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  Topic Forum Date
1 The Rules of Chocolate (post #12) General Support
2 Artemisinin with probiotic? (post #10) Medical Questions
3 What causes ice cold feet & hands? (post #3) Medical Questions
4 Oil Of Oregano?????? (post #10) Medical Questions
5 leg muscle pain anyone?!!! (post #5) Medical Questions
6 motivation problems? (post #7) Medical Questions
7 Lyme Vengeance (post #0) Medical Questions
8 Bladder question (post #4) Medical Questions
9 Increased temp and pulse from sauna (post #7) Medical Questions
10 Computers (post #1) Computer Questions
11 Need Lyme can Mimic 300 Diseases Link (post #0) General Support
12 brain fog/dizziness when sitting in the front row (post #4) Medical Questions
13 Herxing Started (post #0) Medical Questions
14 Memory Loss-help!!!!!! (post #3) Medical Questions
15 Finally on PIC and ABX (post #0) General Support
16 possible blood clot / stupid mother (post #1) Medical Questions
17 My new PCP wants my to pop anti-depressants... (post #11) Medical Questions
18 My new PCP wants my to pop anti-depressants... (post #11) Medical Questions
19 New symptom- Bubbles in the brain feeling? (post #18) Medical Questions
20 Questions to ask (post #1) General Support
21 Age of Lyme disease (post #3) Medical Questions
22 pharmanex vitamins for kids? (post #1) Medical Questions
23 Gallbladder problems (post #8) Medical Questions
24 Gallbladder problems (post #7) Medical Questions
25 VERTIGO !!! (post #7) Medical Questions
26 Out of line to ask for test results? (post #4) General Support
27 columbia lyme center (post #1) Medical Questions
28 Just told permanent eye damage. Help, I am a mess. (post #7) Medical Questions
29 desperate for somthing for stress (post #4) Medical Questions
30 spasms (post #4) Medical Questions
31 MS and LYme . Need ans. Making a fool out of myself about it. (post #10) Medical Questions
32 Virtual Halloween Party! (post #8) Medical Questions
33 word wrap (post #1) Computer Questions
34 ROCEPHIN (post #2) General Support
35 slightly off topic --your childhood dreams! (post #10) General Support
36 Anyone else with double vision?? (post #4) Medical Questions
37 strange feeling in muscle? (post #3) Medical Questions
38 15 Hour Fog Brain (post #2) Medical Questions
39 15 Hour Fog Brain (post #0) Medical Questions
40 What is your day like with neuro borreloisis? (post #1) General Support
41 Wasting Time With ABX (post #2) General Support
42 Wasting Time With ABX (post #0) General Support
43 Reminder: Hand-washing technique to prevent spread of infections (post #5) General Support
44 Results at Last (post #3) General Support
45 PRINT SCREEN (post #2) Computer Questions
46 Advice please -- need to set up a webpage, who's the best ISP for that (post #2) Computer Questions
47 Italian Woman Shows Friends Sites--Fined For Being An Unauthorized Tour Guide (post #1) Off Topic
48 Results at Last (post #0) General Support
49 Best Medicine - Support Group (post #2) General Support
50 Best Medicine - Support Group (post #0) General Support

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