate in Montreal, Canada (post #69) Seeking a Doctor
22 Sinus - help! (post #2) Medical Questions
23 Epidemic Hypothyroidism Rates In Area (post #1) Medical Questions
24 Endoscope Cross Contamination, Multi-use connectors (post #2) General Support
25 Smart meter killing a shrub 3 minute video (post #6) Medical Questions
26 My Nieces little Girl is Missing ...Update #16 (post #7) General Support
27 Shin and forearm bone pain (post #7) Medical Questions
28 Son has Babesia duncani and starting Nizonide (post #8) Medical Questions
29 ear/sinus infections (post #1) Medical Questions
30 adding in ABAB (post #4) Medical Questions
31 Question about resveratrol / knotweed (post #3) Medical Questions
32 babesia duncani constant feeling of anxiety? (post #35) Medical Questions
33 Seeking Lyme literate md in Seattle, WA (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
34 Bb needs our the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is impacted (post #16) Medical Questions
35 Dicamba, the new 'glyphosate' of Monsanto (post #4) Medical Questions
36 Desperate to raise ferritin levels (post #27) Medical Questions
37 Sulfation Issue Sufferers-Do Epsom Salt Baths Bother You? (post #4) Medical Questions
38 genital pain...or at least pain in that region.... (post #20) Medical Questions
39 Schüssler Salts for supporting your cells (post #8) Medical Questions
40 A BART (post #1) Medical Questions
41 Weird parasite question? (post #4) Medical Questions
42 Heavy metals online summit Jan 29-Feb5 (post #2) General Support
43 Hot stomach and gi upset. Aloe Vera? (post #3) Medical Questions
44 Need help on skin allergic reaction to a herb or combination of herbs (post #6) Medical Questions
45 When the pain in the lower back and right hip is outdone by the buzzing across back (post #2) Medical Questions
46 Can anybody help, Will any of my symptoms go? (post #12) Medical Questions
47 Moratherapy and Lyma disease (post #2) Medical Questions
48 Bart - best herbs, antibiotics, or treatments? (post #5) Medical Questions
49 kangan water makes the bugs come out (post #11) Medical Questions
50 Anyone give a child a-bab? Is it safe for children? (post #13) Medical Questions

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