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Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Changed the subject of this thread, since it's morphed into another Babs Buddies thread!

Back on Mepron again after a year off, and oh my, I had forgotten how the Mepron blues feel...

Anyone else get this?

One week in and I'm an emotional wreck, crying over anything or nothing.

If the dog cries to go outside, it can get me started. Really.

This happened last time I was on Mepron, but I can't remember how long it lasted or what I did to handle it.

Can anybody remind me - does the Mepron depression alleviate?

How long?

Running out of tissues,

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Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I had it the whole time and hated it so when my babesia returned my new LLMD switched me to Malarone instead and I no longer get the yucky disgusting Mepron depression or have to taste that junk either.

I am not at all fond of the stuff and 4 months of it did not kill off my bugs either.

Oh and I only have to take one Malarone pill a day (half a dose) and there is no after taste.

My Mepron blues lifted as soon as I got off the stuff and it felt heavenly to feel half way normal again.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hi Vanilla,

It's great to hear the malarone's working for you - I envy you.

I did 6 mos on malarone last year, after 6 mos of mepron, and darn it, the little bugs are persistent.

So my LLMD switched me back to Mepron. Believe me, it tastes just as bad the second time around, ick.

I don't remember if my Mepron blues went away before I finished the first 6 months - I think they did.

Can't handle another 6 months of this, that's for sure, our house will float away in a sea of tears!
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I do feel for you and hopefully the Malarone will work for me...

If it makes you feel not so alone my LLMD is making me keep my stash of Mepron for a year incase I have to go back on the stuff. I would love to just flush it down the toilet instead.

If I have to go back on it I will be singing the blues big time too!!! Hopefully the Tibetan herbs I am on and diet changes I made may save me from the evils of Mepron - I can only pray in the direction of Glaxosmithkline. You would think they could flavor that stuff better it really tastes terrible.
Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :
YES!!! I have been on Mepron and was wondering if it was giving me depression.

I was out in town a week ago and walked past an x-girlfriend from many years ago that ended in a bad breakup.

Ever since I've felt down in the dumps like I needed to talk to her. I saw what car she was driving. So, when I've been out in town, I've been trying to keep my eye out for it.

I've seen her a few times before, thought about her for a few moments and then went on my way. But for some reason, this time was different. I say it must be the Mepron as I had been taking it already for a month.
Posted by peter j (Member # 11825) on :
Vanilla you say "I am not at all fond of the stuff and 4 months of it did not kill off my bugs either."

I can remember that in addition to mepron you used zithromax.

Could you please tell what your dosage was (of both mepron and zith)?
I'm going on babs treatment soon, and I'd like to collect as much data as I can before that ...

..Thanks Vanilla!
Posted by ElaineC (Member # 9857) on :
I only did 11 days of Mepron before having to switch to Malarone as the Mepron gave me a really bad allergic type rash all over my body.

The gloominess had already kicked in at that stage, and has continued now into my 4th week on Malarone....and gotten worse, I guess. So for me, Malarone also seems to cause black moods, although I'm on a low dose.
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :
Oh yeah, Mepron can sure bring on the blues. Between that and constant sweating and feeling like my earth is rocking, I can only hope it makes the critters feel as bad as it makes me feel.

I do recall that after the 2nd month (on my first round of Mepron) that the emotional roller coaster did level out somewhat. My short fuse did not. I am normally a mellow person but, any comment about my weight or diet or lack of stamina would set me off. I took EVERYTHING personally.

I had the same issues with Malarone.

I am on week 3 of this round of Mepron. I am ramping to full dose slowly, as I don't want to completely crash right off the bat. This has enabled me to get used to the side effects, including the crummy mood. I am thinking clearly enough to know when the feeling of overwhelm is coming on and can often talk myself out of getting too worked up or depressed. Sometimes I just walk away from whatever is triggering the feelings. I will literally excuse myself and go outside and breathe.

I was taught Tonglen Breathing recently. Although I am a newbie to the technique, it is helpful. You might want to Google it and just try it out.

Hang in there. It gets a little better.

Posted by CaliforniaLyme (Member # 7136) on :
I was on it two YEARS*)!*)*!)!

And after the first 6 months I didn't feel that way anymore*)!*)!*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And haven't felt that way *since*!!!!!!!!!!!

6 years+ now*)!*)!
Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
You people are making me nervous. I started Mepron 15 days ago, been on artemsia for six months with various other antibiotics and yesterday just had the Zithromax added in.

So far, the only thing totally different that I have felt from the Mepron is the bedwetting soaks. And I'm talking floods. It's not even hot in air conditioned places and I'm still sweating up a storm and my LLMD said that was saying the Mepron was working.

But I don't think I've had a slip in mood YET. How long into the drug was it that most of you had that happen IF it was going to go that path for you?

Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Wow, I had to just turn off the computer till now - you guys are great... At least I know I'm not alone!

Vanilla, you crack me up - I'll be praying in the direction of GSK, too, for less of the blues! I hope you don't have to go back on it, I'm going to cross my fingers for you, ok?

So we're all in the same boat, rehashing old issues, with short fuses & taking everything personally - at least we're in good company.

I'm going to check out the breathing technique (thanks for the suggestion, beachcomber!), and reread my copy of the "The Four Agreements" (especially the chapter titled, "Take Nothing Personally")...

This will pass. That's what I really needed to hear...

Hangin' in there,
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Cact this well pass and hopefully some bad bugs will pass out too.

Peter I think you already asked me the same question on another website but correct me if I am wrong and I will post my Mepron dose and no I have no Zith bottle left but I am sitting on a Mepron stash because as we all know I just love the stuff the color the scent every dang thing about it and I can not get enough of the stuff.

Heck I washed my face in it first thing this morning and I will be soaking my toes in it tonight for a sunflower yellow pedicure. Call it Mepron addiction or whatever I just can not get enough of that liquid gold.

They say it well be the next black gold after we run out of oil and water.

Hey does bart make one go crazy? I am trying to self diagnose here...... until someone answers that question I will be dabbing liquid gold behind my ears so I can smell it all day long.
Posted by peter j (Member # 11825) on :
CaliforniaLyme: two YEARS! wow, that's a long time!!

Please, could you check what dosage you were at?

and if you used other drugs as well, please post the dose (this is very important to me, ..thanks!)
Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
I am currently on Mepron and as ususally, I do experience depression but I feel the anxiety is worse.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Mmmmmmm, Mepron behind the ears... Vanilla, I'll join you for a Mepron pedicure, or maybe we can call it our Mepronicure? Nothing like Mepron yellow toenails.

Thinking of writing a letter to Crayola and insisting they add a new crayon to the box - I looked for the Mepron Yellow crayon in my son's box this morning. Can't believe they haven't made one yet.

Savebabe, the anxiety hasn't hit yet this time, but I remember it from past run-ins with Mepron. It was the bad, waking-in-the-night kind of anxiety.

For now, the Mepron Blues have let up a bit. Whew.

Now I'm (anxiously) awaiting whatever comes next...
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
My daughter hit the skids...weepy and very sad. She's having a better day today. Had to work back a little bit.

Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hi Kelly, I remember when your daughter hit the mepron skids... Have you found anything that helps or do you just ride it out?

Guess it's just part of the experience...

Hoping tomorrow is a better day,
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Thanks you guys [kiss]

I'm on Malarone and feel less alone and whacked reading this. [Wink] The weepiness comes and goes, to some extent, but so does the irritability. A lot of the time they just stay. [Frown]

I know this is not me but that doesn't make getting through the day any easier. Sometimes I'm completely fine and cannot predict it. *sigh*

I vote for easier days all around! *nods*
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hey true, oh no, you too?

If it will make you feel better you can join us for a Mepron yellow pedicure [Smile]

Yep, weepy and sad, or cranky and jumpy - we're all deserving some better days...

And so are the people who live with us!
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
The Mepron foot soak and massage before the Mepronicure well make anyone feel better more relaxed and happy.

I am all up for the Mepron hot springs. Last one in has to make the Mepron umbrella drinks with a lemon slice hanging over the side of the glass with a strawberry slice floating on the top. Yellow is such a happy color.

For Peter:

Mepron - I took 5CC (750MG/5ML) twice daily

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Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Oooo- I wonder if the Mepronicure would stop the annoying foot and hand sweating. Hmmm...

Anyone else having Artemisinin Dreams? Way freaky (but a kind of cool name for a band; don't you think?)

I really am not sure if the mood stuff is the Babs treatment or hormonal, maybe both. The Artemisinin Dreams, though... I'm sure about those. [Eek!]

Thanks for the reports of things getting better, those of you that mentioned it. It's good to know that it can/will change (ha, hopefully sometime soon). [Smile]
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Oh yes, Vanilla, yellow is such a happy color! And a Mepron soak, maybe even a Mepron wrap is a sure fire cure for the blues. Yay for the GSK spa! (Just hold your nose while you're there)

Rianna, thank you for the hope - 10 days sounds doable. I'm glad you're back to feeling like yourself.

True, great band name! I get the dreams, too - must be babs treatment. My guess is the mood stuff is,too.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Oh a Mepron seaweed wrap sounds delightful and then into our yellow thick terrycloth robes that say GSK on them to wait for our Mepron curry at the Golden Door Spa. Nothing like a 24 carat gold resort.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
[Big Grin]
Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :
I have noticed more intense dreams, and I wake up more. Sometimes when I wake up, I'm delusional.

I had this before, but just every once in a while. Now, it is more frequent.

And, I'm guessing my depression is a sign that my body is actually able to absorb the Mepron? I was doing 1 teaspoon twice daily. But I did ramp up to 2 teaspoons twice daily. How much do you guys do?

I'm also on the Bactrim/Septra too.

I plan on adding Art. When do you guys get your Art from? I'm thinking Zhang, but he is expensive. Though a capsule has 400mg compared to others.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I did one Mepron happy yellow teaspoon twice daily but I relapsed after I was taken off of it at 4 months...

Mepron is the same happy sappy color as the smiley faces..

sort of happyscrappy ish
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :
Allergy Research brand Art is supposed to be high quality. I used that and it did pack a punch.

As for Mepron dose, I am ramping up to 2 tsps a day. Am at 1-1/2 right now.
Posted by elle (Member # 7721) on :
Originally posted by Rianna:

My poor hubby we are soul mates but I was convinced I hated him and he was having an affair, we laugh about it nw but I brought him to tears at the time.


When I took mepron the first time for 4 months with ketek -
I did this as well and it wasn't funny. It was very real and ugly when it happened. We can look back and laugh now but it had the ptential to destroy our marriage if I would have kept on for a longer time.

I also saw things. I told my husband that we needed an exterminator because we had ants all over the curtains. They weren't there. My kids and husband agreed with me but none saw any ants.

I started taking mepron again alittle over a month ago. I have lots of temperature variations and I'm emotional. Not seeing anything and I'm not disliking my husband. Hoping my iron levels will go up from none. I'm tired and lack energy.

Taking mepron 1 tsp - 2 x @ day with azith - 500 mg - 1 @ day. Pulsing art 400 mg - allergy research m-w each week

Zhangs art has a tendency to make liver enzymes go high from what I have been told and from a friend that has used it.

Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hi guys,

Looks like we need to start up a new Mepron Buddies thread!

Jason - I get the vivid, weird Mepron dreams, too - it's happened every time I've been on Mepron so I chalk it up to that. Happened with Malarone, too, to a lesser degree. Can be really disturbing.

I'm on a wimpy 1 tsp 2xdaily. Plus zith, omnicef. Will be adding plaquenil and art soon.

My art is from Allergy Research, I think they're good & reliable.

Elle, I have to laugh a little, because I had olfactory hallucinations my first time around with Mepron - I was convinced that we had mice! (We didn't) This sounds a little odd, but I kept smelling the strangest odors, like maybe a dead mouse? Sounds gross, I know. I even went shopping and came home with a cart full of air freshener type things.

I also have the wild temp variations...

The blues seem to have let up a little - maybe thanks to Vanilla's great visuals - now I just picture a Mepron soak and wrap whenever I take my meds...
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I take 2 tsp. twice daily, and Zhangs Art. I also take mino, Biaxin, and Plaquenil.

I'm on an emotional rollercoaster ... my husband's cell phone's ringer didn't work today ... that was a major problem. LOL

I wonder if you put some Mepron into clear nailpolish, if you can then paint your nails Mepron yellow?
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
a day in the life of trueblue:

[Smile] [Frown] [rant] [Roll Eyes] [Eek!] [lol] [shake]  -

I'm less sad and weepy but still fell all over the place.

It must be time for my nap.

My fevers resolved after having my gallbladder out and returned a couple of months into restarting Babs treatment. The seem to be increasing as do my other symptoms. I'm not sure that sounds right for 4 plus months of treatment. ^shrugs^
Posted by elle (Member # 7721) on :
Originally posted by sixgoofykids:
I take 2 tsp. twice daily, and Zhangs Art. I also take mino, Biaxin, and Plaquenil.

I'm not a doc so check what I say . . . when I went on mepron, I was made to give up my mino because you are not suppose to take cycline meds with mepron. From my understanding they interfere with the potency of the mepron.

I really do well on mino and would have kept it if I could . . .
Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :

I was told the exact same thing about having to stop the mino when I started the mepron. And I too thought I was doing well on the Mino, so would have liked to be able to continue it.

But with the cost of mepron, we surely don't want to take anything to make it lose it's potency. hahahahaha

Posted by Parisa (Member # 10526) on :
We just picked up my husband's first prescription for Mepron. It was prescribed over a month ago but we decided to get the plaquenil started while we wait to see if our PCP couldn't convince insurance to pay for it. I've been pestering my husband to just bite the bullet and pay out of pocket when the PCP came through and actually got the Mepron authorized. Don't know how many bottle we will get authorized but will take as much as we can get!

Anyway now I'm staring at this bottle that looks to be a combination of salvation and damnation. I'm hoping for the best here but if it's as bad as the plaquenil herx he went through it's going to be a rough ride.

I think you spa girls should add some tonic water to your Mepraquiris. I'm still thinking of that as something else to add to the arsenal but will wait till I talk to our LLMD. I did e-mail Q tonic about pricing or selling to individuals but they haven't gotten back to me.
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :
I went off Minocin also before starting Mepron. I was told to clear it out of my system for 10 days.

2 tsps./day isn't so wimpy. That is equivalent to 6 Malarone. Much more than that and I would think you would turn yellow!

Funny about the ants. I walked into my bathroom this morning and could have sworn I saw bugs scatter across the white tile floor. I haven't seen them again. Am quite sure they were Mepron hallucinations. I forgot about those. Ugh!
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Originally posted by elle:
I'm not a doc so check what I say . . . when I went on mepron, I was made to give up my mino because you are not suppose to take cycline meds with mepron. From my understanding they interfere with the potency of the mepron.

I'll ask on Monday at my appt. I see Dr. H in NY ... I think he knows what he's doing. [Smile] Thanks for pointing that out.

I found this website and it said Rifampin was the drug to worry about interacting with the Mepron.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Originally posted by Parisa:

I think you spa girls should add some tonic water to your Mepraquiris.

Or our Mepraritas? [Smile] Heehee...

I hope he does well with it, Parisa.

If I'm not mistaken... I'm almost sure... I was supposed to be taking Doxy along with Malarone and a Macrolide... had I not had a toxic reaction to Doxy.

The amount of Atovaquone in Malarone is equal to 1/3 tsp Mepron but then there's also the 100mg of Proguanil to consider. Although, I've not tried Mepron... this is my first try at Babs. I'm getting pounded either way.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
I don't know about the mino, but True and I have the same malfunctioning memory - I *think* I remember a year ago I was supposed to be taking doxy along with Mepron and Biaxin.

Hmmmm - pretty sure it was at the same time. I couldn't handle the doxy at 400 mg, but still did 200mg while treating babs.

Parisa, you got it right - it's salvation and damnation in a bottle. Who ever knew they would both be such a lovely shade of yellow?

Anyone up for a Mepron and tonic?
Posted by elle (Member # 7721) on :
For sure you shouldn't take CoQ10 with mepron and taking flagyl with doxy or mino (tetracyclines) is a no-no - those 2 are listed in B's Guidelines.

Mepron is so expensive. Its over $20 a tsp. out of pocket with no discounts.

I think (or have been told) that many of the failures from treament happen because the mepron kills babs but the eggs don't completey leave the lower intestine/colon and then rehatch/reinfect over time. The art is suppose to help kill the egg form, I believe.

I wonder . . if the pepto, zantac that Marnie mentioned in the colitis thread recently would have any effect on babs in eggs form in the colon?

Hulda Clarke uses 3 different herbs in her protocal to kill parasites, black walnut & wormwood (artemesia) to kill adults & cloves to kill eggs. I'm not a follower of Clarke but I think some of her stuff is interesting.

The ants - I hope I don't see them this time. The last time they were walking in a straight line. You would of thought I would have known they weren't real. My llmd at the time said what I was seeing was mild compared to what some of her patients see. . . .just as long as its not scary . . I don't do scary stuff [tsk]


edited to take out the dr's name associated with ethe guidelines - don't want to post a docs name

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Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Anyone know if it is true or a rumor that you are not suppose to do take milk thistle while you are doing either Mepron or Malarone because it interferes with the absorption like CO Q 10 does?

I think I over did it today or something I have a sinus headache... the thought of Mepron yellow is making me feel worse. I guess it is time for me to take my toes out of the Mepron soak.... and think about switching to silver nail polish.

I hope everyone who is on Mepron or Malarone starts feeling normal and better soon.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hey Vanilla, Milk Thistle & Co Q10 are both no-nos... me thinks...

Also, in one of the old Mepron Buddies threads there was a lot of discussion about not using almonds or almond butter as your source of fat when taking your Mepron... Something about almonds blocking the absorption of Mepron, too.

If I remember right, my malarone pills were a lovely shade of pink... wonder if they make Malarone Pink toe nail polish?
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
I do take CoQ10 but as far as possible from the Malarone. (I take a select few antioxidants with it.)

No milk thistle, though, I've only ever taken that when I am off meds. And my understanding is you need something to rebuild or support your liver when taking it. I'm not sure how protective it is on it's own. (I could be very wrong about this, btw.)

Malarone, these days, is a lovely pinkish-brown-rust color.... A few shades lighter than the ever lovely reddish brown, rusty looking Nystatin tablets. Either would be lovely as nail polish, lipstick or blush.

[lol] I can't even believe I'm saying this. I wear neither nail polish or makeup.

No one has mentioned anything about almonds to me. [Eek!]
Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :
I like putting Mepron on my hamburgers!  -
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Ok, so I just searched a little bit for info on almonds and Mepron - in some of the old mepron threads from 2004 - 2005 there's some discussion about it.

Not sure if it's a rumor or if it's true that it stops absorption. Looks like Trails was trying to find the answer, too, back then.

I love almond butter, so if anyone finds the answer for sure, I'd love to go back to almond butter with Mepron...

Oh, yeh, I'm not much of a nails girl either, but if it's Mepron Yellow polish, I'll make an exception!
Posted by elle (Member # 7721) on :
My llmd wanted me to take mepron with fish oil - I wanted to ask her if she would like me to also stab myself in the eye every morning with the spoon . . . I'm glad I'm not married to the male version of her.

I usually take it with a spoon of ice cream or peanut butter or popcorn or some milk.

Posted by peter j (Member # 11825) on :
I posted this on another forum:

Hi wildkat,

Some antibiotics interfere with atovaquone (mepron):

"..Concomitant treatment with tetracycline or metoclopramide has been associated with significant decreases in plasma concentrations of atovaquone.."


I don't know how many antibiotics which has been combined with mepron, with regards of testing the plasma concentrations of mepron. I'd suspect that there are others as well which has not been tested in conjuction with mepron

(doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic ... )
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I would love to try some Malarone pink nail polish and I am wondering how it would look on my crusty fungi toe nail?

Actually after having my nose torched by the dermatologist from hell on Friday I think I better try some on my nose too which seems to be turning into a big ugly scared blister.

Never trust a duck!

trueblue with such exciting new shades of nail polish to chose from Mepron or Malarone you have got to start wearing more nail polish.

I was wondering how it would look if I did my toes in Mepron and my finger nails with Malarone? It might clash but it would take the attention off the ugly nose blister filled with liquid which might be attractive if it was a crystal with water in it but alas it is a nose blister.

Charlie are you done borrowing my berka? I really would like it back just incase I need to go the the grocery store today for a Sunday Chron. I do not think the cyber perv stalker is going to find you in Texas so could I have my berka back like today? Chat can now return to its normal dress down casual status.

PS How am I suppose to take doxy for my new possible tick bite if it will clash with my Malarone?

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Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :
I've read in Dr. Schaller's Babesia book that Labcorp has a test to measure the amount of the Mepron substance that is in your blood.
Posted by elle (Member # 7721) on :
Thanks Peter for posting this link, I thought I remebered this but couldn't find anything to back up my memory.

Jason - When I was first bit and placed on mepron in 05, Dr B had told my llmd at the time, that he was doing mepron blood levels on his patients. I think there is suspect that some folks maybe having absorption issues while others take mepron and do very well.

IgA deficeincy affects absorption as well as other conditions.

Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :
Originally posted by elle:
Thanks Peter for posting this link, I thought I remebered this but couldn't find anything to back up my memory.

Jason - When I was first bit and placed on mepron in 05, Dr B had told my llmd at the time, that he was doing mepron blood levels on his patients. I think there is suspect that some folks maybe having absorption issues while others take mepron and do very well.

IgA deficeincy affects absorption as well as other conditions.


Is there a blood test to look for general absorption problems? And did Dr. B use Labcorp for his Mepron blood level tests?
Posted by elle (Member # 7721) on :
elle [/qb][/QUOTE]Is there a blood test to look for general absorption problems? And did Dr. B use Labcorp for his Mepron blood level tests? [/QB][/QUOTE]

I don't know if there is a general test - I have never heard of one.

The llmd that I went to used Labcorp. She followed closely to much of what Dr B was doing.

I am IgA deficeint and it causes great problems with absorption. I do better with liquids and much better with IM and IV.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Originally posted by elle:
I am IgA deficeint and it causes great problems with absorption. I do better with liquids and much better with IM and IV.

I am IgA and IgM deficient could the IgA problem be the reason I don't do well with oral ABX?

I hadn't seen this anywhere before. Is there somewhere to look for a reference about it?

I'd like to persuade my doc to switch to IM (or IV) as they've worked best for me in the past. I have absorbtion and detoxification problems big time with oral ABX and they are darned near impossible, for me, to take. I'm really tired of tanking and only being able to take microdoses of meds; it's not gaining me any ground.

Sorry to get off topic and thanks.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
I've also seen references to the absorption issues, so if any of you find a link, I'd love to get more info on it, too.

Vanilla, hope your nose is all better. Berka's are good for keeping the sun off since we're all burning easily these days... maybe you can find a Lyme green one to go with the Mepron Yellow toes & Malarone Pink fingernails?

True, this thread's been all over the place, so I don't think anything's off topic!

I changed the subject line to Mepron Blues Buddies, since it's kinda morphed into another Mepron Buddies thread...

Hope that's cool w/ y'all...

Keep us posted on how you're all doing on the yellow paint (and malarone)...

BTW, I seem to have beaten the blues, and am having one heck of a good day - yippee! Started Plaquenil last night, so we'll see how long it lasts.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
That is good you are feeling sunnier. Are you feeling sunny Mepron yellow?

My nose is getting better but still not normal looking yet. I stiil need a berka. A berka jumpsuit type of deal really would help with tick bite reduction.

I think a lyme green berka might clash with the orange ticks I am finding on my deck.

Perhaps a lavender berka would look lovely as long as people do not think I am still celebrating Easter when they see it next to my Malarone toe nails. Lavender and yellow and orange all look stunning together.
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
If anyone knows anything about absorbtion isssues, let me know. My daughter has been on zith and added mepron 8 wks ago. Her phosphate is now low.

Doc is checking thyroid and kidneys, but we think it may be a malabsorbtion issue. Anything help with that?

Do we kick up the digestive enzymes and probiotics?

Posted by wchun (Member # 11957) on :

I'm on malorone. 2 pills 2x per day.
Slowly feeling a change back to normal.

I was on mepron 7 months w/ biaxin, plaq and art.

This is my first babs relapse.

Malorone would make an interesting makeup color. hummmmm

Love ya all,

Could not remeber my password. I'm on a laptop now.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Hi Heather [hi]
I'm glad to hear the Malarone is helping.

It just doesn't seem like you without the pictures.

ok, I really had to laugh at from: lap [lol]
Posted by wchun (Member # 11957) on :

What's new?
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hey Heather - I'm still here [Smile]

Glad your pics are back, it's not you without happy smiley pics.

New here... ANXIETY. Yep, I thought I beat the blues, but now I'm extremely anxious. Could be the newest, ummm, "guidelines" though.

I'm on my 3rd day of Plaquenil, but just got up to full dose this morning. Nothing yet. Piece of cake except for the anxiety.

Has anyone else herxed on plaquenil? Heather, didn't you take it way back when?

Other than that, I'm just sitting here painting my bedroom Mepron yellow.

Vanilla - what's the latest on your orange ticks?
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I take Plaquenil, but didn't notice if it made me herx... at least it didn't right away, but it sure may have contributed to my regular herx.

When you get used to the taste of Mepron and don't mind it anymore, does that mean you've maybe taken it long enough? [Big Grin]
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
My Sacred Little Ticklets by Vanilla Swirl With Pecans

Not much other than I decided if you can not beat them join them.

I went to Berkas R Us and bought a neon orange Berka so I can blend in better. Maybe they will think I am one of them and not bite me but I doubt that.

I am having a hard time seeing out the tiny eye slits so I have been training the chocolate lab how to be a seeing eye dog to take me to my car and back.

I bought him a berka too but his is orange tie dye. I had to cut a big slit for his mouth because he is a bit obsessed and does not go anywhere without a tennis ball in his mouth at all times. I think it is a security blanket kind of deal he has going or he was weaned to young.

The green of his tennis ball makes him look like the giant pumpkin and the birds squirrels and ticks have been laughing at the two of us. It is a cruel world out there.

I also bought a hazmat suit to go over my berka and I am thinking about enlisting a dream team of shrinks to help me get over my deep fear of ticks.

I have been sleeping and showering in the hazmat suit and berka.

As anyone knows who has read my other posts I have no TV reception at the moment so there is no reason for me to be-able to see out the eye slits of my berka anyway.

Not seeing anything helps with my fear of ticks and bites. The berka is a bit itchy and I do trip over it often but besides that I think everyone should order one off my website.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Sorry to read about your anxiety cac. I hate when the anxiety kicks in but painting and with such a beautiful color hopefully will calm that anxiety right down otherwise pour some in the tub and get in and soak in it with candles.

When you get use to the taste of Mepron I think is a serious issue best not addressed by me but as I look into my crystal ball I see perhaps you were lucky enough to get one of those rare Mepron bottles with a magic Genie inside otherwise you know the stuff would tast yucky.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Me, me! I'll order a berka! Hey, do you have any Rynoskin berkas? I see a big market for those.

The taste of mepron isn't getting any yummier as I start to feel better, but I do find myself humming "Blue Skies" every time I get out the bottle... So here's my little ditty:

Smiling at me
Nothing but Mep-ron
Do I see

Maybe if you sing it when you walk outside it will scare the ticks away.

Hope everyone's feeling better.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Oh I forgot to tell you the most exciting part!

I have taught my cute little baby ticks to sing and we already have a booking set to appear on Letterman.

The group well be called Vanilla and the Ticklettes and we will do all old Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks songs.

Of course when we become famous you just know everyone who is anyone will be wearing a berka. I have the feeling my berka sales well be huge. I have already raised the prices in anticipation.

Of course we will be making them out of many different materials like porcupine and rhino so get your custom orders in early otherwise just like waiting to get in to see a LLMD for the first time you may have to wait months for your new berka.

I wonder if they will allow Paris to wear one in her new home away from home?
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :
Mepron is making you all quite comical. I think I'll go swallow a teaspoon and see if it stimulates my funny bone so that I can find some humor in riding my bike around town in a berka. I suspect I will cause a fender bender.

I have houseguests for the holiday weekend. last night we had a lovely dinner on the patio. I joined everyone in a toast and had a 1/2 glass of wine. My sister said I was slurring my words almost instantly. Red wine and yellow road paint do not make a good cocktail! Ahhh, it was fun at the time. Am hurting a little this morning.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Well, from now on I'll be pouring all my Mepron into that bottle because of the genie! Thanks for the heads up!

I'm actually wondering if I have a reduced sense of taste or something ... it was so nasty in the beginning ... I no longer taste the Biaxin either ... and I have no appetite ... good thing skinny is in! [Wink]

Beachcomber, a half a glass of wine sounds wonderful ... is it worth the hangover???? Probably not! I am so loopy all the time anyway, I don't think I need alcohol, but everyone else does so that they understand me better.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Hahahaha... Vanilla and the Ticklettes... singing
"How can I miss you when you don't go away?" (It seems a logical choice, heh.)

Cactus, please rethink the yellow walls. Yellow is an anxious color; you might want to go with something more soothing but complementary. (No reason not to be fashionable, certainly.) I find blue to be very soothing but my name might be prejudicing(sp?) me in that matter.

I thought I had the emotional down swing unswung only to get hit with things beyond me control. I have no choice than to deal with them. Time is short and I am shorter.

I feel a little better but the stress is doing me in and so is going most of it alone.

Ok, not as not blue as I'd hoped. [Roll Eyes]
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Hi everyone,

I was googling the effects of mepron and found you guys! I'm getting scared! I have Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella and just started mepron 3 days ago. I'm only taking one tsp, and will be taking 2 tsp daily starting Sunday. So far I don't have any of the side effects you're talking about (depression, hallucinations). I have depression and irritability which come and go anyway, but I haven't noticed a direct link to mepron. I'm also on Zithromax. So, I guess my questions are, when did these side effects kick in for you? And do you think if I DON'T have them that the mepron isn't even working?? I don't know what's worse--these terrible side effects you're talking about or knowing that this expensive junk isn't even killing any bugs!!

I'm really glad I found you guys...
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Gena, I'm glad you found us, too!

Actually, I don't hallucinate. [Big Grin] I get pretty disoriented, but I got that even before the Mepron ... I think it's from the babs ... and it's getting better.

I had the depression pre-Mepron, too. If you get it, take something for it ... it's just not worth dealing with.

You know what the greatest thing about having babs is? Since you can't drink alcohol with Lyme treatment ... well, with the babs you realize you don't need it anyway! I'm generally a little loopy from it ... and sometimes I have the dizziness to go along with it!

May as well look at the bright yellow side!
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Funny...I've never been a drinker (never been drunk in my life), and it's because alcohol always bothered me anyway (I think I've had Lyme since I was a kid. I just turned 35, and only recently got diagnosed--but some of my symptoms have been around FOREVER.) Also, I've always been a little loopy and didn't need any alcohol [Smile] Probably the Lyme again!! I just really hope the mepron doesn't make the depression and anxiety worse...
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Alcohol's always bothered me, too. Even a small amount can make me seem totally drunk!

Don't worry about what effects the medication will have ... you will know soon enough and can deal with it then. [Smile]
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
You're right...If it aint broke don't fix it, right? [Smile] Having none of these side effects is a GOOD thing..but I OBSESS over things now (thank you, Lyme!) so I'm trying not to obsess on the question of if the mepron is even working...So glad other people understand! I've never been a depressed or anxious person until the last couple of years. I have a background in counseling, so I try to "stay above" of the feelings...monitor them as they're coming in and tell myself, "This is just the bugs, this isn't YOU"...but sometimes it's rough, as I'm sure you know!
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Gena was your bottle of sunflower power sealed when you got it. It seems from what people have posted here that a lot of Mepron is watered down or tampered with before you get it due to the high cost.

Sometimes you can get your Mepron for free from Bridges to Access if you qualify income wise. The Mepron I got through them seems like the real deal. The stuff I received before that from my neighborhood pharmcy seemed perhaps watered down. Others here have thought theirs was watered down too.

Not to scare you it is just a thought.

PS. Dear Malarone and Mepron Buddies Berkas and booze go good together and we are having free shipping this weekend only on all berkas!

If you get too looped you just hide under your berka and no one well hopefully notice - best not wear Mepron nail polish on nails when planing to drink - it is a dead give away who is hiding under the berka.

I think we need to be more inclusive in the title of this thread because some of some are Malarone buddies too.

Trueblue Mepron is sunflower yellow and a perfect color for the walls. It beats neon orange the current ticklette color around these parts. I asked the ticklettes to tone it down for our Letterman appearance and to wear something more subtle but they refused.

Does anyone know if Letterman has some sort of connection to Lyme disease? Just wondering? I know he makes fun of it but besides that?
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hi Gena, welcome! The first time I took mepron, my main symptom was pain... after that, hot flashes, sweats and a fluctuating fever. All of those got worse and then slowly better. Some lucky people say they just feel better and better.

Vanilla has a great point about asking the pharmacy for a factory sealed bottle. I felt a little nutty asking for it, but that's one way to be sure you've got the real deal. They might have to give you a small unsealed bottle as well.

If you read the tiny print on your patient insert, you will see that Mepron needs to bind to fat to be properly absorbed. So don't forget to eat some fat when you take it - the jury's out on which fat is best, search for some of the old Mepron Buddies thread and you'll find lots of info.

Have any of you seen references to spirochetes converting carbs to ethanol? Does this mean we're loopy because we're a little drunk all the time? Is that why my sugar cheats make me soooo happy before the crash?

Hey six, will you share the magic genie bottle with all of us? My Mepron still tastes bad.

Lovin' the Mepron walls, but now I'm considering adding some orange ticklette accessories, and maybe a blue ceiling for true... It'll go great with a lavender berka.

Taking votes for a more inclusive title for the thread...
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Think sunflower power!

Perhaps the berkas would be marketed best in a pyramid sales plan like Amway? At least then Charlie would have something to actually be king of if he qualifies that is.

Do not forget to vote tomorrow night 10 Pacific in chat.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Thank you for mentioning about the mepron being sealed...I was given 2 bottles from Publix pharmacy and they were different. I just ran out to the kitchen to see if the second one is sealed; it is. I'm not sure about the one I started already. It is the pretty yellow color all of you are talking about, though [Smile]

I don't know what's going on, because I actually feel pretty good (for me) for the last week! I started Zithromax a week ago, and just added the mepron 3 days ago. I'm happy to feel good, but it doesn't really make sense??

I take my mepron with some avocado because my LLMD said it does better with fatty foods.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Some say to take it with fish oil. Then you are getting 2 delicious flavors at the same time - yum!

Suggestion if you use fish oil make sure it is not from the trout that lurks in the chat room. I have the feeling that kind of fish is not up to the quality you would want to be consuming.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Oh, I am one of those who got watered down Mepron! I am still in shock over it!

Normally, the pharmacy gave me two factory sealed bottles and one brown pharmacy bottle. This particular month, it was two pharmacy bottles ... they said it was so it would be more convenient for me.

When I got home and took it, my daughter, who sees me take it every night, noticed it was thinner, too. Her description was that it didn't "bubble up" as much, meaning, normally it's rounded on top because it's so thick, this was flat in the spoon.

I went back to the pharmacy to ask about it, and they switched it back ... like I wouldn't notice! They called me over to another window to show me how it was the same as the factory sealed one.

Anyway, at my NEW pharmacy, I tell them I will not accept bottles that are not factory sealed because my old pharmacy watered down my Mepron.

Really, you DON'T want my Mepron genie... I never want to eat anything ... I'm getting pretty thin ... only three more pounds and I'm underweight.

I think we should include Malarone buddies, too. For that matter, it should be babs buddies! It rhymes better, and it's the babs that makes us so silly and stupid!

Interesting theory on the carbs ... I have to eat them or my stomach gets upset, but I always eat a protein with them.

I take my Mepron with a food doused in coconut oil ... that way I also prevent the yeast.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
That's horrible they'd water down the mepron! I'm sorry that happened! I don't have any "good" mepron to compare my bottle too, but now I'll be looking to see if it's flat in the spoon.

How long were you taking mepron before you noticed any reactions to it?
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Hello! I am one of the malarone buddies

(isn't the active ingredient in mepron in malarone too??)

For three months and counting. Just a few more to go and then I am getting off this stuff.

I strayed a bit last night -- and had a delicious Belgian beer! It was so good.

You know the kind; high yeast and alcohol content. I have not had a drink more than once every month or so in the past year, and this was a treat!

But it turned me into an immediate yeast bomb! I could not believe that my entire tongue turned white within a couple of hours of drinking that lovely sole beer....

Has anyone else had that experience? I guess this is not from the malarone, but the high dose amoxy that I am on in addition to malarone...

I am going to have to stick closely to the anti-Yeast diet from here on in. [Razz]
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :

I did a 5K race a month ago. (YES! I really did it & finished, almost last). After the race we went out for burgers and beer. I didn't want either. Let me rephrase that, I wanted both but knew I shouldn't. I got talked into it. Not too hard to twist my arm sometimes.

The burger tasted good and the beer even better. I declined the second round. I went home and started to ferment a few hours later. I also fell fast asleep. I awoke with a nasty yeast brewery going on in my belly.

I think beer has way too much yeast and carbs for us. But, I do think an ocassional libation can be rewarding and relaxing. Everything in moderation.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Originally posted by GenaD:
How long were you taking mepron before you noticed any reactions to it?

I intitially started on Mepron/Biaxin/doxy. I felt better, not worse. I didn't feel bad until I herxed about 24 days later. I have a 24 day herx cycle, but between herxes I feel better than I did before.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Beachcomber and Vermont, thank you! I am going to the race this weekend, health permitting of course. Your comments will keep me from even being tempted in the least by alcohol!!!
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Beachcomber, thanks for sharing your story! Yes, that is what happened, that one beer generated its own little yeast factory!!

It is really impressive that you ran 5K! Although not entirely out of shape, I could barely do that in my pre-lyme days!

6Kids: yes, you do not want to go there, no beer for lymies.

I do allow myself one indulgence every month, and have found a sip of vodka does not turn one into a yeast bomb. But, be careful, absolutely no alcohol if on tindamax, flagyl, and probably a few other things too...
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :

Thanks for sharing that with me about it taking you 24 days before you felt anything. I guess there's still time for me to feel crappy [Smile]

I think I'm similar to you...I seem to be on a monthly cycle for herx reactions...It's really good that in between your's you felt better, though. It makes me hopeful!
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Vermont, no beer for me anyway, I'm gluten intolerant. [Smile]

Gina, immediately upon starting the Mepron and other drugs I went from 15% to 25%. Now I'm at about 50%. Started Jan. 20th ... so they seem to be working. Hopefully for you, your schedule will be something like that!

They don't change around my Mepron/Biaxin/Artemisia, but they do change my other drugs ... sometimes that causes a more immediate herx.
Posted by wchun (Member # 11957) on :
Plaq did not make me herx that I can recall.
soon after taking plaq my eyes were not the same.
Just a minor reading problem which could be coinciding with my age.
almost 40 now.

Anywho....... my Doctor told me to wean down from plaq which I thought was odd.

You guys r hating mepron now but when you start to feel better...... Oh my you love the taste, the color and the thick paint like texture!

My mepron was as thick as paint. For the people who think the mepron is watered down..... call the pharma company. See what they say?
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Heather, how long did it take to notice the vision problem? Was it quick?
Posted by tabbytamer (Member # 3159) on :
Originally posted by GenaD:
How long were you taking mepron before you noticed any reactions to it?

For me, one week. On the 7th day extreme depression. Extreme. But, then realized it was the Mepron so made it through.

Always keep your doctor informed of any change in your condition, physical or "emotional".
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Gosh Tabby that would be nice if these LLMDs were interested in how we were doing but I have had two that seem not so interested because they have a difficult time even returning calls when you really need them to.

I wish they did care more. I find it a bit pathetic that they do not.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
I've been putting off posting this and still may change my mind.

I am having what appears to be extreme emotional lability (sp?) for a while now. I understand this is a Babs symptoms, possibly Lyme or Bart or even hormonal.

I am at a complete loss about what I can do to cope. It's becoming increasing more difficult (or staying the same but feels out of control and unbearable to me).

I cannot take any pharmaceutical anti-depressents. Is there is anything herbal, natural, homeopathic, etc... that might be helpful?

St John's wort works reverse for me as do SSRIs and tricyclics. (Big time hyper and no sleep at all.)

Is there something I could research that might be gentler or work on the other transmitters?

I don't know where to turn or who to ask. I'd like to go to the LLMD with a couple of suggestions for him to ponder.

Please tell me if this post is inappropriate here and if I ought to start a new thread.

Thank you for you patience and support and wonderful color schemes. [Wink]

truly blue (more than I can express)
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
ps. I love the "Babs Blues Buddies" Title! [Smile]
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Trueblue you posted in the right place and I want to say first that I am sorry you are going through this and hope it does not last long for you.

2nd what works for me is Ele-max by Tyler. It only has a tad of St. John's Wort in it and if you take it first thing in the morning it wil not keep you up and there are other things in it that will make you feel relaxed. If you want to try it start with one cap a day for a week before you go up to two caps a day.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Thank you Vanilla  -

Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Hi true -- I started taking a TINY bit of pregnenlone (sp?) every day.

This is Buhner's recommendation -- actually, he recommends a much larger dose, but pregnenelone is a hormone precursor, so I only want to take a tiny bit. A small piece of the 50mg tablet, about one-eighth or less.

He recommends it as a mood/energy elevator, and it certainly seems to do so! Or, maybe all the amoxy is working.... [Wink]
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
True, I hope you're getting some good ideas to take to your LLMD... Emotional lability was an issue my first time on Mepron - but it passed quickly.

Maybe it wouldn't have passed so quickly had I not started taking Cymbalta for peripheral neuropathy? But that option doesn't sound like it's going to work for you.

And if you've seen my recent post, getting off of it is going to be a long, hard haul... So going natural sounds good to me!

I hear the Ticklettes will be on Letterman soon, that's always good for a smile. [Smile]

How are all the babs buddies? Any changes?
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I am a year older but nothing else new to report here.

It was a busy day in my one horse town today - tourists and locals swarming around like a herd of bees.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend.

I have been rehearsing non stop with the tickelettes and others are falling out of the trees trying to join the band.

Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Happy Birthday Vanilla! Hope you had a groovy happy day!
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Thanks VT, Cactus and Vanilla,

Funny I was taking pregnenolone and 7 keto DHEA because my levels were low. But only for a few weeks but didn't see any difference. I've just had a full hormone panel done so am waiting to see how out of whack things are. (I suspect massively as I've fallen out of menopause. grrr...)

The pregnenolone was 25 mgs and at bedtime and didn't make me awake at all (and everything usually makes me awake).

I have made a lst of possibilities to take to the doc and we'll see what the bloodwork and MRI reveal, if anything.

Thanks guys!

So Vanilla... what songs are you and the ticklettes rehearsing?  -

VT, I hope the amoxy is doing the trick, too!

Cactus, I hope the taper on the Cymbalta goes easier as you go.
Posted by KMP (Member # 9713) on :
Babs Blue Buddies,
Have not been diagnosed officially with Babs, but I just went off clindamycin & quinine, herxing so much that I didn't realize I had started a UTI!
I have not been on mepron or malarone, but I think it was the quinine that caused my irritability/depression and I was only drinking tonic water. Went down to only a liter of tonic water (88mg of quinine, I believe)to almost stop the herxes. (I know it was not the clindamycin because I was on it for a week with no problems before starting the tonic water.)

Is it possible that Babs is in my bladder? I had a UTI 6 weeks ago just after Flagyl. LLMD put me on Bactrim for 2 weeks...then on to the clindamycin/quinine tx. So I am back on Bacrim again and feeling much better.

I should probably tell that in the past two weeks I have had a flooded basement with company coming for 2 wkends in a row for son #2 college graduation and son #3 high school graduation. So I have had a lot of stress...which usually ends up with UTI or vaginitis, or at least it used to, exception being the last 10 yrs. Was diagnosed w/Lyme in 8/06. [shake]
Posted by adamm (Member # 11910) on :
Hey all,
I've already posted a preponderance of questions on babs. related stuff, but I've got one more...
There's a decent chance I'll statr Mepron this often does it actually cause or exacerbate depression? I already have it, so I'm just curious as to what I might be in for?

Thanks for taking the time,
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :

I started mepron a week ago, and I was only expecting possibly nausea--I didn't realize until recently that it can exacerbate depression, and even cause hallucinations sometimes.

So far, I don't feel that it's affecting me or exacerbating my depression. I have what my LLMD calls moderate depression, and it gets worse at certain times.

But, I'm only a week into mepron...I may have a different story for you soon!

Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
I would work up to full dose. My daughter started out of the gate on two tsp daily. By day four, she was seeing things crawling by in her periphery.

We backed off. By the fourth week..BAM...tears aplenty and hasn't let up much. Nights are worse.

We're still waiting for the good times to roll.

Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I was depressed the whole dang 4 months I was taking Mepron. Luckily I did not see any ants that were not there but I had a real ant invasion that went on all summer along with ugh water bugs/field cock roaches so I had no need to see any bugs that were not real with a house full of real ones.

I felt the whole time I was on Mepron that I was on one weird bad drug high. Once I was told that I was cured of babesia and to stop taking the Mepron I felt normal again.

Now I am on half a dose of Malarone a day for Babesia and it is not making me depressed at all.

I hope you do not get depressed while on Mepron but if you do there are other drugs besides Mepron that you can try and the Mepron did not work to get rid of my babd anyway after 4 months. Granted I think my first two bottles of Mepron might have been tampered with too.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :

Here are the songs we are rehearsing the most:

I Scare Myself and Living With a Lie

The Ticklettes have some other ghoulish songs they would rather do but I had to put my foot down about some of their song picks and in so doing so I accidentally killed two back up singers.

I think I might go see Dan Hicks June 2. I am actually surprised the guy is still alive.
Posted by jasonsmith (Member # 10914) on :

When I filled my first perscription for Mepron. I got 3 bottles. I only paid $25!!!!!! I'm getting another perscription, and this time I'm getting 4 bottles to last 3 months, and that will cost me $25!!!!

God, I love BC/BS PPO.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Well I only paid $10 total for 4 months of the stuff but I would have paid lots more to not have to take it.

The left over Mepron I plan on using to do art work with.

I like making sunflower greeting cards. I may be famous one day for my Mepron art. Already I am going on Letterman with my Tickelettes.

Does Malarone make one delusional too?
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Jason, Vanilla - you scored! My co-pay is $200 a month for Mepron. Ouch. I have BC/BS PPO too - just a different state. Maybe I need to move?

Vanilla, if you're going to keep putting your foot down & killing back up singers, you want me to ship you some extras? I've got a yard full, and they're ready to go!
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Karla, I don't know about babs in the bladder, but many people on Lymenet have bladder issues, so you might get more info with a search or if you start a separate thread about it. It seems possible to me that it's babs related, or at least TBI related.

Also, stress can cause a major flare up, so if you've been under a lot of stress that could be a player in your recent experiences, too. I hope you feel better soon.

Adam, not everyone has depression with Mepron, but some do... Let your doc know that you're concerned about it. Oh yeh - did you find an LLMD?
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Well guys, it's happening!!

I talked to my LLMD yesterday and told him how I have been on mepron 7 days now and still I haven't herxed and actually felt pretty good.

Just last night when I went to bed I felt it coming on...those tingly chills! I spent the whole night in a cold sweat!

Today I'm more exhausted than normal because I just couldn't sleep. Do these sweats happen every night? What about every day?

Adam, I still don't have any more depression than usual! I'm praying that stays that way, but since it seems things are only just beginning, who knows???
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hey Gena, congrats! The yellow paint is working. Hang in there, it might be a rough ride.

It's different for everyone, but for me, the first time around on Mepron (almost 2 years ago) the sweats were more intense at night, but all day too. With alternating chills and hot flashes.

I could sleep in a 67 degree room with the ceiling fan on full blast and still feel too hot, at times. Nothing like your own private summer... [Smile]

It lessened with time.

Much easier this time around (I'm treating a relapse)... although I still have the sweats, too.

Keep us posted on your progress!
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
As horrible as last night was, I have to say I'm happy to know that the fun yellow stuff is actually working!

I'm going to have to sleep by myself. My poor husband couldn't sleep because our dog was trying to play nurse to me all night. We have a Boston Terrier that sleeps in the bed and had to have known something was wrong. He kept sleeping practically on top of me, and sometimes when I woke up he was sitting up looking at me! [Smile]

Cactus, did you have the cold sweats every day? I have noticed that so far today I have them a little, but like you said not nearly as bad as at night.
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
My daughter's palms are dripping during the day.

Be ready for this, too. Sometimes you get real STINKY. She sat in the sauna yesterday and I had to air it out.

She was actually running a "normal" temp yesterday.

Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :

When the Babs flares for me I get alternating chills and sweats. Very often wake up sweaty, an hour of so later go back to bed with 2 blankets and shaking chills wake up hot and mildly feverish...

Sometimes this alternates all day and sometimes only cycles once. I run a lot of evening fevers.

Sweaty/clammy hands and feet are one of the reasons I realized I need to treat Babs. (I am also completely heat intolerant.)

I used to be able to wear sandals but now my feet slide right out of them. [lol] I wear socks all the time to keep my hands and feet dry. For some reason not having wet feet helps the hands.

Man, when I came here and read the symptom list I was floored. All those symtpoms that were being written off by docs as peri-menopause for 15 years were Babs sx. (I also had a positive test 9 years ago that my ex-LLMD insisted was self limiting.)

Personally, I do think Malarone can make one delusional but, to date, have not had any hallucinations. More's the pity. [Wink]

Though, I do seem to have come out of my weeping phase, for now. Stress and emotional stuff has been taking it's toll.
Yeah, I needed that SSDI review to come right now. [Mad]
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Thanks everyone for explaining all that to me...Do the sweats get more intense as time goes on? Last night was no fun, but doesn't seem as intense as what you guys are describing.

I also thought I was in perimenopause...then I was CERTAIN I was in early menopause. My hormones were out of whack and I was treated by a hormone specialist for a while, only to find that of course the drugs didn't work for long because the true cause was the tick infections.

I was so relieved to find out what was wrong and not just be chasing symptoms anymore.

The "stinky" thing was interesting. But it makes sense! The bad stuff is coming out!!

Ok, here's a gross symptom for you...Do any of you have post-nasal drip? I have had this for years.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Trueblue I hope everything goes smoothly with your "interview".

Just pretend they are aliens that just came out of a space ship and they will be leaving right after the interview to go back to Mars. Picture them in pink tutus while they are talking to you.

Cact I would love to have some new back up singers but no need to send any. I have plenty here who are lining up to get interviewed.

Not all of them can even sing. I have no idea how I am going to get the new ones up to speed in time for Letterman.

Rolling Stone of course is trying to book an appointment for a interview.

Fame is happening so fast I think I will need to hire some PR people soon.

I am starting to think Malarone might make one just a tad delusional but the jury is still out on that one.
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
My daughter's SSDI interview is tomorrow morning. Due to the overload at the office, they insisted on a phone interview.

All we want is a letter of disability. That way she can stay on my husband's policy. We aren't even pressing for compensation. Although that would help with out of pocket expenses.

Good luck True...let us know how it goes. I think of you often.

Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Good luck to you and your daugther with the interview tomorrow. *crosses fingers and toes*

Other than the one nasty, innapropriate woman (who I have since reported) everyone at SS has always been very nice to me.

Vanilla, I haven't got an interview I have 14 pages of forms to get filled out. I'm in no condition to be doing it right now. Having difficlty organizing, proiritizing, using things like calendars... It involves 3 narratives and I'm not sure I can ever write them.

The forms came with a letter that said if you have problems call and they'll find someone to help you. So I called and was told, "nope, no one in this area".

Thanks, though, I'm trying really hard not to think about it and am obsessed at the same time. I haven't found anyone to help, either.

sorry I have been through this before and this review is being done because they lost my last one from less than 2 years ago. I never saw this coming and there was no warning.

Gena, yeah to post nasal drip but think it is more living in the south than TBDs. I had it on and off up north but it's constant year round here. (I've been using Xlear nasal wash and that helps some.)
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
True wishing you good luck and with the paper work.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Gena, I'd kick the dog out of bed before I left! [Big Grin]

Okay, I'll have to make that it ... I'm having a bad flare and that's the only thing I can remember from all I've read!! [dizzy]

Oh, yeah, I have Anthem and pay $25 per month for my Mepron.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Kicking the dog out of bed isn't as easy as you'd think! We have put him in his kennel and he cries and cries...And of course we reinforce his behavior by letting him back in the bed! [Smile]

Six, I'm sorry you're flaring...Feel better soon.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Thanks. This flare started with a cold ... last Monday I caught a cold. Two other family members caught it, too, but it was pretty disabling to me ... I'm thinking it must be the Lyme because most of the symptoms are Lyme symptoms. Is it normal to flare with a cold?

Unfortunately, my herx is due in two days.

Yeah, dogs can be harder than kids. I'd put him in the kennel and use ear plugs. I now wake up at the slightest noise, so I wear earplugs or hubby keeps waking me up all night.

I'm just funny about needing to sleep in my bed. [Wink]

Hopefully the sweats will go away soon. I seldom have them anymore.
Posted by wchun (Member # 11957) on :
Why hasn't anyone complained about the crazy dreams on mepron. Oh boy was I sooooooo disturbed by my wacky wacked out dreams. If I didnt lose my mind then I guess I never will.

Buying quinine water tommoorrow to go with my malorone, art, biaxin and valtrex. Yiperooni!

Malorone is working well for me.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
woohoo! go Heather!

I have wild Artemisinin dreams. phew!

Maybe I need some tonic water, too, I'm not progressing at all.

I'm treating for almost 20 weeks. I seemed to herx really badly between 3 and 4 months and am worse than when I started. I am not having fun.

I don't know what I am doing wrong. I don't want to do this. Why can't anythign get better, even a little.

*looks around*
this is the place I'm allowed to whine, right? [Wink]
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
YES! Insane dreams!

I used to have dreamless sleep; I wish I still did!

Six, I always flare when I get a cold. If someone is sick around me I start overdosing on all the supplements I can, because what's a little cold to someone else usually knocks me on my butt for days.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :

I'm sorry you've been feeling worse...I guess you're herxing???

I'm confused. The night before last I had the cold sweats and as miserable as they were at least I knew the mepron was working.

Last night nothing happened. I told my LLMD just a few days ago that I wasn't feeling anything from the mepron and he said I should increase my dose. I haven't done that yet because I had the sweats a day after he said that.

But last night, nothing. I do want to know the disgusting yellow paint is working!

Trueblue, I hope today is a better day!

Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
hi everyone,

i am feeling like a dog myself today. I am up to about 10 g/day of amoxy in addition to the malarone, just in the last couple of weeks, and it is working (on my brain!).

I have my classic tight muscle-herxes, in addition to the brain fog herxes. Just got the name of an acupuncturist to see, cannot wait to treat this symptom. Due to lyme and babs, I have had very tight shoulder muscles for years now!

True, good luck with your paperwork! Everyone, my best wishes for your health.

Someone mentioned getting cold chills from babs treatment? Just wanted to say that was worst during my first two months on malarone. Better now, though still occasional chills. No more night sweats unless the AC is not working!
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Hi everyone,

Gena, I have a friend who only had the sweats one or two nights - until she added artemisinin. I also think everyone is different - some people seem to think the herx at week 3 or 4 is worse.

True, how's the paperwork?

VT, sorry you're feeling so bad - I'm right there with you on the tight muscles. Ouch. Does acupuncture help?

Vanilla, Six, and all the others who've had watered down Mepron - I think I'm joining the club.

Posted about this in the Mepron bottles and seals thread, but my latest "partial" unsealed bottle is like the consistency of milk, not our beloved house paint. Doesn't taste right either. What do I do??

Oh, and the Mepron dreams are a doozy!!! Crazy stuff. How can a med do that to our brains?

Everyone else, I hope you're well...
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Cactus, thanks for the mepron info. Just wish I knew if this is just how my body reacts to it or if I need more, or to add artemisinin or what!

And all this watered-down mepron business...It makes me so angry!!!!!!
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Ok, have to give y'all the latest update on my new made for TV drama, "As the Mepron Gets Thinner"...

I took both my bottles back to the pharmacy and showed the pharmacist how different they were. He saw it right away, said it shouldn't be that way, and offered a replacement.

Here's the thing - I watched the tech fill my replacement bottle, and she really shook the stock bottle, so it came out thick (yum).

But then I watched while she combined 2 other partially full stock bottles into one larger bottle, and she didn't shake them well enough.

It came out thin and watery. She noticed (since it was the topic of conversation) and tried to shake them up better, but even I could see that she didn't get all the thick goo to come out of the bottle.

So now their combined stock bottle is probably diluted?

I don't think it's deliberate, I just think it's stupid. I think it's the pharmacy techs who don't shake the bottles well enough.

Not sure what to do about it... Any ideas? Maybe those little packets?

For now I'm going to go do a sunny yellow foot soak, and wait for the new Ticklettes CD...
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :
Packets! No problems for me with those. And, as WC pointed out, you can move about with them. If I am out to dinner (which is rare) I can just take out a packet and suck it dry of the thick murky gunk. No mess or spoon or carrying a bottle around.

I don't like the storys of watered down Mepron. That stinks.
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Cact I would call GSK and tell them that by the time their million dollar yellow goo reaches you for whatever reason it is not as thick as it is suppose to be. This should be a concern of theirs that their product is being compromised over and over again.

They need to hear it from all off us so maybe one of these days they will do something about. The little packets are too costly on a product that already is too costly they need to make smaller bottles which they can afford to do.

It is bad enough to have to take the goo and taste it daily and to swallow this junk in the hopes that it might kill some bugs.

It should at the very least be thick enough to be doing users some good. It did nothing for me after 4 months of choking it down. Maybe if my first two bottles were thick enough it might have worked.

I hope everyone here feels healthy and sunny and better shortly!

Regarding the upcoming CD and CD release party - As soon as we finish recording Milkshaking Mama - in a couple of weeks the CD should be out.

Yours truly,

Vanilla - the girl who keeps the ice cream
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Cactus, the only suggestion I would have is to go to a different pharmacy and hope they have better routines in pouring the meds. I've never had a problem with the smaller bottle ... my whole order was thinned down ... I think they took two bottles and stretched it out to fill the order.

Vermont, ten grams!! [Eek!] My LLMD just added amoxy and said to start out with one 500 mg. pill three times daily, then each day up each dose one pill until after four days I'm taking four pills three times daily.

Well, after four days, between the amoxy and the cold, I was really hurting. I can't imagine ten grams. I think I need to ramp up slower than that. I went back to one pill three times per day.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Ok, a while back we were talking about the paranoia on mepron and the crazy dreams.

Lately I've been dreaming that my husband is bored with me! REALLY bizarre dreams!

He is my soulmate and a wonderful man, and I know this isn't happening, but instead what it is is that I feel I'm letting him down because I'm no longer the "vibrant" and sexy woman I think he always saw me as.

He is so supportive, but I feel like I'm nowhere near the person I used to be and this must be difficult for him.

My fears are coming out in crazy, scary dreams!!

And still no cold sweats, just the one night. Guess I should increase the dose or add artemisinin like my LLMD said.

I can't imagine the horrible dreams then!!

I hope everyone is having a decent day...
Posted by butchieboo (Member # 12063) on :
I have'nt read all the contributions on this thread and until recently never had the displeasure of drinking mepron....

I have concluded (by adding my personal experiences to the thread posts) that at any given time durring this disease....

we lymies can and do have sweats,dreams,depression part of a herx reaction to whatever abx we're treating with....

I have had all these symptoms with at one time or another and had never been on mepron nine years....

I think it's just I am now taking mepron and I don' have the depression or crazy dreams I have had on other abx's....I think

it's just when or where we are in the phases of our particular strains....and our bodies reacting to the fight we are waging against the strains...

I have noted my sweats and hot and cold feelings a little more with the mepron....but not the psychological stuff...

Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
True. My daughter had her phone interview with SSA yesterday. The woman was very kind to her. She said that she had Anna's LLMD in their database. She was also shocked how much medication she was taking.

We didn't even talk about supplements!

Hope yours went well. Haven't heard from you, so you must be exhausted.

By the way. I cracked open a bottle of Dr. Zhang's art and took one capsule yesterday. It wasn't long before I started a headache and felt really tired. This morning, I felt athsma symptoms.

I may start taking them every other day then work up.

There was a message in my inbox imploring me not to take art. So, it is a little frightening. We may or may not continue with it.

Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
Kelly make sure you get a liver panel done first because my acupuncturst said it can be a hard on the liver.
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
Dr. does monthly liver panel checks. My daughter and I are always low normal. We have had to give up the detox tea we drink lately due to mepron not liking it, or something like that.

Posted by liz28 (Member # 4946) on :
A few things that helped were taking low-dose iron supplements, CoQ10, and provigil.

Celebrex--which can have side effects--and Jarrow theanine also helped.

Provigil actually turned the whole thing around. It can make you a little too Sandy Duncan for other people's taste, but it greatly improves your concentration. A week after starting it, I was suddenly able to research online and found some additional malaria drugs that got rid of the stupid thing.

Mepron also caused liver and kidney problems when taken longterm. These can affect your energy levels.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I believe CoQ10 interacts with Mepron.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
I was told the same thing about CoQ10 from an LLMD.
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Originally posted by liz28:

Provigil actually turned the whole thing around. It can make you a little too Sandy Duncan for other people's taste, but it greatly improves your concentration.

A week after starting it, I was suddenly able to research online and found some additional malaria drugs that got rid of the stupid thing.

liz-- that is hilarious, I wonder what happened to Sandy Duncan?

More importantly; what malaria drugs was it that got rid of your babs? Thanks!
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
I hope everyone's hanging in there and starting to have some happy good days!

Hey, a while back we were comparing Mepron co-pays... I forgot to mention that when I called GSK about the runny Mepron, they told me that they have several programs - not just Bridges to Access - and they have some kind of reimbursement program for people whose insurance under covers their drugs.

Kelly, did you get a positive test, too? I'm sorry to hear that, but glad that you have answers to some of your questions. Let us know how it goes on the art...

I'll be adding in art this week.

My LLMD says no to the Co-Q10 when on Mepron, too. Also no milk thistle.

Speaking of supplements, anyone want to share what they're taking & what's working well for them?
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
My tests haven't come back, yet. I decided to try the artemesia (400mg) Hepapro brand. I took one on Thursday, and had a headache that lasted all day. I felt wiped out. It lasted into friday, so I decided to start every other day and see what happens.

Saturday, I took one and my muscles hurt when I worked in the yard a couple of minutes. It wasn't strenuous. It was passing, and I was able to walk the dog later.

Today, I had breathing problems, brain fog and fatigue. A little low headache and heavy head feeling. My stomach also ballooned up making me look pregnant.

My daughter said those were part of her early symptoms, she could recognize what was going on.

I must be hitting something. I'm really not looking forward to this process. But, I was thinking that if I am swimming alone and have a seizure, that would not be good. I need to be around for my daughter.

I don't want to count my chickens, but I really feel a little herxy.

Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Ok, supplements...My LLMD had the lab draw 51 VIALS OF BLOOD--I didn't know I had that much to give--but I found out a lot about what I need.

I'm taking an under the tongue chelator for my mercury issues every morning on an empty stomach. (Can't remember the name right now). I knew I was toxic for mercury months ago, in fact I thought that was the whole problem because the symptoms are so much like Lyme.

But then something told me have a Lyme test "just to be sure" and found Lyme. (But that's another story!)

I'm taking iron, the "ferrous heme" kind--supposed to be the best kind.

Also I'm taking NAC. It helps with energy and with making gluthione.

Ginkgo Biloba, LOTS of Omega 3's (pure)because I don't make enough of something that makes and opens capillaries, Vitamin E, and a regular multi-vitamin.

Oh, and probiotics, of course.

I found an website that sells the supplements wholesale and I seem to save a lot of money. You guys probably know about it, I'm sure.

I WAS taking Mgc6 to help with increasing my NK cells (mine were very low) but I just stopped taking them because I realized CoQ10 is also in them and I know that it makes mepron less effective.

I NEED the disgusting yellow paint to work! [Smile]
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
The website for wholesale supplements is
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Kelly, your symptoms certainly do sound herxy... There's a lot on your plate right now, so if you can, try to take it easy. Will you be seeing the same LLMD as your daughter, I hope?

When I tried going straight to 400mg of art last year, it was intolerable by day 3. Hopefully taking it every other day will help prevent something like that.

I added in art (a wimpy 100mg) today, and haven't felt anything new yet. My LLMD asked me to work up to 400 mg daily, but to go at it slowly. So I'll add 100 mg more every week for a while.

Gena, thanks for sharing your supplement info! I love vitacost, too - really seems to have the best deals.

Ok, here's my current list (in addition to Mep, zith, omni, plaq, and art), I've been doing the same thing for quite some time, so it could probably use some adjusting:

Methylcobalamin injections (daily, ow)
Theralac probiotics
DHEA (I was deficient)
Carnitine (I was deficient)
Magnesium Malate (helps with energy)
Fish oil
Detox foot pads (do these count?)

I've also just ordered S. boulardi (can't spell it, sorry), and I'm thinking maybe I should add something for detox but I don't know where to start...

Healthy thoughts to all,
Posted by Parisa (Member # 10526) on :
51 vials of blood!!!!! Who says doctors don't bleed their patients anymore. Nowadays they bleed their patients under the disguise of "blood tests."
Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
I was looking at all the nail polish colors today at Whole Foods and you guessed it they had one that looked like a perfect Mepron match.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Ooooooh, Mepron yellow toenails, here I come!
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Yellow used to be one of my favorite colors because it was a "happy" color! NOT ANYMORE! lol

Yeah, the 51 vials of blood was crazy. Half of them were the big vials, the other half were the small ones. Still, it took forever, and my vein collapsed and they had to move to the other arm.

I really am amazed I didn't pass out, since sometimes with Babs I feel like passing out anyway. A few times I almost lost it, but my husband kept joking me through it and I just kept saying to myself, "I can't pass out, I can't pass out!!"

It was really cool to find out so much about what's going on in me, some genetic markers, cancer markers, ability to remove molds and toxins, etc.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Gena, did you have a flare up after having all that blood drawn?! Yikes, that's a lot.

My LLMD did a ton of tests, too, but she asked me to split it into 2 batches a week apart - she thought doing it all at once could cause a flare up of symptoms.

The most I had was 34 drawn in one day - so it was nothing like your experience, wow.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
You know, I actually didn't flare up after that experience, I actually felt a little better!

I have heard that sometimes after having a lot of blood taken it can almost be purifying in a way. I had a little more energy and it almost felt like a lot of the "bad blood" was taken out. Weird, I know.

The reason I had so much blood taken is because I was traveling about 4 hours to see my LLMD, and I had to go back home that night--and he only trusted this one lab. I didn't want to use the lab at home and I wanted to get it over with!
Posted by kelmo (Member # 8797) on :
I had nine drawn last week and asked the nurse how much each tube takes out.

The largest tube takes a little more than a tablespoon.

That surprised me.

Why didn't they just fill up a pint bag with your blood?

Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
I'm still amazed I didn't pass out, really. My doctor told me to have something in my stomach and also sip gatorade throughout the process. I didn't have time to eat before the lab closed, but I did stop and buy a gatorade and every time I felt I was going to pass out I drank some.

I never looked at how many vials there were. I didn't really want to know. Then I saw my husband's eyes get really big when he saw them and I had to ask how many. "27!" He exclaimed--and the girl taking my blood said, "What?! It's ALL of these!!"

Posted by Vanilla (Member # 11155) on :
If you take one Malarone pill in the morning is it okay to take CO Q 10 at night hours away from my half a dose of Malarone?

Anyone know?

CO Q 10 really helps me.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I was told to discontinue CoQ10 with Mepron. I'm sure it's the same for Malarone since it has the same drug.

If you feel it's really helping, call your LLMD and ask them if you can do that. Is it really helping, or is it causing less of the Malarone to be absorbed making you herx less?
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Originally posted by Vanilla:
If you take one Malarone pill in the morning is it okay to take CO Q 10 at night hours away from my half a dose of Malarone?

Anyone know?

CO Q 10 really helps me.

hi vanilla,

I am in the same situation. CoQ10 really helps me, but I am taking malarone. I stopped CoQ entirely for 2 weeks, but missed it.

I now take a small dose (30mg) of CoQ10 anyway, as far apart time-wise from the malarone. I still herxed mightlily from malarone, and still the malarone has helped my breathing and babs symptoms.

So, it is my unscientific opinion (but I know my body!) that it has been OK to keep taking a small dose of CoQ10 far apart from malarone.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
I don't know about adding the CoQ10, but I miss it as well... I just did some checking, and now I can't seem to find my original source that said not to take them together, oops. It's here somewheres...

Is anyone else experiencing nausea and cramps shortly after taking their meds? ...I've tried several tricks for getting this under control, but to no avail. This is a new one on me, and I don't like it.

Taking 250mg zith in the am & pm has helped some, rather than the full dose at once, but it has not alleviated the problem.

I've been taking all abx (zith, omni, plaq, mep) in the am & pm, with supplements and probiotics at mid-day. Artemisinin sometime in the middle of the day as well.

Maybe I need to split it up more - just afraid I'll start missing doses if I do!

How do you take your meds, what is your dosing schedule, if you don't mind my asking?
Posted by lymeberry (Member # 20102) on :
Just reading this thread is making me hallucinate yellow.
Posted by Rambler (Member # 18794) on :
Vanilla, Laughter is the best medicine. Your humor is heard by these twisted ears! You make me laugh 'till I have tears in my eyes. Thank you.

Yes, many of us are bonkers for Mepron!

I keep thinking about all of those people at the carnival with giant salty pretzles and corn dogs slatherd with that golden sauce...

I always wondered why nobody liked the ketchup.
I get it now. Boy do I ever.

Feeling a little Blue? Take your spoonful of Mepron and hold it just under your chin. Does your chin glow yellow? Of course it does! See? Bright and sunny as can be.

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