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  Topic Forum Date
1 News from "Me" (post #0) General Support
2 Mytomycin C (post #2) Medical Questions
3 More infections while on antibiotics (post #29) Medical Questions
4 Wishes for 2017 (post #29) General Support
5 Food/Eating Plan (post #32) Medical Questions
6 News flash (sarcasm)- ticks that carry Lyme found in 9 eastern parks (post #0) General Support
7 Ranting (post #7) General Support
8 so disappointed in family.... (post #9) General Support
9 Lyme Disease Obituaries (post #318) General Support
10 Thur. P.M. Head Injury, Involving Our Refrigerator (post #1) General Support
11 Hugs and support for Bluelyme (post #5) General Support
12 Third day of Tinidazole (post #3) General Support
13 Looking for LLMD in California (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
14 MAST CELL ACTIVATION DISORDER (post #49) General Support
15 EXERCISE--What you CAN do today. December 25 (post #24) General Support
16 Trying to locate study re: how many antibiotics Lyme is resistant to (post #11) Medical Questions
17 Best pillows for neck and back pain? (post #11) Medical Questions
18 Mason Jar Salads (post #22) General Support
19 Mild Hyperbaric Treatment (post #1647) Medical Questions
20 I keep chipping my teeth (post #3) Medical Questions
21 Hashimotos? (post #16) Medical Questions
22 My neighbor with suspected Lyme/Morgellons passed away - Q's re: autopsy (post #10) Medical Questions
23 Questioning my sanity (post #1) Medical Questions
24 Please read: TREKCOORDS PROBLEM WAS A HEART ATTACK (post #16) General Support
25 Red Cross Babesia Screening Article (post #0) General Support
26, allergy? ABX issue?? (post #29) Medical Questions
27 YIKES! Christmas Present IN THE TREE! (post #2) General Support
28 Spell check? Herbs? (post #3) Medical Questions
29 Anyone with these symptoms? (post #12) Medical Questions
30 Questioning Government's Role re: Lyme-- interesting article (post #0) Activism
31 Bactrim and Anxiety? (post #5) Medical Questions
32 Virginia: Seeking a LLMD (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
33 Western Blot (post #6) Medical Questions
34 Now the back side of my heart is inflamed too (post #11) Medical Questions
35 PA doctor for 86 yr old with brain lyme (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
36 MS or lyme (post #19) Medical Questions
37 May seem like a silly question, but . . . (post #0) Off Topic
38 Seeking a doctor in Southern CA or will travel (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
39 Need LLMD in AL or close as possible (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
40 Please Join me in wishing Trekcoord a Happy Birthday!!! (post #7) General Support
41 Skin stuff--not sure the cause (post #6) Medical Questions
42 need help on reducing ativan (post #5) Medical Questions
43 Where is Keebler? (post #20) General Support
44 Negative tick test (post #12) Medical Questions
45 looking for a lyme literate doctor. I live in Iowa but willing to travel (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
46 Ugh - Anxiety - which bug is that from typically (post #3) Medical Questions
47 Joe Rogan Talking with Kevin Smith on Ticks & Lyme Disease (post #2) General Support
48 Rash-steroid cream? (post #12) Medical Questions
49 Do you think I have Lyme? (post #13) Medical Questions
50 Stress and LD ,Not Good, Family Situation, Prayers Please (post #7) General Support

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