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Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
I saw my holistic doc this Monday. He recommended I take 3 tsp per day of a mixture of 3:1 parts maple syrup / baking soda to alkanize my body Ph more. I tested with a strip first thing in the morning and it was 6.6. He said 7.4 is ideal. He said organisms don't like to live in non-acidic environments.

Is there any merit to this exercise? I took 1 tsp today. For some reason, my throat has been hurting a lot like it's sore. It didn't bother me at all before. I don't know if I'm getting thrush or the area is just sore or if the syrup/baking soda mix bothered me. I have a hard time seeing with a flashlight.

I recall no issues when my urine Ph levels were tested many, many times in the hospital. Is this another hokey holistic idea? [Smile]
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
/\ Any help, anyone?
Posted by JKMMC09 (Member # 15795) on :
Originally posted by seekhelp:

I recall no issues when my urine Ph levels were tested many, many times in the hospital. Is this another hokey holistic idea? [Smile]

Sorry, I've never heard of this, but if your urine Ph levels were okay in the hospital, than I suppose it could be one of those 'hokey' "alternative" things [Roll Eyes]
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
IME hospital take on pH is useless.

Like the acid reflux surge. After age 40 most people do not produce enough acid.

Too simple for lots of mainstream medicine.
And the Tums ? Lots of calcium but calcium can only be absorbed in an acid environment. and Tums is an antacid.

What is hokey to me is throwing drugs at situations that docs do not understand. Such basic chemistry confuses many of them.
Posted by zil (Member # 12048) on :
My LLMD checks my saliva PH with every office visit(every 4 mos) He has me take baking soda or you can buy tri-salts to help alkaline your system. Haven't heard of the syrup. Do a search. I bought PH paper and ordered tri-salts which is basically baking soda in a capsule form.
Posted by 22dreams (Member # 17846) on :
A simpler way to alkalize your body is to take Alka Seltzer Gold. That's what my Lyme doc recommended for me. One tablet in water in the morning and one before going to bed.

It's not hokey at all. Most of our bodies are very acidic because of the typical (American) diet as well as stress and for some people over-exercising--which all produce a highly acidic environment in our bodies, which bacteria love!

I have read where people have cured themselves of all kinds of things by avoiding acidifying foods and stress, and switching to a gentler form of exercise, such as mini-trampoline. This helps to get and keep the body on the alkaline side.
Posted by mojo (Member # 9309) on :
I take the Alkaline thing very seriously and so does my doctor.

I think the correct way to address it is with diet. Eat more fruits and veggies and less acidic foods. I juice vegetables which really helps me out. Drinking lemon water helps, too. Adding PH drops to purified water is another good idea.

Sugar, sugar substitutes, processed foods, sodas, etc. should be limited or avoided entirely. I started the alkaline diet in early 2006 (first learned it at the Fibro and Fatigue Center - one of the only good things I took away from that place) and I feel so much better for it. My pain levels increase if I'm bad with my diet.

To start I think alkalizing "aids" like what your holistic doctor recommended is OK as is Alka Selzter Gold but something tells me that doing that regularly doesn't sound like a good idea.

Alkalizing you body during a herx can really help you, too - that's where the Alka Seltzer Gold comes in handy or a nice Epsom Salt bath.

The trickiest thing about the Alkaline diet is that there are many descrepancies about which foods are alkaline forming and which are acid forming in the body so it can be a "trial and error" thing. I used the PH urine strips first thing in the a.m. and if my urine was consistantly alkaline I knew I was doing a good job. I learned this from several books on the subject.

This is an area I think is well worth pursuing whether healthy or sick.

It's confusing at first, though!

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